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Section 324.8501

Act 451 of 1994

324.8501 Definitions; A to T.

Sec. 8501.

As used in this part:

(a) "Adulterated product" means a product that contains any deleterious or harmful substance in sufficient amount to render it injurious to beneficial plant life, animals, humans, aquatic life, soil, or water when applied in accordance with directions for use on the label, or if adequate warning statements or directions for use that may be necessary to protect plant life, animals, humans, aquatic life, soil, or water are not shown on the label.

(b) "Agricultural use" means that term as defined in section 36101.

(c) "Aquifer" means a geologic formation, group of formations, or part of a formation capable of yielding a significant amount of groundwater to wells or springs.

(d) "Aquifer sensitivity" means a hydrogeologic function representing the inherent abilities of materials surrounding the aquifer to attenuate the movement of nitrogen fertilizers into that aquifer.

(e) "Aquifer sensitivity region" means an area in which aquifer sensitivity estimations are sufficiently uniform to warrant their classification as a unit.

(f) "Biosolids" means a product consisting in whole or in part of sewage sludge that is distributed to the public and that is disinfected by means of composting, pasteurization, wet air oxidation, heat treatment, or other means.

(g) "Brand or product name" means a term, design, or trademark used in connection with 1 or more grades of fertilizer.

(h) "Bulk fertilizer" means fertilizer distributed in a nonpackaged form.

(i) "Custom blend" means a fertilizer blended according to specifications provided to a blender in a soil test nutrient recommendation or blended as specifically requested by the consumer prior to blending.

(j) "Department" means the department of agriculture and rural development.

(k) "Director" means the director of the department or his or her designee.

(l) "Distribute" means to import, consign, sell, barter, offer for sale, solicit orders for sale, or otherwise supply fertilizer for sale or use in this state.

(m) "Distributor" means any person who distributes fertilizer for sale or use in this state.

(n) "Fertilizer" means a substance containing 1 or more recognized plant nutrients, which substance is used for its plant nutrient content and which is designed for use, or claimed to have value, in promoting plant growth. Fertilizer does not include unmanipulated animal and vegetable manures, marl, lime, limestone, wood ashes, and other materials exempted by rules promulgated under this part.

(o) "Fertilizer material" means a fertilizer to which 1 or more of the following apply:

(i) Contains not more than 1 of the following as primary nutrients:

(A) Total nitrogen (N).

(B) Available phosphate (P2O5).

(C) Soluble potash (K2O).

(ii) Has 85% or more of its plant nutrient content present in the form of a single chemical compound.

(iii) Is derived from a plant or animal residue or by-product or natural material deposit that has been processed in such a way that its content of plant nutrients has not been materially changed except by purification and concentration.

(p) "Fund" means the fertilizer control fund created under section 8514.

(q) "Grade" means the percentage guarantee of total nitrogen (N), available phosphate (P2O5), and soluble potash (K2O), of a fertilizer. Grade shall be stated in the same order given in this subdivision. Indication of grade does not apply to peat or peat moss or soil conditioners.

(r) "Groundwater" means underground water within the zone of saturation.

(s) "Groundwater stewardship practices" means any of a set of voluntary practices adopted by the commission of agriculture and rural development pursuant to part 87, designed to protect groundwater from contamination by fertilizers.

(t) "Guaranteed analysis" means the minimum percentage of each plant nutrient guaranteed or claimed to be present.

(u) "Impervious surface" means a paved highway, street, sidewalk, parking lot, driveway, or other outdoor structure that prevents infiltration of water into the soil.

(v) "Label" means any written, printed, or graphic matter on or attached to packaged fertilizer or used to identify fertilizer distributed in bulk or held in bulk storage.

(w) "Labeling" means all labels and other written, printed, electronic, or graphic matter upon or accompanying any fertilizer at any time, and includes advertising, sales literature, brochures, posters, and internet, television, and radio announcements used in promoting the sale of that fertilizer.

(x) "Licensee" means the person who receives a license to manufacture or distribute fertilizers under this part.

(y) "Lot" means an identifiable quantity of fertilizer that can be sampled officially according to methods adopted under section 8510, that is contained in a single vehicle, or that is delivered under a single invoice.

(z) "Manipulated manure" means animal or vegetable manure that is ground, pelletized, mechanically dried, packaged, supplemented with plant nutrients or other substances other than phosphorus, or otherwise treated in a manner to assist with the sale or distribution of the manure as a fertilizer or soil or plant additive.

(aa) "Manufacture" means to process, granulate, compound, produce, mix, blend, or alter the composition of fertilizer or fertilizer materials.

(bb) "Natural fertilizer" means a substance composed only of natural organic, natural inorganic, or both types of fertilizer materials and natural fillers.

(cc) "Sewage sludge" means sewage sludge generated in the treatment of domestic sewage, other than only septage or industrial waste.

(dd) "Turf" means land, including residential, commercial, or industrial property, golf courses, or publicly owned land, that is planted in closely mowed, managed grass, except land used in the operation of a commercial farm.

History: Add. 1995, Act 60, Imd. Eff. May 24, 1995 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 276, Imd. Eff. July 27, 1998 ;-- Am. 2006, Act 503, Eff. Mar. 30, 2007 ;-- Am. 2008, Act 13, Imd. Eff. Feb. 29, 2008 ;-- Am. 2010, Act 299, Imd. Eff. Dec. 16, 2010 ;-- Am. 2013, Act 151, Imd. Eff. Nov. 5, 2013
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