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Section 124.1

Act 35 of 1951

124.1 Definitions.

Sec. 1.

As used in this act:

(a) “Municipal corporation” means a county, charter county, county road commission, township, charter township, city, village, school district, intermediate school district, community college district, metropolitan district, court district, public authority, or drainage district as defined in the drain code of 1956, Act No. 40 of the Public Acts of 1956, being sections 280.1 to 280.630 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, or any other local governmental authority or local agency with power to enter into contractual undertakings. For purposes of sections 5 to 12b, “municipal corporation” includes a public transportation corporation.

(b) “Public transportation corporation” means a nonprofit corporation organized pursuant to the nonprofit corporation act, Act No. 162 of the Public Acts of 1982, being sections 450.2101 to 450.3192 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, to which 1 of the following applies:

(i) The primary purpose of the nonprofit corporation is providing public transportation services.

(ii) The nonprofit corporation receives funding from the specialized services assistance program under section 10e of Act No. 51 of the Public Acts of 1951, being section 247.660e of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

(c) “Public transportation” means that term as defined in section 10c of Act No. 51 of the Public Acts of 1951, being section 247.660c of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

History: 1951, Act 35, Imd. Eff. May 8, 1951 ;-- Am. 1982, Act 138, Imd. Eff. Apr. 27, 1982 ;-- Am. 1988, Act 36, Eff. July 1, 1988 ;-- Am. 1996, Act 289, Imd. Eff. June 19, 1996

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