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Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 21

Section 500.2101SectionMeanings of words and phrases.
Section 500.2102SectionDefinitions; A to D.
Section 500.2103SectionDefinitions; E to I.
Section 500.2104SectionDefinitions; P to U.
Section 500.2105SectionAutomobile insurance or home insurance to conform with chapter; exceptions; group plan requirements; group discounts; applicability to certain insurers; effective date.
Section 500.2106SectionApplicability of chapters 24 and 26; file, approval, and use of rates; inconsistent provisions.
Section 500.2107SectionFilings; review; disputes; approval; order of disapproval; revised filing.
Section 500.2108SectionFiling of manual or plan; statement of character and extent of coverage; maintaining rates in effect for eligible persons; insurer as member of or subscriber to rating organization; deviations; certification, contents, and public inspection of filing; trade secret; contract or policy to be in accordance with filings; automobile insurance compliance with chapter 24; redlining practices prohibited.
Section 500.2109SectionRates for automobile insurance and home insurance; requirements; determining existence of reasonable degree of competition.
Section 500.2110SectionDevelopment and evaluation of rates; considerations; systems of expense provisions; grouping risks by classifications.
Section 500.2110aSectionPremium discount plan.
Section 500.2110bSectionUse of automobile repair or automobile glass repair or replacement service; unreasonable restriction prohibited; disclosure; notice to consumers; development of plan.
Section 500.2111SectionClassifications and territorial base rates for automobile insurance or home insurance; conformity with applicable requirements; additional factors.
Section 500.2111aSectionCompletion of traffic accident prevention course; premium discount to insureds 50 years of age and older; provisions.
Section 500.2111b, 500.2111cSectionRepealed. 1991, Act 191, Eff. Apr. 1, 1992.
Section 500.2111dSectionHome insurance; premium discount plan for senior citizens.
Section 500.2111eSectionRates increase prohibited; applicability of section.
Section 500.2111fSectionAutomobile insurance; premium rate reduction requirements for personal protection insurance coverage; approval by director; use of savings; applicability to certain increases; inclusion of catastrophic claims assessment; severability; definitions.
Section 500.2112SectionWritten notice to policyholder; information available upon request; contact information; manner of providing; trade secret.
Section 500.2113SectionPrivate informal managerial-level conference with insurer; internal procedures; review and determination by commissioner; procedure for determination; hearing matter as contested case.
Section 500.2114SectionPerson or organization aggrieved by filing; application for hearing; specification of grounds; notice of hearing; order of commissioner.
Section 500.2115SectionFinding by commissioner that reasonable degree of competition does not exist on statewide basis; order requiring compliance with chapter 24 or 26; hearing; notice; new order.
Section 500.2116SectionCondition of licensure as insurance agent; penalizing insurance agent.
Section 500.2116aSectionAutomobile insurance; person on active duty in United States armed forces; lapse in coverage; prohibited conduct by insurer; conditions.
Section 500.2116bSectionAutomobile insurance; lapse in coverage; prohibited conduct by insurer; applicability.
Section 500.2117SectionHome insurance; condition of maintaining insurer's certificate of authority; basis of underwriting rules; provisions applicable to repair cost policy; rates; aggregation of claims; adjustment of minimum dollar amounts.
Section 500.2118SectionAutomobile insurance; condition of maintaining insurer's certificate of authority; basis of underwriting rules.
Section 500.2119SectionUnderwriting rules to be in writing; inconsistent transactions prohibited; uniform application of underwriting rules required; adoption of underwriting rules by insurer with more than 1 rating plan; underwriting rules for new applicants and for renewals; filing and public inspection of underwriting rules; order prohibiting use of inconsistent underwriting rule.
Section 500.2119aSectionAutomobile insurance; calculating insurance eligibility points.
Section 500.2120SectionAutomobile insurance; establishment of underwriting rules by affiliated insurers; applicability of subsection (1); compliance; separate rating plans; applicability of subsection (2); underwriting rules defining applicable rating plan; basis of underwriting rules.
Section 500.2121SectionHome insurance; criteria for selecting dwellings for inspection; inspection program; filing inspection criteria; disapproval of inspection criteria; liability.
Section 500.2122SectionDeclination of insurance; explanation of reasons; refusal of application form as declination.
Section 500.2123SectionTermination of insurance; delivery or mailing of notice; contents of notice; effective date of termination; conformity with underwriting rules; violation of chapter 32 not authorized.
Section 500.2124SectionLiability for information or statement.
Section 500.2125SectionSuspension of insurer's obligation under MCL 500.2117 or 500.2118; hearing; duration of suspension.
Section 500.2126SectionSuspension of acceptance of applications; filing and contents of notice; disapproval.
Section 500.2127SectionCollecting and reporting data; rule; use of sampling techniques.
Section 500.2128SectionRepealed. 1986, Act 10, Imd. Eff. Feb. 28, 1986.
Section 500.2129SectionExemption from chapter; request; form; continuation of exemption; filing annual reporting form; order discontinuing exemption; requalification for exemption prohibited; ineligible insurers.
Section 500.2130SectionRules requiring exchange of insurance claim information; liability.
Section 500.2131SectionEffective date of MCL 500.2101 to 500.2105, 500.2107, and 500.2131; effective date of chapter generally.
Section 500.2134-500.2138Section Repealed. 1991, Act 191, Eff. Apr. 1, 1992.
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