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Act 451 of 1994
Part 325

Section 324.32501SectionAdditional definitions.
Section 324.32502SectionUnpatented lake bottomlands and unpatented made lands in Great Lakes; construction of part.
Section 324.32503SectionAgreements pertaining to waters over and filling in of submerged patented lands; lease or deed of unpatented lands; terms, conditions, and requirements; reservation of mineral rights; exception; lease or deed allowing drilling operations for exploration of oil or gas purposes; execution of agreement, lease, or deed with United States.
Section 324.32504SectionUnpatented lake lands and unpatented made lands; application for conveyance; contents; qualifications of applicant; consent; approval; fee.
Section 324.32504aSectionRestoration or maintenance of lighthouse; lease or agreement for use of lands; “approved organization” defined.
Section 324.32505SectionUnpatented lake bottomlands and unpatented made lands; consideration for conveyances or lease.
Section 324.32506SectionUnpatented lands and unpatented made lands; value determination by department; appraisal; decision of court.
Section 324.32507SectionReceipts; disposition; accounting; employees.
Section 324.32508SectionLands conveyed; taxation.
Section 324.32509SectionRules.
Section 324.32510SectionLand filled, excavated, or modified without approval; misdemeanor; penalty; issuance or service of appearance ticket; “minor offense” defined.
Section 324.32511SectionCertificate of location of lakeward boundary; application; riparian owner; fee.
Section 324.32512SectionActs prohibited; exceptions; activities not subject to regulation; applicability of subsection (2) to certain lands.
Section 324.32512aSectionMinor project categories; activities; conditions; application; notice; general permit.
Section 324.32513SectionApplication for permit; contents; fees; disposition of fees.
Section 324.32514SectionApplication for permit; copies to department of community health, local units, and adjacent riparian owners; objections; public hearing; notice; conditional permit; additional conditions.
Section 324.32515SectionArtificial waterway; permit; issuance; conditions; maintenance.
Section 324.32515aSectionDredging or placing dredged spoils on bottomland; permit; conditions.
Section 324.32516SectionRepealed. 2012, Act 247, Imd. Eff. July 2, 2012.
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