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Section 750.323

Act 328 of 1931

750.323 Manslaughter; death of quick child or mother from use of medicine or instrument.

Sec. 323.

   Death of quick child or mother from use of medicine, etc., with intent to destroy such child—Any person who shall administer to any woman pregnant with a quick child any medicine, drug or substance whatever, or shall use or employ any instrument or other means, with intent thereby to destroy such child, unless the same shall have been necessary to preserve the life of such mother, shall, in case the death of such child or of such mother be thereby produced, be guilty of manslaughter.
   In any prosecution under this section, it shall not be necessary for the prosecution to prove that no such necessity existed.

History: 1931, Act 328, Eff. Sept. 18, 1931 ;-- CL 1948, 750.323
Former Law: See section 33 of Ch. 153 of R.S. 1846, being CL 1857, § 5743; CL 1871, § 7542; How., § 9107; CL 1897, § 11502; CL 1915, § 15224; and CL 1929, § 16740.

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