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Act 328 of 1931
Chapter XLIV

Section 750.301SectionAccepting money or valuable thing contingent on uncertain event.
Section 750.302SectionKeeping or occupying common gambling house or building or place where gaming permitted; apparatus used for gaming or gambling; manufacture or possession of gaming or gambling apparatus for sale.
Section 750.303SectionKeeping or maintaining gaming room, gaming table, or game of skill or chance for hire, gain, or reward; accessory; applicability of subsection (1) to mechanical amusement device, slot machine, or crane game; “slot machine” and “crane game” defined; notice.
Section 750.303aSectionApplicability of chapter; recreational card playing conducted at senior citizen housing facility.
Section 750.304SectionSelling pools and registering bets.
Section 750.305SectionPublication or distribution of betting odds; penalty.
Section 750.305aSectionRacing results; unlawful use of teletype ticker, exceptions; prima facie evidence; penalties.
Section 750.306SectionPool tickets; declaration as nuisance.
Section 750.307SectionGambling; prima facie evidence.
Section 750.308SectionGaming house; search warrant; seizure of apparatus and material; arrest.
Section 750.308aSectionDisposition of articles or property seized.
Section 750.309SectionFrequenting or attending gaming places.
Section 750.310SectionExceptions.
Section 750.310aSectionApplicability of chapter; bowling game or bowling card game.
Section 750.310bSectionApplicability of chapter; redemption game.
Section 750.310cSectionApplicability of chapter; social media internet game; definition.
Section 750.311SectionGambling in stocks, bonds, grain or produce.
Section 750.312SectionCommission merchants, statements on demand.
Section 750.313SectionGambling in stocks, bonds, grain or produce; penalty.
Section 750.314SectionWinning at gambling.
Section 750.315SectionLosing at gambling.
Section 750.315aSectionLoan promotion raffle or savings promotion raffle; inapplicability of chapter.
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