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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 178 of 2019
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Article VII

Article VII § 1SectionCounties; corporate character, powers and immunities.
Article VII § 2SectionCounty charters.
Article VII § 3SectionReduction of size of county.
Article VII § 4SectionCounty officers; terms, combination.
Article VII § 5SectionOffices at county seat.
Article VII § 6SectionSheriffs; security, responsibility for acts, ineligibility for other office.
Article VII § 7SectionBoards of supervisors; members.
Article VII § 8SectionLegislative, administrative, and other powers and duties of boards.
Article VII § 9SectionCompensation of county officers.
Article VII § 10SectionRemoval of county seat.
Article VII § 11SectionIndebtedness, limitation.
Article VII § 12SectionNavigable streams, permission to bridge or dam.
Article VII § 13SectionConsolidation of counties, approval by electors.
Article VII § 14SectionOrganization and consolidation of townships.
Article VII § 15SectionCounty intervention in public utility service and rate proceedings.
Article VII § 16SectionHighways, bridges, culverts, airports; road tax limitation.
Article VII § 17SectionTownships; corporate character, powers and immunities.
Article VII § 18SectionTownship officers; term, powers and duties.
Article VII § 19SectionTownship public utility franchises.
Article VII § 20SectionTownships, dissolution; villages as cities.
Article VII § 21SectionCities and villages; incorporation, taxes, indebtedness.
Article VII § 22SectionCharters, resolutions, ordinances; enumeration of powers.
Article VII § 23SectionParks, boulevards, cemeteries, hospitals.
Article VII § 24SectionPublic service facilities.
Article VII § 25SectionPublic utilities; acquisition, franchises, sale.
Article VII § 26SectionCities and villages, loan of credit.
Article VII § 27SectionMetropolitan governments and authorities.
Article VII § 28SectionGovernmental functions and powers; joint administration, costs and credits, transfers.
Article VII § 29SectionHighways, streets, alleys, public places; control, use by public utilities.
Article VII § 30SectionFranchises and licenses, duration.
Article VII § 31SectionVacation or alteration of roads, streets, alleys, public places.
Article VII § 32SectionBudgets, public hearing.
Article VII § 33SectionRemoval of elected officers.
Article VII § 34SectionConstruction of constitution and law concerning counties, townships, cities, villages.
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