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Act 451 of 1994
Part 821

Section 324.82101SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.82102SectionSnowmobiles; exemption from taxes and fees.
Section 324.82102aSectionMichigan snowmobile advisory committee.
Section 324.82103SectionCertificate of registration and registration decal required; exceptions; violation; penalty.
Section 324.82104SectionSpecial event; certificate of registration or registration decal not required.
Section 324.82105SectionApplication for registration; forms; signature; fee; recording application; issuance of certificate of registration and decal; contents, legibility, and inspection of certificate; surety bond; issuance, duration, and renewal of certificate and registration decal; display of decal; destroying record of certificate.
Section 324.82105aSectionFees; delinquency; penalty; deposit and use of collected penalties.
Section 324.82105bSectionCancellation, suspension, revocation, or refusal to issue snowmobile registration; conditions.
Section 324.82105cSectionHistoric snowmobile registration decal; issuance; placement; fee; validity; revocation; exemption from registration; rules.
Section 324.82106SectionDisposition of revenue; designation of state recreational trail coordinator; plan for statewide recreational and snowmobile trails system; expenditures; construction of recreational trail facilities or major improvements on private land; interconnecting network of statewide snowmobile trails and use areas; alternative nonconflicting off-season recreational trail uses.
Section 324.82107SectionAnnual budget request to include amounts for department enforcement of part and local snowmobile programs; financial assistance to counties; cooperation in conduct of program; records; reports; rules.
Section 324.82108SectionSnowmobile safety education and training program.
Section 324.82109SectionAppropriation; uses; allocation; grants; contract payments; financial assistance; conditions; application; grant agreement or contract; payment; term; request for information; report.
Section 324.82110SectionRecreational snowmobile trail improvement subaccount; use; deposits; rules; projects open to public.
Section 324.82110aSectionPermanent snowmobile trail easement subaccount.
Section 324.82111SectionSnowmobile registration fee subaccount; creation.
Section 324.82112SectionOperation of snowmobile program; review of effectiveness; report.
Section 324.82113SectionRegistration decal; display; issuance; expiration of certificate of registration; awarding certificate of number.
Section 324.82114SectionDestruction, abandonment, sale, or transfer of snowmobile; change of address; notice; surrender of certificate; cancellation of certificate; destruction of record; recording new address; return of certificate to owner; application by transferee for new certificate; fee; operation without certificate prohibited; duplicate certificate; replacement registration decal.
Section 324.82115SectionCertificates of registration for dealers and manufacturers; use; fee; placement of registration decal.
Section 324.82116SectionSnowmobile numbers; stamping on frame or plate; location of number; possession of snowmobile with altered, defaced, or obliterated number.
Section 324.82116aSectionAlteration, removal, or defacement of vehicle number; application for special identifying number; missing vehicle number; replacement; fee.
Section 324.82117SectionDealers; duties; liability insurance.
Section 324.82118SectionMichigan snowmobile trail permit.
Section 324.82119SectionOperation of snowmobiles prohibited; exceptions; permanent prohibition; requirements; rules.
Section 324.82120SectionSupervision of child less than 12 years of age; exception; conditions for operation of snowmobile by person 12 but less than 17 years of age; snowmobile safety certificate; crossing highway or street; duty of snowmobile owner; report of violation; suspension of certificate.
Section 324.82121SectionUse of snowmobile to hunt wild bird or animal.
Section 324.82122SectionLights and brakes; minimum safety standards; certification as proof of compliance.
Section 324.82123SectionCrash helmet required.
Section 324.82124SectionOrdinances; duty to maintain highway; immunity from liability; “gross negligence” defined.
Section 324.82125SectionRules governing operation and conduct of snowmobiles; special rules; hearing; notice; corresponding ordinances; suspension, amendment, or repeal; enforcement.
Section 324.82126SectionOperation of snowmobile; prohibitions; exemption; construction, operation, and maintenance of snowmobile trail; conditions; demarcation of trail by signing; “operate” defined; prohibited conduct; assumption of risk; violation of subsection (2) as civil infraction; fine.
Section 324.82126aSectionOperation of snowmobile; prohibited conduct; violation as civil infraction.
Section 324.82126bSectionOperation of snowmobile; prohibited conduct; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 324.82126cSectionOperation of snowmobile; conduct causing death or serious impairment of bodily function; violation as misdemeanor or felony; penalty; definition; order prohibiting operation of snowmobile.
Section 324.82127SectionOperation of or authorizing operation of snowmobile while under influence of alcoholic liquor or controlled substance prohibited; visible impairment; violation; penalty; “serious impairment of a body function” defined; operation by person less than 21 years of age; "any bodily alcoholic content" defined; person less than 16 years of age occupying snowmobile.
Section 324.82128SectionViolations; sanctions.
Section 324.82129SectionViolations; sanctions.
Section 324.82129aSectionViolation of MCL 324.82127(6); sanctions; community service.
Section 324.82129bSectionViolation of MCL 324.82127(7)(a) or (b); sanctions; community service.
Section 324.82130SectionEnhanced sentence; listing of prior convictions; attempted violation.
Section 324.82131SectionDisplay of lighted headlight and taillight required; applicability of section to snowmobile 25 years or older.
Section 324.82132SectionAccidents; notice; reports.
Section 324.82133SectionViolation of part; misdemeanor.
Section 324.82134SectionViolations; appearance tickets; presumption.
Section 324.82135SectionFailure to stop on signal of uniformed officer; penalty; identification of official vehicle.
Section 324.82136SectionArrest without warrant; preliminary chemical breath analysis.
Section 324.82137SectionChemical tests and analysis of person's blood, urine, or breath; provisions.
Section 324.82138SectionChemical test and analysis of person's blood, urine, or breath; additional provisions.
Section 324.82139SectionIntroduction of other evidence not limited by MCL 324.82137 and 324.82138; availability of chemical test results.
Section 324.82140SectionRefusal to submit to chemical test; admissibility.
Section 324.82141SectionAcceptance of guilty plea or nolo contendere; advisement by court of maximum imprisonment and fine; screening, assessment, and rehabilitative services; record.
Section 324.82142SectionConsideration of prior convictions; sanctions.
Section 324.82143SectionImplied consent to chemical tests; circumstances; exception; administration of chemical test.
Section 324.82144SectionRefusal to submit to chemical test; court order; report to secretary of state.
Section 324.82145SectionRefusal to submit to chemical test; notice of right to hearing.
Section 324.82146SectionRefusal to submit to chemical test; failure to request hearing; order; hearing procedures.
Section 324.82147SectionIssuance of order by secretary of state; operation of snowmobile prohibited; imposition of suspension for more than 1 conviction or probate court dispositions from same incident.
Section 324.82147aSectionSuspension or revocation of operator's or chauffeur's license; operation of snowmobile prohibited; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 324.82148SectionConvictions prohibiting operation of snowmobile; order; sharing conviction records; termination of indefinite order; multiple convictions or probate court dispositions resulting from same incident; hearing; record; judicial review.
Section 324.82149SectionOperation of snowmobile prohibited; issuance of order without expiration date; notice; expiration of order; conditions.
Section 324.82150SectionFinal determination by secretary of state; petition for review in circuit court; consideration of record by court; authority of court to affirm, modify, or set aside order; applicability of section.
Section 324.82151SectionEx parte order to stay pending order.
Section 324.82152SectionOperation of snowmobile prohibited; knowingly permitting operation by person subject to order prohibited; violation of subsection (1) as misdemeanor; extension of length of order; cancellation of certificate of registration.
Section 324.82153SectionImpoundment of snowmobile.
Section 324.82154SectionConviction based on plea of nolo contendere.
Section 324.82155SectionExpiration of order not to operate snowmobile; administrative order processing fee.
Section 324.82156SectionAvailability of records to public; commercial lookup service of snowmobile operation, title, and registration; disposition of fees; computerized central file; providing records to nongovernmental person or entity; payment; admissibility in evidence.
Section 324.82156aSectionDisclosure of personal information; uses.
Section 324.82156bSectionResale or redisclosure of information; maintenance of records; duration; availability for inspection.
Section 324.82156cSectionFurnishing list of information to federal, state, or local governmental agency; contract for sale of lists of records; surveys, marketing, and solicitations; insertion of safeguards in agreement or contract; duties of recipient of personal information; disclosure of list based on snowmobile operation or sanctions.
Section 324.82157SectionAbstract or record to be kept by court clerk of record.
Section 324.82158SectionOperator of snowmobile detained by officer; conduct of operator as misdemeanor; arrest without warrant.
Section 324.82159SectionPerson arrested without warrant to be taken before magistrate or judge.
Section 324.82160SectionProhibited conduct; violations as felony; penalties.
Section 324.82161SectionAbandonment of snowmobile prohibited; presumption; violation; civil infraction.
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