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***** 460.1113.amended THIS AMENDED SECTION IS EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2021 ***** ***** 460.1051 THIS SECTION IS REPEALED BY ACT 342 OF 2016 EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2023 *****
Section 460.1001SectionShort title; purpose and goal of act.
Section 460.1003SectionDefinitions; A to D.
Section 460.1005SectionDefinitions; E, F.
Section 460.1007SectionDefinitions; G to M.
Section 460.1009SectionDefinitions; N to P.
Section 460.1011SectionDefinitions; R.
Section 460.1013SectionDefinitions; S to W.
Section 460.1022SectionElectric provider whose rates are regulated by commission; establishment of revenue recovery mechanism; review of electric provider's plan pursuant to filing schedule; contested cased hearing; approval or rejection of plan and proposed amendments to plan.
Section 460.1028SectionRenewable energy credit portfolio; meeting renewable energy credit standards with renewable energy credits; means; submission and approval of contract; substitution of energy waste reduction credits for renewable energy credits.
Section 460.1029SectionRenewable energy system location; requirements.
Section 460.1039SectionGranting 1 renewable energy credit for each megawatt hour of electricity generated from renewable energy system; conditions; granting Michigan incentive renewable energy credits; expiration.
Section 460.1041SectionRenewable energy credits; trade, sale, or transfer; demonstration of compliance; establishment of renewable energy credit certification and tracking program; use not required in state.
Section 460.1045SectionCharges for electric provider's tariffs that permit recovery of incremental costs of compliance; calculation.
Section 460.1047SectionCost of service to be recovered by electric provider; recovery of incremental costs of compliance; calculation; modification of revenue recovery mechanism; excess costs; refund to customer classes; certain actual costs considered as costs of service; "advanced cleaner energy" and "advanced cleaner energy system" defined.
Section 460.1049SectionRenewable cost reconciliation; commencement; contested case proceeding; discovery; modifications of revenue recovery mechanism; reconciliation of revenues with amounts actually expensed and projected; duties of commission; interest accrual; "advanced cleaner energy" defined.
Section 460.1054SectionPowers of local units of government under MCL 125.3101 to 125.3702.
Section 460.1061SectionVoluntary green pricing program.
Section 460.1071SectionProposed energy optimization plan; filing; time period; energy waste reduction plan; goal; provisions; limitation on expenditures.
Section 460.1073SectionWaste reduction plan; approval by commission; review; contested case hearing; proposed amendment; rejection of plan and amendments; applicability of section after December 31, 2021.
Section 460.1074SectionEnergy waste reduction cost reconciliation.
Section 460.1075SectionEnergy waste reduction plan; exceeding standard; authorization for commensurate financial incentive; payment; limitations.
Section 460.1077SectionIncremental energy savings; determination; calculations; basis; substitution.
Section 460.1078SectionEnergy waste reduction plan amendment; petition by electric provider to establish alternative energy waste reduction level; petition by natural gas provider to establish alternative energy waste reduction standard; determination.
Section 460.1081SectionApplicability of section to certain electric providers; petition identifying efforts to meet energy waste reduction standards; findings by commission; revision; repeal of section.
Section 460.1083SectionEnergy waste reduction credit; grant; expiration; carrying forward excess credits.
Section 460.1085SectionEnergy waste reduction credit; transfer prohibited.
Section 460.1087SectionCertification and tracking program; credit.
Section 460.1089SectionRecovery of costs; limitation; capitalization costs; funding level for low income residential programs; authorization of natural gas provider to implement revenue decoupling mechanism.
Section 460.1091SectionAlternative compliance payment.
Section 460.1093SectionSelf-directed energy waste reduction plan.
Section 460.1095SectionDuties and authority of commission; duties of Michigan agency for energy.
Section 460.1097SectionCompliance with energy waste reduction standards; reports; applicability of subsection (5).
Section 460.1099SectionCivil action against municipally owned electric utility or cooperative electric utility.
Section 460.1113.amendedSectionPollution control equipment; use of natural gas in installation, operation, or testing; exemption; effective date of section.
Section 460.1173SectionDistribution generation program.
Section 460.1175SectionParticipation in distribution generation program; application fee; limitation; costs; interconnection requirements.
Section 460.1177SectionCustomer's energy use in billing period; use of meters; credit; charges pursuant to MCL 460.6a.
Section 460.1179SectionRenewable energy credits.
Section 460.1183SectionCustomer participating in net metering program before tariff established pursuant to MCL 460.6a; election to continue to receive service under program.
Section 460.1185SectionIndustrial customer building, owning, or operating self-generation or cogeneration facilities.
Section 460.1201SectionDefinitions.
Section 460.1203SectionResidential energy projects program; establishment; itemized charges; right to propose differing program.
Section 460.1205SectionResidential energy projects program; plan; filing; contents; approval; determination; review.
Section 460.1207SectionBaseline home energy audit required; verification; per-meter charge; shut off for nonpayment; obligation to pay.
Section 460.1209SectionLoan; term; limitation; repayment; interest.
Section 460.1211SectionRules; report; program with differing elements or approval by commission.
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