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Section 432.272

Act 74 of 1997

432.272 Definitions.

Sec. 2.

   As used in this act:
  (a) "Affiliate" means a person who, directly or indirectly, through 1 or more intermediaries, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with; is in a partnership or joint venture relationship with; or is a co-shareholder of a corporation, a co-member of a limited liability company, or co-partner in a limited liability partnership with a person who holds or applies for a casino license under this act.
  (b) "Casino enterprise" means the buildings, facilities, or rooms functionally or physically connected to a casino, including but not limited to any bar, restaurant, hotel, cocktail lounge, retail establishment, or arena, or any other facility located in a city under the control of a casino licensee or an affiliate of a casino licensee company.
  (c) "Casino key employee" means an individual employed in the operation of a licensed casino who the Michigan gaming control board designates as a key employee.
  (d) "Department" means the department of state.
  (e) "Local government" means a city, village, township, county, school district, or community college district.
  (f) "Person" means an individual, limited liability company, proprietorship, firm, partnership, joint venture, syndicate, business trust, labor organization, company, corporation, association, committee, governmental entity, or other legal entity.
  (g) "Person holding a casino interest" includes all of the following:
  (i) A person who holds at least a 1% interest in a casino licensee or casino enterprise.
  (ii) A person who is a partner, officer, or key or managerial employee of the casino licensee or casino enterprise.
  (iii) A person who is an officer of the person who holds at least a 1% interest in the casino licensee or casino enterprise.
  (iv) The spouse or children of a person listed in subparagraphs (i) through (iii).

History: 1997, Act 74, Imd. Eff. July 17, 1997

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