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Section 168.782b

Act 116 of 1954

***** 168.782b THIS SECTION IS REPEALED BY ACT 123 OF 2018 EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 31, 2018 *****

168.782b Emergency ballots.

Sec. 782b.

If there is no reserve machine available, emergency ballots may also be provided by the county board of election commissioners. Emergency ballots shall have suitable blank spaces to permit the voter to vote for the candidates for whom the elector desires to vote. The ballots shall be used only in emergency and upon special permission of the board or official whose duty it is to provide ballots for the election. The board or official shall prepare the emergency ballots that shall be held by the city, township, or village clerk, subject to the order of the county clerk or other authorized person. It is not necessary to provide emergency ballots for each election unless previously provided ballots have been used, destroyed, or lost, in which case similar ballots shall again be provided. If at any time during the election, the voting machine is disabled and cannot be repaired and no other voting machine is available, an emergency shall be declared to exist and the voting after an emergency is declared at that election in that voting precinct shall be by emergency ballot, in the manner provided in this section. The board or official that has custody of the emergency ballots, when so directed, shall supply a sufficient number of emergency ballots to the election board for use by the voters. One of the ballots shall be delivered by the election board to each voter who appears to vote after an emergency is declared. Emergency ballots shall be voted and counted subject to the provisions relative to voting by ballot at general elections, except as otherwise provided in this section. The ballots shall be numbered consecutively from 1 up, and the number and identification shall be printed on a perforated stub as in the case where only regular ballots are used at elections.

History: Add. 1966, Act 62, Imd. Eff. June 9, 1966 ;-- Am. 2015, Act 268, Imd. Eff. Jan. 5, 2016
Compiler's Notes: Act 269 of 2001, which was approved by the Governor and filed with the Secretary of State on January 11, 2002, provided for the amendment of MCL 168.31, 168.73, 168.283, 168.393, 168.509y, 168.509aa, 168.561a, 168.624, 168.624a, 168.686, 168.706, 168.727, 168.737, 168.745, 168.769, 168.782b, 168.795, 168.795c, 168.797a, 168.798c, 168.799a, 168.803, 168.804, 168.842, and 168.931 of, the addition of Sec. 701 to, and the repeal of Sec. 509 of, Act 116 of 1954, known as the Michigan Election Law. A petition seeking a referendum on Act 269 of 2001 was filed with the Secretary of State. The Board of State Canvassers officially declared the sufficiency of the referendum petition on May 14, 2002. Const 1963, art 2, sec 9, provides that no law as to which the power of referendum properly has been invoked shall be effective thereafter unless approved by a majority of the electors voting thereon at the next general election. A referendum on Act 269 of 2001 was presented to the electors at the November 5, 2002, general election as Proposal 02-1, which read as follows:“A REFERENDUM ON PUBLIC ACT 269 OF 2001—AN ACT TO AMEND CERTAIN SECTIONS OF MICHIGAN ELECTION LAWPublic Act 269 of 2001 would:—Eliminate “straight party” vote option on partisan general election ballots.—Require Secretary of State to obtain training reports from local election officials.—Require registered voters who do not appear on registration list to show picture identification before voting a challenged ballot.—Require expedited canvass if presidential vote differential is under 25,000.—Require ballot counting equipment to screen ballots for voting errors to ensure the accurate tabulation of absentee ballots. Permit voters in polls to correct errors.—Provide penalties for stealing campaign signs or accepting payment for campaign work while being paid as a public employee to perform election duties.Should this law be approved?Yes __________No __________”Act 269 of 2001 was not approved by a majority of the electors voting thereon at the November 5, 2002, general election.
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