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Section 339.2404

Act 299 of 1980

339.2404 Evidence of good moral character and financial stability; submission; examination; issuance of residential maintenance and alteration contractor's license; scope of crafts and trades; place of business; branch office license; duration of license; documentation of continuing competency requirements.

Sec. 2404.

(1) The department may require an applicant, licensee, or each partner, trustee, director, officer, member, or shareholder to submit evidence of good moral character, and financial stability. Before the issuance of a license, an applicant shall submit a copy of an operator's license or state personal identification card, to be used by the department only for proof of identity of the applicant.

(2) The department shall require an applicant for a license to pass an examination establishing that the applicant has a fair knowledge of the obligations of a residential builder or residential maintenance and alteration contractor to the public and the applicant's principal, and the statutes relating to the applicant's licensure.

(3) The department, upon application, may issue a residential maintenance and alteration contractor's license to an applicant who, upon examination, qualifies for a license, which authorizes the licensee according to the applicant's qualifications, crafts, and trades to engage in the activities of a residential maintenance and alteration contractor. A license includes the following crafts and trades: carpentry; concrete; swimming pool installation; waterproofing a basement; excavation; insulation work; masonry work; painting and decorating; roofing; siding and gutters; screen or storm sash installation; tile and marble work; and house wrecking. The license shall specify the particular craft or trade for which the licensee has qualified. This subsection does not prohibit a specialty contractor from taking and executing a contract involving the use of 2 or more crafts or trades if the performance of the work in the craft or trade other than the craft for which the person is licensed is incidental and supplemental to the performance of work in the craft for which the specialty contractor is licensed.

(4) A residential builder or residential maintenance and alteration contractor shall maintain a place of business in this state. If a residential builder or residential maintenance and alteration contractor maintains more than 1 place of business within this state, a branch office license shall be issued to the builder or contractor for each place of business so maintained.

(5) Beginning the license cycle after December 21, 2007, the department shall issue the license of a residential builder and residential maintenance and alteration contractor for a period of 3 years in duration. Beginning December 21, 2007, an applicant for renewal of a residential builder or maintenance and alteration contractor license shall state that he or she has a current copy of the Michigan residential code and has fulfilled the appropriate requirements regarding continuing competency.

(6) Beginning December 21, 2007, a licensee shall maintain documentation, for at least 5 years, of activities meeting the continuing competency requirements as prescribed under this article.

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Popular Name: Act 299

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