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HR 0031 of 2011House ResolutionA resolution to honor the Peace Corps on the occasion of its 50th anniversary on March 1, 2011.
Last Action: 02/17/2011 - adopted
HB 4333 of 2011House BillHuman services; other; mandatory reporting of suspected financial exploitation of certain adults; require of financial institutions. Amends sec. 11a of 1939 PA 280 (MCL 400.11a).
Last Action: 03/01/2011 - printed bill filed 02/25/2011
HB 4430 of 2011House BillProperty tax; delinquent taxes; notice requirements for show cause hearing and foreclosure hearing; revise. Amends sec. 78i of 1893 PA 206 (MCL 211.78i).
Last Action: 03/16/2011 - printed bill filed 03/16/2011
HB 4612 of 2011House BillCrimes; other; provision regarding wage discrimination based on sex; modify. Amends sec. 556 of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.556).
Last Action: 05/05/2011 - printed bill filed 05/05/2011
HB 4806 of 2011House BillInsurance; health; prescription coverage; expand to include certain contraceptives. Amends 1956 PA 218 (MCL 500.100 - 500.8302) by adding sec. 3406s.
Last Action: 06/28/2011 - printed bill filed 06/24/2011
HB 5171 of 2011House BillFinancial institutions; savings banks; participation in business development corporations; authorize. Amends sec. 404 of 1996 PA 354 (MCL 487.3404). TIE BAR WITH: HB 5169'11
Last Action: 11/29/2011 - printed bill filed 11/14/2011
HR 0223 of 2012House ResolutionA resolution to express support for access to preventive health care services, including contraception, for all women and to strongly support insurance coverage of contraception without co-pays and cost-sharing.
Last Action: 03/29/2012 - referred to Committee on Health Policy
HR 0238 of 2012House ResolutionA resolution to urge the Michigan Board of State Canvassers to protect the rights of the people under the Constitution of the State of Michigan of 1963 and certify the petition calling for a referendum on Public Act 4 of 2011.
Last Action: 04/25/2012 - referred to Committee on Government Operations
HB 5273 of 2012House BillHealth facilities; other; backup emergency generator at dialysis treatment centers; require. Amends 1978 PA 368 (MCL 333.1101 - 333.25211) by adding sec. 20135.
Last Action: 01/25/2012 - printed bill filed 01/25/2012
HB 5471 of 2012House BillHigher education; financial aid; grant program for certain state high school graduates to attend state universities and community colleges; establish, and create Michigan higher education grant trust fund. Creates new act. TIE BAR WITH: SB 1017'12
Last Action: 03/15/2012 - printed bill filed 03/14/2012
HB 5603 of 2012House BillAgriculture; agribusiness; agriculture innovation loan guarantee act; create. Creates new act.
Last Action: 05/10/2012 - printed bill filed 05/10/2012
HB 5779 of 2012House BillFamily law; marriage and divorce; provision regarding name change upon divorce; revise to make gender neutral. Amends title & sec. 1 of 1905 PA 299 (MCL 552.391). TIE BAR WITH: HB 5766'12
Last Action: 08/15/2012 - printed bill filed 07/19/2012
HB 5940 of 2012House BillLabor; fair employment practices; requiring employee disclosure regarding purpose or use of contraceptives; prohibit. Amends secs. 201, 202 & 203 of 1976 PA 453 (MCL 37.2201 et seq.).
Last Action: 09/25/2012 - printed bill filed 09/21/2012
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