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Section 124.611

Act 57 of 1988

124.611 Withdrawal of incorporating municipality from authority.

Sec. 11.

  (1) An incorporating municipality may withdraw from the authority of which it is a part by resolution of the municipality's legislative body approving the withdrawal.
  (2) A municipality that withdraws from an authority shall continue to be subject to any tax levied in its jurisdiction under section 12 for the duration of the period of that tax as determined pursuant to section 12(3).
  (3) Employees of an authority who perform emergency services in the jurisdiction of a municipality that withdraws from an authority shall be protected in relation to the municipality to the same extent as employees of an incorporating municipality are protected in relation to an authority under section 10.
  (4) A municipality that withdraws from an authority shall remain liable for a proportion of the debts and liabilities of the authority incurred while the municipality was a part of the authority. The proportion of the authority's debts for which a municipality is liable under this subsection shall be determined by dividing the state equalized value of the real property in the municipality by the state equalized value of all real property in the authority at the time of the withdrawal.

History: 1988, Act 57, Eff. Apr. 1, 1988

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