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Act 173 of 1992
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Act 173 of 1992

AN ACT to authorize the establishment of land reclamation and improvement authorities; to provide for land reclamation and improvement authority boards and for their powers and duties; to authorize the exercise of the power of eminent domain; to provide for the making of certain improvements; to provide for the issuance of bonds and notes; to provide for assessing the cost of improvements and services against property benefited; to authorize certain rents, fees, and charges; and to provide for the powers and duties of certain state and local governmental officers and entities.

History: 1992, Act 173, Imd. Eff. July 21, 1992

© 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 125.2451SectionShort title; meaning of words and phrases.
Section 125.2452SectionDefinitions; A, B.
Section 125.2453SectionDefinitions; D to S.
Section 125.2454SectionLand reclamation and improvement authority; establishment; petition requirements.
Section 125.2455SectionPetition; determination of compliance with requirements; public hearing; notice; determination and certification of record owners.
Section 125.2456SectionAuthority; establishment; requirements for approval; mailing, form, and contents of statement of approval or disapproval.
Section 125.2457SectionDocuments; filing; recording; issuance of certificate; filing date.
Section 125.2458SectionAuthority board; supervision and control; duties of county board of commissioners and township board; appointment of members; terms of office.
Section 125.2459SectionAuthority board; term of office; appointment or election of successors; conduct of election; list of record owners; votes cast by record owners.
Section 125.2460SectionAuthority board; qualifications of members; certificate; oath of office.
Section 125.2461SectionAuthority board; removal of member.
Section 125.2462SectionAuthority board; vacancy.
Section 125.2463SectionAuthority board; quorum; annual meeting; special meeting; compliance with open meetings act; writings.
Section 125.2464SectionAuthority board; election of chairperson, treasurer, secretary, and other officers; duties; compensation; expenses; personal liability.
Section 125.2465SectionAuthority board; appointment of director, assistant director, assistant treasurer, and assistant secretary; duties; bond; legal counsel; employees; compensation.
Section 125.2466SectionAuthority board; powers; establishment and maintenance of office.
Section 125.2467SectionFinancing activities of authority.
Section 125.2468SectionAuthority board; making and financing improvements; conditions for improving roads; petition objecting to improvement; filing; petition supporting improvement; additional copies; validity of signatures.
Section 125.2469SectionAuthority board; plans and estimate for improvement; filing; availability for public examination; resolution of intent to make improvement; designating special assessment district; notice; hearing; supplemental petition; actual incremental cost increase exceeding estimated incremental cost increase by 10%; notice; hearing; service of notice of proceedings.
Section 125.2470SectionNotice of hearings in special assessment proceedings; effect of failure to give notice.
Section 125.2471SectionAuthority board; proceeding with improvement; approval or determination; special assessment roll; limitations on total amount assessed.
Section 125.2472SectionSpecial assessment roll; filing; notice; hearing; objections; confirmation or annulment; endorsement; notice of special assessment; contents; filing petition to contest assessment with state tax tribunal; full disclosure of information.
Section 125.2473SectionSpecial assessment; payment; installments; amount; due date; interest; future due installments; delinquent payments; penalty.
Section 125.2474SectionSpecial assessment as lien.
Section 125.2475SectionSpecial assessment; collection; warrant; entering on tax roll.
Section 125.2476SectionSpecial assessment; certification of delinquency; reassessment on annual township tax roll.
Section 125.2477SectionSpecial assessment; payment by township or county to authority board.
Section 125.2478SectionSpecial assessment; apportionment of uncollected amounts on divisions of land; notice of hearing.
Section 125.2479SectionSpecial assessment; insufficient or surplus amount collected.
Section 125.2480SectionInvalid special assessment; effect; proceeding for reassessment and collection.
Section 125.2481SectionResolution of public or private corporation to pay special assessments.
Section 125.2482SectionAuthority board; bonds and notes; issuance; amount.
Section 125.2483SectionObligations assessed or contracted for pursuant to MCL 123.731 to 123.786 and MCL 280.1 to 280.630.
Section 125.2484SectionUse of money earned, received, or charged under certain conditions.
Section 125.2485SectionAuthority; bonds and notes; issuance; sale; exemption from certain taxes; investment.
Section 125.2486SectionAuthority; powers and limitations.
Section 125.2487SectionReimbursement of expenses to county or township.
Section 125.2488SectionTransfer of property within authority district.
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