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Section 380.1311b

Act 451 of 1976

380.1311b Strict discipline academy; powers; definitions.

Sec. 1311b.

(1) A strict discipline academy is a public school under section 2 of article VIII of the state constitution of 1963, is a school district for the purposes of section 11 of article IX of the state constitution of 1963 and for the purposes of section 1225 and section 1351a, and is subject to the leadership and general supervision of the state board over all public education under section 3 of article VIII of the state constitution of 1963. A strict discipline academy is a body corporate and is a governmental agency. The powers granted to a strict discipline academy under sections 1311b to 1311l constitute the performance of essential public purposes and governmental functions of this state.

(2) As used in sections 1311b to 1311l:

(a) "Authorizing body" means any of the following that issues a contract as provided in sections 1311b to 1311l:

(i) The board of a school district that operates grades K to 12.

(ii) An intermediate school board.

(iii) The board of a community college.

(iv) The governing board of a state public university.

(b) "Certificated teacher" means an individual who holds a valid teaching certificate issued by the state board under section 1531.

(c) "Community college" means a community college organized under the community college act of 1966, 1966 PA 331, MCL 389.1 to 389.195, or a federal tribally controlled community college that is recognized under the tribally controlled colleges and universities assistance act of 1978, 25 USC 1801 to 1852, and is determined by the department to meet the requirements for accreditation by a recognized regional accrediting body.

(d) "Contract" means the executive act taken by an authorizing body that evidences the authorization of a strict discipline academy and that establishes, subject to the constitutional powers of the state board and applicable law, the written instrument executed by an authorizing body conferring certain rights, franchises, privileges, and obligations on a strict discipline academy, as provided by sections 1311b to 1311l, and confirming the status of a strict discipline academy as a public school in this state.

(e) "Entity" means a partnership, nonprofit or business corporation, labor organization, or any other association, corporation, trust, or other legal entity.

(f) "State public university" means a university described in section 4, 5, or 6 of article VIII of the state constitution of 1963.

History: Add. 1999, Act 23, Imd. Eff. May 12, 1999 ;-- Am. 2012, Act 620, Eff. Mar. 28, 2013
Popular Name: Act 451

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