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451-1994-II-2-89 - PART 89 LITTERING (324.8901...324.8907)
Section 324.8901 ‑ Definitions.
Section 324.8902 ‑ Littering property or water prohibited; removal of injurious substances dropped on highway as result of accident.
Section 324.8903 ‑ Causing litter or object to fall or be thrown into path of or to hit vehicle; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 324.8904 ‑ Presumptions.
Section 324.8905 ‑ Violation involving litter produced at health facility, agency, or laboratory as misdemeanor; violation involving infectious waste, pathological waste, or sharps as felony; penalty; second or subsequent violation under subsection (2); definitions.
Section 324.8905a ‑ Violation as state civil infraction; civil fine; default remedies; exception.
Section 324.8905b ‑ Additional penalties or sanctions; community service.
Section 324.8905c ‑ Impoundment of vehicles; lien; forfeiture of bond; foreclosure sale; notice; distribution of proceeds.
Section 324.8906 ‑ Posting notices; publication; receptacles for litter.
Section 324.8907 ‑ Powers of municipalities not limited.

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