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Act 451 of 1994
Part 41

Section 324.4101SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.4102SectionDepartment of natural resources; powers.
Section 324.4103SectionSewerage systems; inspection by department.
Section 324.4104SectionSewerage systems; rules; classification of sewage treatment works; examinations; issuance and revocation of certificates; supervision by certified operator; training program for certified operator; fees.
Section 324.4105SectionSewerage systems; plans and specifications; rules; permit for construction; minor modifications; misdemeanor.
Section 324.4106SectionSewage treatment works; reports; false statement; penalty.
Section 324.4107SectionInspection of plans and specifications; inspection of sewerage systems; recommendations or orders; compliance.
Section 324.4108SectionSewerage system; planning, construction and operation; cooperation; compliance; "private, investor-owned wastewater utility" defined.
Section 324.4109SectionEngineers and other assistants; employment.
Section 324.4110SectionCommencement of civil action by attorney general; jurisdiction; additional relief; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; appearance ticket; enforcement; "minor offense" defined.
Section 324.4111SectionActions brought by department.
Section 324.4112SectionExpedited review process for certain projects.
Section 324.4113SectionInfrastructure construction fund.
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