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Section 710.66

Act 288 of 1939

710.66 Adult adoptee; rescinding adoption by stepparent and restoring parental rights of parent; rescission petition; filing new certificate of birth; hearing; certified copies; effect of entry of order of rescission.

Sec. 66.

(1) If an adult adoptee who was adopted by a stepparent and the adult adoptee's parent whose rights have been terminated desire to rescind the adoption by the stepparent and restore the parental rights of that parent, they shall file a rescission petition with the court of the county in which the adoption by the stepparent was confirmed. This section applies to an adult adoptee who was adopted by a stepparent regardless of whether the adoptee was a minor at the time of adoption.

(2) The rescission petition shall be verified by both the adult adoptee and the parent whose rights were terminated, and shall contain the following information:

(a) The present name of each petitioner, the name of the adoptee at the time of birth and immediately after an adoption if different from the adoptee's present name, the name of the parent at the time of termination of parental rights, the date and place of the adoptee's birth, and the present place of residence of each petitioner.

(b) The name, date and place of birth, and address of the parent whose rights were not terminated and whose spouse adopted the adoptee, if known to either of the petitioners.

(c) The name of the stepparent at the time of the order of adoption, including the maiden name of the stepparent if applicable and if known, and the stepparent's date and place of birth.

(3) Subsequent to or concurrent with the filing of the rescission petition but before the hearing on the rescission petition by the court, the petitioners shall file with the court a copy of the adoptee's new certificate of live birth if a new certificate was established by the department of public health.

(4) Upon receipt of a rescission petition, the court shall conduct a hearing after notice is served by petitioners on the interested parties. The court may order an investigation by an employee or agent of the court and may enter an order of rescission of the adoption that restores the parental rights of the parent who filed the petition. The rescission of the adoption shall be effective from the date of the order of rescission.

(5) Certified copies of the order of rescission shall be given to each petitioner, and a copy shall be sent to the department of public health together with any other information required by section 2829 of the public health code, Act No. 368 of the Public Acts of 1978, being section 333.2829 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

(6) After entry of an order of rescission, the adult adoptee becomes an heir at law of the parent whose parental rights have been restored and of the lineal and collateral kindred of that parent. After entry of the order of rescission, the adult adoptee is no longer an heir at law of a person who was his or her stepparent at the time of the order of rescission or an heir at law of the lineal or collateral kindred of that person, except that a right, title, or interest vesting before entry of the order of rescission shall not be divested by that order.

History: Add. 1992, Act 247, Imd. Eff. Nov. 19, 1992 ;-- Am. 1996, Act 409, Eff. Jan. 1, 1998
Popular Name: Probate Code

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