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Section 257.221

Act 300 of 1949

257.221 Application for registration; creation and maintenance of computerized central file; records; preservation; availability.

Sec. 221.

(1) The secretary of state shall create and maintain a computerized central file of all applications for registration of motor vehicles and is not required to retain any other record of the application. The computerized central file shall be interfaced with the law enforcement information network as provided in the L.E.I.N. policy council act of 1974, 1974 PA 163, MCL 28.211 to 28.216.

(2) The secretary of state shall preserve the records described in subsection (1) for 3 years after the date of registration. The records shall be available to state and federal agencies and the friend of the court as provided under section 4 of the L.E.I.N. policy council act of 1974, 1974 PA 163, MCL 28.214, and rules promulgated under that section, and to the public through the secretary of state's commercial look-up service.

History: 1949, Act 300, Eff. Sept. 23, 1949 ;-- Am. 1997, Act 101, Imd. Eff. Aug. 7, 1997 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 64, Eff. May 13, 1998

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