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Section 421.46a

Act 1 of 1936 (Ex. Sess.)

421.46a Establishment of benefit year where individual unable to establish benefit year under MCL 421.46; conditions; calculation of average weekly wage; charge to employers; extended benefits; claim.

Sec. 46a.

  (1) If an individual is not able to establish a benefit year under section 46 because of insufficient credit weeks, a benefit year may be established under this section if the individual has at least 14 credit weeks in his or her base period, and has base period wages in excess of 20 times the state average weekly wage, applicable to the calendar year in which the individual's benefit year is established, as computed under section 27(b)(2).
  (2) With respect to a benefit year established under this section, an individual's average weekly wage shall be calculated by dividing the claimant's base period wages by 20. The resultant quotient will be the individual's average weekly wage for purposes of establishing the individual's weekly benefit rate under section 27. Notwithstanding section 27(d), for benefit years established under this section the individual will be entitled to 15 full weekly benefit payments at the established weekly benefit rate.
  (3) Employers will be charged for benefits paid under this section based upon the ratio of wages earned with each employer to the total base period wages earned by the claimant. This ratio will be multiplied by the weekly benefit rate calculated for the claimant, and the resultant product will be the weekly charge to the employer's account.
  (4) When payable pursuant to section 64, 7-1/2 full week payments of extended benefits will be paid at the weekly benefit rate established under this section to a claimant who exhausts his or her entitlement to the regular weekly benefits established under this section.
  (5) A claim established under this section is subject to all provisions of this act which are not in conflict with this section.

History: Add. 1982, Act 535, Eff. Jan. 2, 1983

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