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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 357 & includes Initiated Law 1 of 2018
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Act 451 of 1994
Part 361

Section 324.36101SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.36102SectionDevelopment rights agreement or easement; execution authorized; provisions.
Section 324.36103SectionDevelopment rights agreement or easement; effect of execution and acceptance; term; limitation; disposition; prior lien, lease, or interest not superseded; lien of state or local governing body; subordination.
Section 324.36104SectionApplication for farmland development rights agreement; form; contents; notice; review, comment, and recommendations; approval or rejection; appeal; preparation, contents, execution, and recordation of agreement; annual listing of current agreements; application effective for current tax year; reapplication; tax exemption.
Section 324.36104aSectionPermitted use; criteria.
Section 324.36105SectionLand subject to MCL 324.36101(j)(i); application for open space development rights easement; approval or rejection; provisions; tax exemption.
Section 324.36106SectionLand subject to MCL 324.36101(j)(ii); application for open space development rights easement; form; contents; notice; review, comments, and recommendations; approval or rejection; preparation and contents of easement; appraisal; statement of fair market value; execution and recordation of easement; forwarding copies of easement; appeal; legislative approval; costs; reapplication; tax exemption.
Section 324.36107SectionNotice of owners' intentions regarding extension or expiration of agreement or easement; notice of lien.
Section 324.36108SectionSpecial assessments.
Section 324.36109SectionCredit against state income tax or former state single business tax act or Michigan business tax act.
Section 324.36110SectionSale of land; notice; death or disability of owner; division into smaller parcels of land; "individual essential to the operation of a farm" defined; fee prohibited.
Section 324.36111SectionExpiration, renewal, relinquishment, or termination of development rights agreement.
Section 324.36111aSectionRelinquishment of development rights agreement; conditions; “economic viability” defined.
Section 324.36111bSectionDevelopment rights or acquisition of agricultural conservation easements; application; selection criteria and scoring system; notification; points; determination of development rights value; approval by director; installment purchase plan; provisions for protection of farmland; termination of easements; value development rights in event of condemnation.
Section 324.36112SectionRelinquishment of open space development rights easement pursuant to MCL 324.36105.
Section 324.36113SectionRelinquishment of open space development rights easement pursuant to MCL 324.36106.
Section 324.36114SectionInjunction; penalty.
Section 324.36115SectionExchange of information.
Section 324.36116SectionRules.
Section 324.36117SectionRepealed. 2016, Act 265, Eff. Sept. 26, 2016.
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