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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Section 257.301 ‑ Valid operator's or chauffeur's license required; group designation and indorsements; surrender of other valid licenses; notice; number of licenses permitted; certifying nonpossession of valid license.
Section 257.302 ‑ Operators' and chauffeurs' licenses; persons exempt.
Section 257.302a ‑ Nonresident using license to operate motor vehicle issued by another country; establishment of unique driver record; reciprocal agreement.
Section 257.303 ‑ Operator's or chauffeur's license; issuance; prohibitions; revocation; denial of license; multiple convictions or civil infractions; "felony in which a motor vehicle was used" defined.
Section 257.303a ‑ Suspension, revocation, denial, disqualification, or cancellation of license by another state.
Section 257.304 ‑ Restricted license; issuance; conditions; carrying and displaying restricted license; order; prohibition; completion of DWI/sobriety court program and certificate as evidence of abstinence; "certificate" defined; imposition of license sanctions; completion of DWI/sobriety court program; disposition of driver responsibility fees; exemption from immobilization or forfeiture; applicability of section; definitions.
Section 257.305, 257.305a ‑ Repealed. 1990, Act 188, Eff. Aug. 15, 1990.
Section 257.306 ‑ Temporary instruction permit; operation of motor vehicle without operator's license or permit; temporary driver education certificate; motorcycle temporary instruction permit.
Section 257.306a ‑ Commercial learner's permit.
Section 257.307 ‑ Application for operator's or chauffeur's license to operate noncommercial motor vehicle; documents to be supplied to verify citizenship or identity and legal presence; manner; contents; image and signature; equipment; signature and certification; application fee; duties of secretary of state; donor registry; driving record from another jurisdiction; operation of commercial motor vehicle; application for original, renewal, or upgrade of vehicle group designation or indorsement; verification of identity and citizenship or residency; issuing renewal license by mail or other methods; information manual; Social Security number; electronic access to donor registry; agreements with federal government; termination of license issued by another state; duties of secretary of state; access to prisoner information.
Section 257.307a ‑ Operator or chauffeur license containing vehicle group designation; contents.
Section 257.307b ‑ Application by male for operator's license or chauffeur's license; registration of applicant with federal selective service system.
Section 257.308 ‑ Application of minor for operator's license; condition to approval; exception.
Section 257.309 ‑ Examination of applicant for operator's or chauffeur's license; criminal history check; waiver; exception; certification of licensee applying for renewal of license by mail; examining officers; conducting examinations; report of findings and recommendations; rules; issuance of original operator's or chauffeur's license without vehicle group designation or indorsement; driver skills test; waiver; behind-the-wheel road test; prohibited conduct; penalty; applicant for original motorcycle endorsement; waiver of certain requirements.
Section 257.310 ‑ Operator's or chauffeur's license; issuance; applicant for motorcycle indorsement or vehicle group designation or indorsement; contents of license; fingerprint or finger image; digitized license; information; manufacture; unlawful acts; penalties; temporary driver's permit; medical data; emergency contact information; designation of patient advocate or emancipated status; duplicates of license; emergency medical information card; participation in anatomical gift donor registry.
Section 257.310a ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 139, Eff. May 1, 1979.
Section 257.310b ‑ Expired. 1979, Act 66, Eff. Oct. 1, 1980.
Section 257.310c ‑ Operator's or chauffeur's license; persons not previously licensed; temporary instruction permit; exception.
Section 257.310d ‑ Designation of license as probationary for 3 years; suspension of license or imposition of probationary terms and conditions; duration; reexamination; extension of probationary period; failure to appear for reexamination; notice; additional provisions.
Section 257.310e ‑ Graduated licensing.
Section 257.311 ‑ Possession of operator's or chauffeur's license or receipt when operating motor vehicle required; display; identification.
Section 257.311a ‑ Issuance of receipt for operator's or chauffeur's license; form; approval; design; effect; expiration of receipt and license; renewal of license.
Section 257.312 ‑ Restricted operator's or chauffeur's license; contents; expiration; suspension or revocation; violation as misdemeanor; exceptions.
Section 257.312a ‑ Motorcycle indorsement; issuance, suspension, revocation, cancellation, or renewal; special restricted license to operate moped; requirements; expiration; duration; fees; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 257.312b ‑ Motorcycle endorsement; examination; motorcycle safety course; waiver of certain tests; 3-wheeled motorcycle; restriction; establishing and conducting driving skills test; rules; audit of motorcycle safety fund; third party motorcycle program; prohibited conduct; violation as felony.
Section 257.312c ‑ Motorcycle endorsement; application; fees; disposition of money; motorcycle safety and education awareness fund; creation; deposit of money or other assets; investment; interest and earnings; money remaining in fund at close of fiscal year; state treasurer as administrator; "look twice – save a life" program; renewal motorcycle endorsement fee; increase.
Section 257.312d ‑ Reference to operator's or chauffeur's license as including motorcycle or vehicle indorsement or vehicle group designation.
Section 257.312e ‑ Operation of commercial motor vehicle; vehicle group designation; tests; holder of unexpired operator's or chauffeur's license; qualifications and fees for vehicle group designation and indorsement; operation of school bus; exceptions; F vehicle indorsement; knowledge test and driving skills test; disposition of money collected under subsection (7); refund to county or municipality; compliance with MCL 257.303 and 257.319b; requirements for implementing and enforcing federal law.
Section 257.312f ‑ Vehicle group designation or indorsement on operator's or chauffeur's license; hazardous material endorsement; vehicle used for farming purposes; age; tests; waiver; seasonal restricted vehicle group designation; conditions prohibiting issuance of commercial learner's permit, vehicle group designation, or vehicle indorsement; cancellation; determining applicability of subsection (5); "farm related service industry" defined.
Section 257.312g ‑ Transportation of hazardous material; hazardous material endorsement on operator's or chauffeur's license required; violation; penalty.
Section 257.312h ‑ Vehicle group designation and indorsement on chauffeur's license; additional fees; duration of indorsement; disposition and refund of fees.
Section 257.312i ‑ Pickup truck with fifth wheel assembly and attached semitrailer; R vehicle indorsement required; prohibition; written examination; fee; exemption.
Section 257.312j ‑ Skills testing of individual holding valid out-of-state commercial learner's permit; pilot program.
Section 257.313 ‑ Operator's or chauffeur's license; loss, destruction, mutilation, or illegibility; duplicate; proof.
Section 257.314 ‑ Operator's or chauffeur's license; duration; expiration; identification of licensee less than 21; renewal; extension.
Section 257.314a ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 139, Eff. May 1, 1979.
Section 257.314b ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 362, Imd. Eff. Oct. 4, 2004.
Section 257.315 ‑ Operator's and chauffeur's license; change of address; notice; use of residence address on qualified voter file; failure to report change; violation; penalty; nonappealability.
Section 257.316 ‑ Operator's or chauffeur's license; filing and indexing applications; records.
Section 257.316a ‑ Repealed. 1990, Act 188, Eff. Aug. 15, 1990.
     Section 257.317 ‑ Suspension or revocation of right of nonresident to operate vehicle in state; driving while privilege suspended, revoked, or denied; forwarding certified copy of record; notification to other states.
     Section 257.318 ‑ Suspension or revocation of license of person convicted or determined responsible for violation in another state.
     Section 257.319 ‑ Suspension of license; crimes; violations; waiver; restricted license; "prior conviction" as used in subsection (7) or (8); 2 or more convictions; appeal.
     Section 257.319a ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 534, Eff. Oct. 1, 2002.
     Section 257.319b ‑ Suspension or revocation of commercial learners permits or vehicle group designations on operator's or chauffeur's license; notice of conviction, bond forfeiture, civil infraction determination, violation of law, or refusal to submit to chemical test; period of suspension or revocation; denial, cancellation, or revocation of hazardous material indorsement; notice of security risk; applicability of conditions; definitions.
     Section 257.319c ‑ Providing United States department of transportation with information pertaining to operator's or chauffeur's license with vehicle group designation; notification of motor vehicle administrator or other appropriate officer.
     Section 257.319d ‑ Operation of commercial motor vehicle by person with certain alcohol content; out-of-service order; violations; penalty.
     Section 257.319e ‑ Receipt of abstract of conviction; suspension of license; waiver or restrictions; conditions; suspension of license prohibited; definitions.
     Section 257.319f ‑ Operation of commercial motor vehicle in violation of out-of-state service order; prohibition; suspension; "commercial motor vehicle" defined.
     Section 257.319g ‑ Prohibitions; violations; civil infraction.
     Section 257.320 ‑ Investigation or reexamination of person; notice; restricting, suspending, revoking, or imposing other terms and conditions on license; service of notice; suspension of license for more than 1 year prohibited; reexamination; failure to appear for scheduled reexamination; prohibited restricted license.
     Section 257.320a ‑ Recording date of conviction, civil infraction determination, or probate court disposition and number of points; interview; violation committed in another state.
     Section 257.320b ‑ Driver safety school; establishment; supervision; courses; referrals; voluntary attendance; staying imposition of sentence; fee; approval of school.
     Section 257.320c ‑ Issuance of license after suspension or revocation; examination; qualifications; exception.
     Section 257.320d ‑ Basic driver improvement course; eligibility; database; use; fees; basic driver improvement course fund; study; report; approval of basic driver improvement course sponsors; security bond; surety; prohibited acts or practices; sanctions; "approved sponsor" defined.
     Section 257.320e ‑ Payment of reinstatement fee for suspended, revoked, or restricted operator's or chauffeur's license; waiver of fee; assessment of points and licensing action by secretary of state; judicial review of administrative licensing sanction.
     Section 257.321 ‑ Surrender of license; replacement.
     Section 257.321a ‑ Failure to answer citation or notice to appear in court; failure to comply with order or judgment; misdemeanor; notice and duration of suspension; exceptions; effect of failure to appear; giving copy of information transmitted to secretary of state to person; driver license reinstatement fees; failure to answer out-state citation, comply with out-state order or judgment, or appear in court or administrative tribunal under MCL 257.732; parking or standing of vehicle; resolution of outstanding matters regarding notices, orders, or citations.
     Section 257.321b ‑ Suspended or revoked license; destruction.
     Section 257.321c ‑ Notification by friend of the court of failure to appear for hearing, comply with repayment plan order, or respond to license suspension notice; duty of secretary of state to suspend operator's or chauffeur's license; duration; reinstatement; transmission of fees; amounts.
     Section 257.322 ‑ Hearing officer; appointment; powers and duties as to appeals from final determination of secretary of state.
     Section 257.322a ‑ Ignition interlock device; removal; issuance of order required.
     Section 257.323 ‑ Denial, revocation, suspension, or restriction of operator or chauffeur's license, vehicle group designation, or indorsement; final determination; petition for review of determination; order setting cause for hearing; service of order, petition, and affidavits on secretary of state's office; testimony and examination; order affirming, modifying, or setting aside restriction, suspension, or denial; conditions; restricted driving privileges; vehicle owned by employer; notification; other requirements.
     Section 257.323a ‑ Petition for order staying revocation or suspension of license; ex parte order; provisions inapplicable to violation of financial responsibility act.
     Section 257.323b ‑ Cancellation of minor's license.
     Section 257.323c ‑ Restricted license; issuance by circuit court; limitations; exceptions; condition.
     Section 257.323d ‑ Drug case information management fund; creation; purpose; expenditure; crediting and investing money; reversion; distribution of amounts by state court administrator; reimbursement of costs.
     Section 257.324 ‑ Prohibited conduct; void or canceled license.
     Section 257.325 ‑ Causing or permitting unlicensed minor to drive.
     Section 257.326 ‑ Operation of vehicle in violation of act; owner's permission prohibited.
     Section 257.327 ‑ Unlicensed chauffeur; employment prohibited.
     Section 257.328 ‑ Producing evidence of motor vehicle insurance upon request of police officer; violation as civil infraction; electronic copy; certificate of insurance as prima facie evidence that insurance in force; contents; presentation of proof of insurance to court; civil infraction determination; surrendering license unless proof of insurance submitted to court; suspension of license by secretary of state; order; fee; renewal, transfer, or replacement of registration plate; producing false evidence as misdemeanor; penalty; points; section inapplicable to owner or operator of motor vehicle registered in other state or foreign country or province.
     Section 257.329 ‑ Possessing, selling, or offering for sale a stolen, false, or counterfeit certificate of insurance; penalty.

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