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Act 56 of 1980
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Act 56 of 1980

AN ACT to create a neighborhood assistance program; to prescribe the powers and duties of the department of labor; to create a fund; to permit certain rebates to business firms participating in neighborhood projects; and to require certain reports.

History: 1980, Act 56, Imd. Eff. Apr. 1, 1980

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 125.801SectionShort title.
Section 125.802SectionMeanings of words and phrases.
Section 125.803SectionDefinitions; B, C.
Section 125.804SectionDefinitions; D to L.
Section 125.805SectionDefinitions; N to R.
Section 125.806SectionNeighborhood assistance and partnership fund; creation; purpose; limitation on rebates; rules.
Section 125.807SectionEligibility of neighborhood; rules; criteria.
Section 125.808SectionProject application; contents.
Section 125.809SectionProject application; approval or disapproval; review and comments.
Section 125.810SectionCertification; entering into project; project representative; professional assistance.
Section 125.811SectionRebate; reimbursement form; amount; review and approval; eligibility; prohibitions.
Section 125.812SectionAnnual report to department.
Section 125.813SectionAnnual report to legislature.
Section 125.814SectionTransfer of duties and obligations.