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Act 59 of 2016StatuteFIDUCIARY ACCESS TO DIGITAL ASSETS ACT (700.1001 - 700.1018)
Section 700.1001SectionShort title.
Section 700.1002SectionDefinitions.
Section 700.1003SectionApplicability
Section 700.1004SectionDisclosure of user's digital assets; use of online tool to direct digital custodian; contrary provision.
Section 700.1005SectionAccess and use of digital assets; change or impairment of right of digital custodian or user under terms-of-service agreement; new or expanded rights; modification or elimination of access to digital assets.
Section 700.1006SectionDisclosure of digital assets by digital custodian; requirements.
Section 700.1007SectionDisclosure of deceased user's electronic communications to personal representative; procedure.
Section 700.1008SectionDisclosure of other digital assets of deceased user to personal representative.
Section 700.1009SectionDisclosure of content of electronic communications sent or received by principal.
Section 700.1010SectionDisclosure of other digital assets of principal.
Section 700.1011SectionDisclosure of content of electronic communication held in trust when trustee is original user.
Section 700.1012SectionDisclosure of content of electronic communication when trustee not original user.
Section 700.1013SectionDisclosure of other digital assets held in trust when trustee not original user.
Section 700.1014SectionDisclosure of protected person's digital assets to conservator.
Section 700.1015SectionDuties and authority of fiduciary.
Section 700.1016SectionDigital custodian; compliance; liability; immunity.
Section 700.1017SectionLimiting, eliminating, or modifying powers of personal representative; court order.
Section 700.1018SectionElectronic signatures in global and national commerce act; effect.
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