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Act 299 of 1980
Article 3

Section 339.301SectionBoards; composition; qualifications of members; director as ex officio member.
Section 339.302SectionNomination and appointment of board members.
Section 339.303SectionTerms of board members; vacancy; appointment and removal of members; qualifications; terms.
Section 339.303aSectionCommencement of terms; dates.
Section 339.304SectionCompensation and expenses of board members.
Section 339.305SectionBoard; meetings; quorum; voting by proxy prohibited; conduct of meeting; availability of files.
Section 339.306SectionBoard; election of officers; vacancy; bylaws; report.
Section 339.307SectionBoard; creation within department; duties; attendance of board member at informal conference; assisting department.
Section 339.308SectionPromulgation of rules.
Section 339.309SectionAssessment of penalties.
Section 339.310SectionAiding department in interpreting licensure or registration requirements.
Section 339.313SectionRecommending licensure of school, institution, or other person; recommending approval or recognition of program offering training or education.
Section 339.314SectionRecommending approval or recognition of continuing education program.
Section 339.315SectionFailure to receive licensure, approval, or recognition; protest; review.
Section 339.316SectionExamination or test; development; consideration of material in closed session; alternative form of testing.
Section 339.317SectionSurrendering files of abolished board; personnel, office space, and items or equipment to be utilized by successor board.
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