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Act 328 of 1931
Chapter LXI

Section 750.412SectionDefinition.
Section 750.413SectionMotor vehicle; taking possession and driving away.
Section 750.414SectionMotor vehicle; use without authority but without intent to steal.
Section 750.414aSectionUnlawful possession of motor vehicle master key; definition; exceptions; penalty.
Section 750.415SectionConcealing or misrepresenting identity of motor vehicle or mechanical device as misdemeanor or felony; evidence of violation; confiscation; sale at public auction; revocation of dealer's license; vehicle identification plate and applicable labels; motor vehicle or part with identification number removed.
Section 750.416SectionMotor vehicle; damaging, tampering or meddling with.
Section 750.417SectionMotor vehicle; removal out of state, consent of mortgagee.
Section 750.417aSectionVehicle, watercraft, or aircraft subject to conditional sales contract, security agreement, or lease contract; written consent required for lease or sublease; violation as misdemeanor; court action; construction of section.
Section 750.418SectionMotor vehicle; removal out of state, consent of vendor.
Section 750.419SectionOperating or riding motorcycle; moped, or other motor vehicle on bicycle path or sidewalk; misdemeanor; exception.
Section 750.420SectionMotor vehicle; equipment with smoke or gas producing devices.
Section 750.421SectionMotor vehicles; trailer designed for defense or attack.
Section 750.421aSectionMotor vehicle; assignment of title upon trade-in.
Section 750.421bSectionMotor vehicle; transporting farm or commercial products, hindering.
Section 750.421cSectionSale of motor vehicle to unemancipated minor prohibited without consent of parent or guardian; retention of form; penalty.
Section 750.421d, 750.421eSectionRepealed. 1974, Act 367, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
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