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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 178 of 2019
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Article VI

Article VI § 1SectionJudicial power in court of justice; divisions.
Article VI § 2SectionJustices of the supreme court; number, term, nomination, election.
Article VI § 3SectionChief justice; court administrator; other assistants.
Article VI § 4SectionGeneral superintending control over courts; writs; appellate jurisdiction.
Article VI § 5SectionCourt rules; distinctions between law and equity; master in chancery.
Article VI § 6SectionDecisions and dissents; writing, contents.
Article VI § 7SectionStaff; budget; salaries of justices; fees.
Article VI § 8SectionCourt of appeals; election of judges, divisions.
Article VI § 9SectionJudges of court of appeals, terms.
Article VI § 10SectionJurisdiction, practice and procedure of court of appeals.
Article VI § 11SectionCircuit courts; judicial circuits, sessions, number of judges.
Article VI § 12SectionCircuit judges; nomination, election, term.
Article VI § 13SectionCircuit courts; jurisdiction, writs, supervisory control over inferior courts.
Article VI § 14SectionCounty clerks; duties, vacancies; prosecuting attorneys, vacancies.
Article VI § 15SectionProbate courts; districts, jurisdiction.
Article VI § 16SectionProbate judges; nomination, election, terms.
Article VI § 17SectionJudicial salaries and fees.
Article VI § 18SectionSalaries; uniformity, changes during term.
Article VI § 19SectionCourts of record; seal, qualifications of judges.
Article VI § 20SectionRemoval of domicile of judge.
Article VI § 21SectionIneligibility for other office.
Article VI § 22SectionIncumbent judges, affidavit of candidacy.
Article VI § 23SectionJudicial vacancies, filling; appointee, term; successor; new offices.
Article VI § 24SectionIncumbent judges, ballot designation.
Article VI § 25SectionRemoval of judges from office.
Article VI § 26SectionCircuit court commissioners and justices of the peace, abolition; courts of limited jurisdiction.
Article VI § 27SectionPower of appointment to public office.
Article VI § 28SectionAdministrative action, review.
Article VI § 29SectionConservators of the peace.
Article VI § 30SectionJudicial tenure commission; selection; terms; duties; power of supreme court.
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