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Section 24.203

Act 306 of 1969

24.203 Definitions; A to G.

Sec. 3.

(1) "Adoption of a rule" means that step in the processing of a rule consisting of the formal action of an agency establishing a rule before its promulgation.

(2) "Agency" means a state department, bureau, division, section, board, commission, trustee, authority or officer, created by the constitution, statute, or agency action. Agency does not include an agency in the legislative or judicial branch of state government, the governor, an agency having direct governing control over an institution of higher education, the state civil service commission, or an association of insurers created under the insurance code of 1956, 1956 PA 218, MCL 500.100 to 500.8302, or other association or facility formed under that act as a nonprofit organization of insurer members.

(3) "Contested case" means a proceeding, including rate-making, price-fixing, and licensing, in which a determination of the legal rights, duties, or privileges of a named party is required by law to be made by an agency after an opportunity for an evidentiary hearing. When a hearing is held before an agency and an appeal from its decision is taken to another agency, the hearing and the appeal are considered a continuous proceeding as though before a single agency.

(4) "Committee" means the joint committee on administrative rules.

(5) "Court" means the circuit court.

(6) "Decision record" means, in regard to a request for rule-making where an agency receives recommendations or comments by an advisory committee or other advisory entity created by statute, both of the following:

(a) The minutes of all meetings related to the request for rule-making.

(b) The votes of members.

(7) "Guideline" means an agency statement or declaration of policy that the agency intends to follow, that does not have the force or effect of law, and that binds the agency but does not bind any other person.

History: 1969, Act 306, Eff. July 1, 1970 ;-- Am. 1970, Act 40, Imd. Eff. July 1, 1970 ;-- Am. 1977, Act 108, Eff. Jan. 1, 1978 ;-- Am. 1988, Act 277, Imd. Eff. July 27, 1988 ;-- Am. 2011, Act 239, Imd. Eff. Dec. 1, 2011
Compiler's Notes: Section 2 of Act 277 of 1988 provides:“The amendment to section 3 of Act No. 306 of the Public Acts of 1969, being section 24.203 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, pursuant to this amendatory act is intended to codify, approve, and validate the actions and long-standing practices taken by the associations and facilities mentioned in this amendatory act retroactively to the time of their original creation. It is the intent of this amendatory act to rectify the misconstruction of the applicability of the administrative procedures act of 1969 by the court of appeals in League General Insurance Company v Catastrophic Claims Association, Case No. 93744, December 21, 1987, with respect to the imposition of rule promulgation requirements on the catastrophic claims association as a state agency, and to further assure that the associations and facilities mentioned in this amendatory act, and their respective boards of directors, shall not hereafter be treated as a state agency.”
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