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Act 300 of 1949
Chapter VIII

Section 257.901SectionViolation as misdemeanor; penalty; civil infraction.
Section 257.901aSectionViolation of MCL 257.311; waiver of fine and costs; certification.
Section 257.902SectionViolation of act; felony, penalty.
Section 257.903SectionFalse certification as felony; penalty.
Section 257.904SectionOperating vehicle if license, registration certificate, or designation suspended, revoked, or denied; penalty; extending period of suspension or revocation; enhanced sentence; furnishing record to court; applicability.
Section 257.904aSectionOperation of motor vehicle by unlicensed person as misdemeanor; penalty; second offense.
Section 257.904bSectionOrder of impoundment.
Section 257.904cSectionVehicle immobilization required; duties of peace officer; validity of temporary vehicle registration; duration.
Section 257.904dSectionVehicle immobilization; order; "vehicle immobilization" and "prior conviction" defined.
Section 257.904eSectionVehicle immobilization; manner; storage; removal; impoundment.
Section 257.904fSectionVehicle registration records; disclosure.
Section 257.905SectionViolation of financial responsibility chapter; penalty.
Section 257.905[1]SectionProhibited acts; penalty.
Section 257.906SectionRight of police officer to enter upon private road.
Section 257.907SectionCivil infraction; payment of civil fine and costs; limitation; program of treatment, education, or rehabilitation; sanctions; schedule of civil fines, costs, and assessments; recommended range of civil fines and costs; certification of repair of defective equipment; collection of civil fines or costs; noncompliance with order or judgment; waiver of fine, cost, and assessment; civil infraction arising out of ownership or operation of commercial quadricycle; "moving violation" defined.
Section 257.908SectionDefault as civil contempt; penalty.
Section 257.909SectionApplication and allocation of civil fines to public and county law libraries.
Section 257.910SectionConviction based on plea of nolo contendere; treatment.
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