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451-1994-II - ARTICLE II POLLUTION CONTROL (324.3101...324.21563)
451‑1994‑II‑1 ‑ CHAPTER 1 POINT SOURCE POLLUTION CONTROL (324.3101...324.6539)
     451‑1994‑II‑1‑31 ‑ PART 31 WATER RESOURCES PROTECTION (324.3101...324.3134)
          Section 324.3101 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.3102 ‑ Implementation of part.
          Section 324.3103 ‑ Department of environmental quality; powers and duties generally; rules; other actions.
          Section 324.3103a ‑ Legislative findings; duties of department; vessel owner or operator ineligible for new grant, loan, or award.
          Section 324.3104 ‑ Cooperation and negotiation with other governments as to water resources; alteration of watercourses; federal assistance; formation of Great Lakes aquatic nuisance species coalition; report; requests for appropriations; recommendations; permit to alter floodplain; application; fees; disposition of fees; public hearing; minor floodplain projects; other parts subject to single highest permit fee.
          Section 324.3105 ‑ Entering property for inspections and investigations; assistance.
          Section 324.3106 ‑ Establishment of pollution standards; permits; determination of volume of water and high and low water marks; rules; orders; pollution prevention.
          Section 324.3106a ‑ Satisfaction of remedial obligations.
          Section 324.3107 ‑ Harmful interference with streams; rules; orders; determinations for record.
          Section 324.3108 ‑ Unlawful occupation, filling, or grading of floodplain, stream bed, or channel of stream; exceptions; construction of building with basement.
          Section 324.3109 ‑ Discharge into state waters; prohibitions; exception; violation; penalties; abatement; "on-site wastewater treatment system" defined.
          Section 324.3109a ‑ Mixing zones for discharges of venting groundwater; conditions not requiring permit; definitions.
          Section 324.3109b ‑ Satisfaction of remedial obligations.
          Section 324.3109c ‑ Open water disposal of dredge materials contaminated with toxic substances; prohibition.
          Section 324.3109d ‑ MAEAP-verified farms; applicable conditions; obligation to obtain permit not modified or limited; definitions.
          Section 324.3109e ‑ Sodium or chloride in groundwater discharge permit; limitation; discharge of sodium or chloride causing groundwater concentration exceeding certain levels; duties of permittee; response activities.
          Section 324.3110 ‑ Waste treatment facilities of industrial or commercial entity; exception; examination and certification of supervisory personnel; training program; fees; failure to pay fee; continuing education programs; reports; false statement; applicability of section.
          Section 324.3111 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 43, Imd. Eff. Mar. 6, 2012.
          Section 324.3111b ‑ Release required to be reported under R 324.2001 to R 324.2009.
          Section 324.3112 ‑ Permit to discharge waste into state waters; application determined as complete; condition of validity; modification, suspension, or revocation of permit; reissuance; application for new permit; notice; order; complaint; petition; contested case hearing; rejection of petition; oceangoing vessels engaging in port operations; permit required; compliance with federal aquatic nuisance rule; legislative intent.
          Section 324.3112a ‑ Discharge of untreated sewage from sewer system; notification; duties of municipality; legal action by state not limited; penalties and fines; definitions.
          Section 324.3112b ‑ Discharge from combined sewer system; issuance or renewal of permit; disconnection of eaves troughs and downspouts as condition; exception; “combined sewer system” defined.
          Section 324.3112c ‑ Discharges of untreated or partially treated sewage from sewer systems; list of occurrences; “partially treated sewage” and “sewer system” defined.
          Section 324.3112e ‑ Permit not required; "beneficial use by-product" and "beneficial use 3" defined.
          Section 324.3113 ‑ New or increased use of waters for sewage or other waste disposal purposes; filing information; permit; conditions; complaint; petition; contested case hearing; rejection of petition.
          Section 324.3114 ‑ Enforcement of part; criminal complaint.
          Section 324.3115 ‑ Violations; civil or criminal liability; venue; jurisdiction; penalties; knowledge attributable to defendant; lien; setoff.
          Section 324.3115a ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalty; “minor offense” defined.
          Section 324.3116 ‑ Construction of part; exemptions.
          Section 324.3117 ‑ Supplemental construction.
          Section 324.3118 ‑ Stormwater discharge fees; definitions.
          Section 324.3119 ‑ Storm water fund.
          Section 324.3120 ‑ New, reissued, or modified permit fees; new or increased use permit; grant or denial of permit; failure to make decision within applicable time period; annual permit fees; definitions.
          Section 324.3121 ‑ National pollutant discharge elimination system fund.
          Section 324.3122 ‑ Annual groundwater discharge permit fee; failure of department to grant or deny within certain time period; payment of fee by municipality; definitions.
          Section 324.3122a ‑ Annual groundwater discharge permit fees; credit; amount.
          Section 324.3123 ‑ Groundwater discharge permit fees; invoices; late payment; action by attorney general.
          Section 324.3124 ‑ Groundwater discharge permit fund.
          Section 324.3131 ‑ Land application of sewage sludge and derivatives; rules; applicability to bulk biosolids or bulk derivative; definitions.
          Section 324.3132 ‑ Sewage sludge generators and sewage sludge distributors; fees; report; sewage sludge land application fund; local ordinance.
          Section 324.3133 ‑ Local ordinances, regulations, or resolutions; preemption; contracts with local units; enactment and enforcement of local standards; compliance with conditions of approval; submission of resolution by local unit to department; public meeting; issuance of opinion and approval by department.
          Section 324.3134 ‑ Operator training and certification fund.
     451‑1994‑II‑1‑33 ‑ PART 33 AQUATIC NUISANCE CONTROL (324.3301...324.3315)
          Section 324.3301 ‑ Definitions; A to D.
          Section 324.3302 ‑ Definitions; G to W.
          Section 324.3303 ‑ Chemical treatment of waters for aquatic nuisance control; permit or certificate of coverage required; exception; records; qualifications; authorization under part 31.
          Section 324.3304 ‑ Lake management plan as part of permit application; proposal for whole lake evaluation treatment; placement of specific conditions in permit; scientific rationale for permit denial.
          Section 324.3305 ‑ Registration of chemical used for aquatic nuisance control; evaluations; order to prohibit or suspend chemical use.
          Section 324.3306 ‑ Certificate of coverage; application fee; adjustment; target; "consumer price index" defined; aquatic nuisance control fund; payment of fee.
          Section 324.3307 ‑ Application; electronic submission; approval or denial within certain time period; requirements; failure to satisfy requirements.
          Section 324.3308 ‑ Written permission from bottomland owner.
          Section 324.3309 ‑ Permit; term; information to be included; authorization of chemical treatment; annual fees; additional conditions.
          Section 324.3310 ‑ Permit conditions.
          Section 324.3311 ‑ Permit; revisions; transfer; expansion of area of impact.
          Section 324.3312 ‑ Rules.
          Section 324.3313 ‑ Violations as misdemeanors; penalty; commencement of civil action by attorney general; revocation of permit or certificate of coverage.
          Section 324.3315 ‑ Registry of waterbodies infested by aquatic invasive species; maintenance of website.
     451‑1994‑II‑1‑35 ‑ PART 35 USE OF WATER IN MINING LOW-GRADE IRON ORE (324.3501...324.3508)
          Section 324.3501 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.3502 ‑ Iron ore mining in Upper Peninsula; issuance of water permits.
          Section 324.3503 ‑ Operation of low-grade iron ore mining property; draining, diverting, controlling, or using water; permit required; application; contents; hearing; notice; publication; findings.
          Section 324.3504 ‑ Water permits; liability of state.
          Section 324.3505 ‑ Water permits; term.
          Section 324.3506 ‑ Water permits; rights; violation; revocation; emergency order for abatement.
          Section 324.3507 ‑ Enforcement; administration.
          Section 324.3508 ‑ Rules; judicial review.
     451‑1994‑II‑1‑37 ‑ PART 37 WATER POLLUTION CONTROL FACILITIES; TAX EXEMPTION (324.3701...324.3708)
          Section 324.3701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.3702 ‑ Tax exemption certificate; application; filing; manner; form; notice; hearing.
          Section 324.3703 ‑ Issuance of certificate; grounds; effective date.
          Section 324.3704 ‑ Exemption of facility from real and personal property taxes; exemption of certain tangible personal property from sales and use taxes; statement in certificate.
          Section 324.3705 ‑ Tax exemption certificate; issuance; mailing to applicant, local tax assessors, and department of treasury; filing; notice of refusal of certificate.
          Section 324.3706 ‑ Tax exemption certificate; modification or revocation; grounds; notice and hearing; statute of limitations.
          Section 324.3707 ‑ Tax exemption certificate; appeal.
          Section 324.3708 ‑ State tax commission; rules.
     451‑1994‑II‑1‑39 ‑ PART 39 CLEANING AGENTS (324.3901...324.3906)
          Section 324.3901 ‑ Definitions; selling or distributing cleaner, rinsing aid, or sanitizing agent containing more than 14% phosphorus prohibited; selling or distributing products containing more than 28% phosphorus prohibited.
          Section 324.3902 ‑ Phosphorus content; cleaning agent intended for use beginning July 1, 2010.
          Section 324.3903 ‑ Rules; compliance.
          Section 324.3904 ‑ Prohibited sales.
          Section 324.3905 ‑ Local regulation prohibited.
          Section 324.3906 ‑ Enforcement of part.
          451‑1994‑II‑1‑SEWAGE‑DISPOSAL‑AND-WATERWORKS‑SYSTEMS‑41 ‑ PART 41 SEWERAGE SYSTEMS (324.4101...324.4113)
               Section 324.4101 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.4102 ‑ Department of natural resources; powers.
               Section 324.4103 ‑ Sewerage systems; inspection by department.
               Section 324.4104 ‑ Sewerage systems; rules; classification of sewage treatment works; examinations; issuance and revocation of certificates; supervision by certified operator; training program for certified operator; fees.
               Section 324.4105 ‑ Sewerage systems; plans and specifications; rules; permit for construction; minor modifications; misdemeanor.
               Section 324.4106 ‑ Sewage treatment works; reports; false statement; penalty.
               Section 324.4107 ‑ Inspection of plans and specifications; inspection of sewerage systems; recommendations or orders; compliance.
               Section 324.4108 ‑ Sewerage system; planning, construction and operation; cooperation; compliance; "private, investor-owned wastewater utility" defined.
               Section 324.4109 ‑ Engineers and other assistants; employment.
               Section 324.4110 ‑ Commencement of civil action by attorney general; jurisdiction; additional relief; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; appearance ticket; enforcement; "minor offense" defined.
               Section 324.4111 ‑ Actions brought by department.
               Section 324.4112 ‑ Expedited review process for certain projects.
               Section 324.4113 ‑ Infrastructure construction fund.
               Section 324.4301 ‑ Waterworks systems, sewers, and disposal plants; acquisition, construction, equipping, operation, and maintenance; acquisition of land; powers of local units of government.
               Section 324.4302 ‑ Waterworks systems, sewers, and disposal plants; mortgage bonds.
               Section 324.4303 ‑ Waterworks systems, sewers, and disposal plants; supervision and control by local units of government; rules; establishment, certification, and assessment of rates or charges.
               Section 324.4304 ‑ Mortgage bonds; manner of payment; sinking fund.
               Section 324.4305 ‑ Sewers and disposal plants; granting franchise to private corporation.
               Section 324.4306 ‑ Contract to receive, treat, transfer, and process sewage, night soil, garbage, and refuse; charges.
               Section 324.4307 ‑ Sewage system, solid waste facility, or waterworks system; bonds generally.
               Section 324.4308 ‑ Waterworks systems, sewers, or disposal systems; court order; plans and specifications; authorization and issuance of bonds.
               Section 324.4309 ‑ Construction of part.
               Section 324.4310 ‑ Waterworks systems, sewers, or disposal plants; court proceedings.
               Section 324.4311 ‑ Waterworks systems, sewers, or disposal plants; agreements between local units of government and municipalities as to bonds.
               Section 324.4312 ‑ Local units of government; contract power; approval.
               Section 324.4501 ‑ “Municipality” defined.
               Section 324.4502 ‑ Legislative determinations.
               Section 324.4503 ‑ Bond issuance; authorization; amount; purpose.
               Section 324.4504 ‑ Bonds; issuance in series; resolution of administrative board; sale of bonds.
               Section 324.4505 ‑ Revenues; disposition.
               Section 324.4506 ‑ Bonds; negotiability; tax exempt.
               Section 324.4507 ‑ Legal investments.
               Section 324.4508 ‑ Bonds; question; submission to electors; ballot; form.
               Section 324.4509 ‑ Submission to electors.
               Section 324.4510 ‑ Bonds; appropriation to make prompt payment.
               Section 324.4511 ‑ Approval of electors.
               Section 324.4701 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.4702 ‑ Department of natural resources; powers and duties.
               Section 324.4703 ‑ Sewage disposal and water supply districts; joint municipal action to form district; filing, contents, and consolidation of petition.
               Section 324.4704 ‑ Sewage disposal and water supply districts; petition; hearing; notice; adjournment; determination as to territory affected.
               Section 324.4705 ‑ Sewage disposal and water supply districts; hearing; determination of no necessity; record; determination of necessity; referendum; rules; creation of authority; application; petitions to include additional territory; legal status of district; certificate.
               Section 324.4706 ‑ Permanent governing body; nomination, election, and terms of directors; certification of election; vacancy; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; quorum; concurrence of majority for determination; expenses.
               Section 324.4707 ‑ Employment of executive secretary, technical experts, officers, agents, and employees; qualifications, duties, and compensation; delegation of powers and duties; furnishing copies of documents and other information; availability of writings to public; execution of surety bonds; records; annual audit; designation of representatives to advise and consult on questions of program and policy.
               Section 324.4708 ‑ Sewage disposal and water supply districts; powers.
               Section 324.4709 ‑ Sewage disposal and water supply districts; contracts with municipalities; construction, improvement, enlargement, extension, operation, and financing; pledge of payment; resolution; approval by electors; issuance of bonds.
               Section 324.4710 ‑ Sewage disposal and water supply districts; contract sewage treatment; income; application.
               Section 324.4711 ‑ Detachment of territory from participating municipality; contractual obligations; bonds; redemption.
               Section 324.4712 ‑ Existing systems; self-liquidating revenue bonds.
               Section 324.4901 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.4902 ‑ State sewer construction fund; grants; funding.
               Section 324.4903 ‑ State sewer construction fund; establishment; eligibility.
               Section 324.4904 ‑ State sewer construction fund; disposition.
               Section 324.4905 ‑ Grants; application; amount; limitations.
               Section 324.4906 ‑ State sewer construction fund; disbursements.
               Section 324.4907 ‑ Rules.
               Section 324.4908 ‑ State agencies; officers and employees; use; purpose; grant recipients; records.
               Section 324.4909 ‑ Priority establishment and project certification procedures; compliance prerequisite to grant.
               Section 324.4910 ‑ Collecting sewer projects; pollution control needs; assignment of points.
               Section 324.4911 ‑ Total priority points; computation; tied projects; assignment of priority.
               Section 324.4912 ‑ Fiscal year; filing application for grant; assignment of point total; certification of projects; condition of certification; time extensions; validity of application; report to legislature; approval or rejection of projects.
               Section 324.5001 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.5002 ‑ Water asset management council; membership; term; removal; advisory committees.
               Section 324.5003 ‑ Duties.
               Section 324.5004 ‑ Asset management plans.
               Section 324.5005 ‑ Annual report.
               Section 324.5006 ‑ State funding; capital improvement program; report.
               Section 324.5007 ‑ Training needs; multi-asset management system.
               Section 324.5008 ‑ Central data storing agency.
          451‑1994‑II‑1‑SEWAGE‑DISPOSAL‑AND-WATERWORKS‑SYSTEMS‑51 ‑ PART 51 WASTEWATER DISPOSAL (324.5101...324.5103)
               Section 324.5101 ‑ “Land disposal wastewater management program” defined.
               Section 324.5102 ‑ Submission of views as to environmental consequences, cost effectiveness, and social acceptability of program.
               Section 324.5103 ‑ Implementation of program; approval or disapproval.
               Section 324.5201 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.5202 ‑ Strategic water quality initiatives loan program; establishment; purpose; asset management program; content; criteria; interest rate.
               Section 324.5203 ‑ Loan application by municipality; process; agreement; disposition of money received as repayment.
               Section 324.5204 ‑ Strategic water quality initiatives fund; creation; disposition of money or assets; investment; funds remaining at close of fiscal year; expenditures; fund as security.
               Section 324.5204a ‑ Strategic water quality initiatives grant program.
               Section 324.5204b ‑ Nonpoint source water pollution; expenditures; limitation; requirements; selection of projects; expenditures subject to generally accepted accounting principles; annual report; use of fund; "facility", "release", and "response activity" defined.
               Section 324.5204c ‑ Nonpoint source water pollution; brownfield redevelopment grants and loans to municipalities and brownfield redevelopment authorities; development of materials; applications.
               Section 324.5204d ‑ Grant program within strategic water quality initiatives fund; establishment; purpose; recommendations.
               Section 324.5204e ‑ Grant program; purpose; conditions; application and review process; contents; approval; agreement; terms; report.
               Section 324.5204f ‑ Wetland mitigation bank funding program.
               Section 324.5205 ‑ Rules.
               Section 324.5206 ‑ Legislative findings.
          451‑1994‑II‑1‑SEWAGE‑DISPOSAL‑AND-WATERWORKS‑SYSTEMS‑53 ‑ PART 53 CLEAN WATER ASSISTANCE (324.5301...324.5317)
               Section 324.5301 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.5302 ‑ Construction of part; broad interpretation of powers; prohibited grants or loans; liability for costs; legislative intent.
               Section 324.5303 ‑ Cooperative regional or intermunicipal projects; project plan for tier I or tier II project; documentation; notice; public comment; development of priority list; submission of priority list to legislature; effective date of priority list; other actions not limited; “on-site septic system” defined.
               Section 324.5304 ‑ Assistance; requirements.
               Section 324.5305 ‑ Descriptions and timetables for actions.
               Section 324.5306 ‑ Intended use plan; preparation and submission; purpose; public participation; changes in plan; contents of plan; notice of approval; notification of municipality; information to be provided; schedule.
               Section 324.5307 ‑ Project plans; review; approval or disapproval; extension of review period; notice of deficiencies; review of subsequent submittals.
               Section 324.5308 ‑ Application for assistance; requirements; revenue source; acceptance; notice of additional information required; approval or disapproval of application.
               Section 324.5309 ‑ Segmenting sewage treatment work project.
               Section 324.5310 ‑ Project subject to bypass; extension of schedule; effect of bypass.
               Section 324.5311 ‑ Order of approval; certification of eligibility; method of establishing interest rate.
               Section 324.5312 ‑ Termination of assistance; determination; causes; notice; repayment of outstanding loan balance; requirements under state or federal law.
               Section 324.5313 ‑ Petition; orders; repayment of outstanding loan balance; requirements under state or federal law.
               Section 324.5314 ‑ Costs of administering and implementing part; payment.
               Section 324.5315 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 560, Imd. Eff. Jan. 2, 2013.
               Section 324.5316 ‑ Powers of department.
               Section 324.5317 ‑ State water pollution control revolving fund advisory committee.
          451‑1994‑II‑1‑SEWAGE‑DISPOSAL‑AND-WATERWORKS‑SYSTEMS‑54 ‑ PART 54 (Safe Drinking Water Assistance) (324.5401...324.5419)
               Section 324.5401 ‑ Definitions; A to C.
               Section 324.5402 ‑ Definitions; D to N.
               Section 324.5403 ‑ Definitions; P to W.
               Section 324.5404 ‑ Water suppliers; qualifications for assistance.
               Section 324.5405 ‑ Water suppliers; application for assistance; project plan.
               Section 324.5406 ‑ Projects eligible for assistance; priority list; award of points; annual submission to legislative standing committees; segmenting of projects; equitable distribution of funding; priority list to be effective first day of fiscal year.
               Section 324.5407 ‑ Identification of projects in fundable range.
               Section 324.5408 ‑ Project plan; environmental review; categorical exclusion; criteria; environmental assessment; finding of no significant impact; environmental impact statement; record of decision; project reevaluation for compliance with national environmental policy act requirements; action prohibited during public comment period.
               Section 324.5409 ‑ Application for fund assistance; contents; availability of revenue sources; acceptance of applications by department; liability for incurred costs.
               Section 324.5410 ‑ Water suppliers; responsibility to obtain permits or clearances; incorporation of provisions, conditions, and mitigative measures; review of documents by department; enforcement.
               Section 324.5411 ‑ Application for assistance; review by department; order of approval; incorporation of other documents; use of project assistance as matching requirements; eligibility certification.
               Section 324.5412 ‑ Bypassed projects.
               Section 324.5413 ‑ Determination to terminate assistance; issuance of order by department; cause; written notice to water supplier; repayment of outstanding loan balance not affected; other state and federal requirements not relieved; responsibility for settlement costs.
               Section 324.5414 ‑ Determination to terminate assistance; petition by water supplier; issuance of order by department; cause; repayment of outstanding loan balance not affected; other state or federal laws not relieved; responsibility for settlement costs.
               Section 324.5415 ‑ Annual establishment of interest rates; criteria.
               Section 324.5416 ‑ Administration and implementation costs; payment sources.
               Section 324.5417 ‑ Powers of department.
               Section 324.5418 ‑ Appeal; judicial review.
               Section 324.5419 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 451, Eff. Sept. 30, 2003.
          451‑1994‑II‑1‑AIR‑RESOURCES‑PROTECTION-55 ‑ PART 55 AIR POLLUTION CONTROL (324.5501...324.5542)
               Section 324.5501 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.5502 ‑ Issuance of permit to install or operating permit to municipal solid waste incinerator; applicability of subsection (1); municipal solid waste incinerator existing prior to June 15, 1993.
               Section 324.5503 ‑ Powers of department.
               Section 324.5504 ‑ Medical waste incineration facility; operating permit required; form and contents of application; compliance; validity and renewal of permit; review of operating permits; retrofitting facility; interim operating permit; rules; receipt of pathological or medical wastes generated off-site; records; definitions.
               Section 324.5505 ‑ Installation, construction, reconstruction, relocation, alteration, or modification of process or process equipment; permit to install or operate required; rules; trial operation; rules for issuance of general permit or certain exemptions; temporary locations; nonrenewable permits; failure of department to act on applications; appeal of permit actions.
               Section 324.5506 ‑ Operating permit.
               Section 324.5507 ‑ Administratively complete action; exemption from information requirements; “compliance plan” defined.
               Section 324.5508 ‑ “Section 112” defined; source, process, or process equipment not subject to best available control technology for toxics requirements or health based screening level requirements.
               Section 324.5509 ‑ “Malfunction” defined; rules; prohibition; actions taken by department; enforcement; conditions for applicability of subsections (3) to (5).
               Section 324.5510 ‑ Denial or revocation of permit; circumstances.
               Section 324.5511 ‑ List of permit applications; list of consent order public notices; notice, opportunity for public comment and public hearing required for certain permit actions.
               Section 324.5512 ‑ Rules.
               Section 324.5513 ‑ Car ferries and coal-fueled trains.
               Section 324.5514 ‑ Department of environmental quality; prohibited acts; "wood heater" defined.
               Section 324.5515 ‑ Investigation; voluntary agreement; order; petition for contested case hearing; final order or determination; review.
               Section 324.5516 ‑ Public hearing; information available to the public; use of confidential information.
               Section 324.5517 ‑ Petition for relief from rule.
               Section 324.5518 ‑ Notice to discontinue pollution; hearing; suit brought by attorney general in circuit court; effectiveness and duration of order; notice to county emergency management coordinator.
               Section 324.5519, 324.5520 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 245, Imd. Eff. July 8, 1998.
               Section 324.5521 ‑ Emissions control fund.
               Section 324.5522 ‑ Fee-subject facility; air quality fees; calculation of facility emissions for previous year; annual report detailing activities of previous fiscal year; action by attorney general for collection of fees; applicability of section; condition; "electric provider" defined.
               Section 324.5523 ‑ Issuance of permits and administration and enforcement of part, rules, and state implementation plan; delegation granted by department to certain counties.
               Section 324.5524 ‑ Fugitive dust sources or emissions.
               Section 324.5525 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.5526 ‑ Investigation; inspection; furnishing duplicate of analytical report; powers of department or authorized representative; entry or access to records refused; powers of attorney general; “authorized representative” defined.
               Section 324.5527 ‑ Emergency; definition; affirmative defense; burden of proof.
               Section 324.5528 ‑ Violation of part, rule, terms of permit, or order; agreement to correct violation; consent order; public notice and opportunity for public comment; providing copy of proposed consent order.
               Section 324.5529 ‑ Administrative fine; limitation; petition for review of fine.
               Section 324.5530 ‑ Commencement of civil action by attorney general; relief; costs; jurisdiction; defenses; fines.
               Section 324.5531 ‑ Violations as misdemeanors; violations as felonies; fines; defenses; definitions.
               Section 324.5532 ‑ Civil or criminal fines; factors to be considered in determining amount.
               Section 324.5533 ‑ Award; eligibility; rules.
               Section 324.5534 ‑ Repealed. 1999, Act 231, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 1999.
               Section 324.5535 ‑ Suspension of enforcement; reasons; variance.
               Section 324.5536 ‑ Variance; considerations effecting.
               Section 324.5537 ‑ Variance; granting for undue hardship.
               Section 324.5538 ‑ Variance; period granted; report; conditions.
               Section 324.5539 ‑ Variance; revocation or modification of order; public hearing and notice required.
               Section 324.5540 ‑ Purpose of part; alteration of existing rights of actions or remedies.
               Section 324.5541 ‑ Construction of part; evidentiary effect of determination by commission.
               Section 324.5542 ‑ Effect on existing ordinances or regulations; local enforcement; cooperation with local governmental units.
          451‑1994‑II‑1‑AIR‑RESOURCES‑PROTECTION-57 ‑ PART 57 SMALL BUSINESS CLEAN AIR ASSISTANCE (324.5701...324.5708)
               Section 324.5701 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.5702 ‑ “Small business stationary source” explained.
               Section 324.5703 ‑ Office of small business clean air ombudsman; creation; exercise of powers and duties; appointment of executive officer.
               Section 324.5704 ‑ Office of ombudsman; responsibilities and duties.
               Section 324.5705 ‑ Small business clean air assistance program; creation; purpose.
               Section 324.5706 ‑ Access to information, records, and documents; assistance to ombudsman.
               Section 324.5707 ‑ Information obtained from small businesses; confidentiality.
               Section 324.5708 ‑ Small business clean air compliance advisory panel.
               Section 324.5901 ‑ “Facility” defined.
               Section 324.5902 ‑ Tax exemption certificate; application; contents; approval; notice; hearing; tax exemption.
               Section 324.5903 ‑ Tax exemption certificate; findings of department; notice to state tax commission; issuance and effective date of certificate.
               Section 324.5904 ‑ Tax exemptions; statement in certificate.
               Section 324.5905 ‑ Tax exemption certificate; issuance; mailing to applicant, local tax assessors, and treasury department; filing; notice of refusal.
               Section 324.5906 ‑ Tax exemption certificate; modification or revocation; grounds; notice and hearing; statute of limitations.
               Section 324.5907 ‑ Tax exemption certificate; refusal; appeal.
               Section 324.5908 ‑ State tax commission; rules; administration of part.
          451‑1994‑II‑1‑AIR‑RESOURCES‑PROTECTION-61 ‑ PART 61 EMISSIONS FROM VESSELS (324.6101...324.6102)
               Section 324.6101 ‑ Vessels; blowing flues prohibited; exceptions.
               Section 324.6102 ‑ Violation; penalty; separate offenses.
               Section 324.6301 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
               Section 324.6302 ‑ Definitions; A to D.
               Section 324.6303 ‑ Definitions; E to N.
               Section 324.6304 ‑ Definitions; P to T.
               Section 324.6305 ‑ Motor vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance program fund; account.
               Section 324.6306 ‑ Operation of motor vehicle; prohibition; testing; enforcement; inspection and maintenance program; implementation in Kent, Ottawa, and Muskegon counties; exclusion; test procedures and components; vehicles subject to inspection; rules; suspension of vehicle registration; suspension of program.
               Section 324.6307 ‑ Registration renewal; vehicle inspection and certificate of compliance or waiver required; validity; prohibition.
               Section 324.6308 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 564, Imd. Eff. Jan. 16, 1997.
               Section 324.6309 ‑ Judicial relief.
               Section 324.6310 ‑ Inspection fee; initial inspections; free reinspections; remittance and deposit of inspection fee.
               Section 324.6311 ‑ Vehicles exempt from inspection requirements of part.
               Section 324.6312 ‑ Public inspection stations; contracts with private entities to conduct inspections; competitive evaluation process; notice of requests for proposals and contract awards; factors to be considered during contractor evaluation process.
               Section 324.6313 ‑ Contract provisions.
               Section 324.6314 ‑ Public inspection stations.
               Section 324.6315 ‑ Certificate of waiver.
               Section 324.6316 ‑ Implementation of continuing education programs; protection of public from fraud and abuse; ensuring proper and accurate emission inspection results; evaluation; compilation of data; report.
               Section 324.6317 ‑ Certificate of compliance; issuance.
               Section 324.6318 ‑ Furnishing certain information about repair facility; guidelines; failure of vehicle to pass inspection; availability of certificates of waiver.
               Section 324.6319 ‑ Tampering with motor vehicle.
               Section 324.6320 ‑ Providing false information to public inspection station or department.
               Section 324.6321 ‑ Violations as misdemeanor; fine; separate offenses.
               Section 324.6501 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
               Section 324.6502 ‑ Definitions; C, D.
               Section 324.6503 ‑ Definitions; E to N.
               Section 324.6504 ‑ Definitions; P to T.
               Section 324.6505 ‑ Access to records; requests in writing; identification of record; reasonable charge.
               Section 324.6506 ‑ Testing or repair of motor vehicles; implementation of emissions inspection test program in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.
               Section 324.6507 ‑ Emissions inspection test program in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties; conditions for implementation; contingency measures; adoption of cut points; equipment and test procedures; rules; suspension of vehicle registration.
               Section 324.6508 ‑ Motor vehicle emissions testing program fund; account.
               Section 324.6509 ‑ Renewal of registration; issuance of certificate of compliance or certificate of waiver required; validity of certificate.
               Section 324.6510 ‑ Testing station; prohibited conduct.
               Section 324.6511 ‑ Testing station; fee; use of fee; conditions requiring free reinspection or issuance of certificate of compliance; initial inspections; remittance and disposition of fee.
               Section 324.6512 ‑ Vehicles exempt from inspection requirements.
               Section 324.6513 ‑ Motor vehicles subject to part and rules; exceptions.
               Section 324.6514 ‑ Motor vehicles purchased as new vehicles; evidence.
               Section 324.6515 ‑ Application for motor vehicle registration as evidence of owner's permanent place of residence.
               Section 324.6516 ‑ Inspection of motor vehicles; license to operate testing station; separate license and fee; mobile or temporary location; remote sensing devices; use of other instruments; display of license.
               Section 324.6517 ‑ Testing station license; application; information; fee; effective date and duration of license; reinstatement of surrendered, revoked, or expired repair facility registration; resumption of operation.
               Section 324.6518 ‑ Testing station; change of ownership; notice.
               Section 324.6519 ‑ Display of certain information; prohibited conduct.
               Section 324.6520 ‑ Testing station; certification by third-party organization.
               Section 324.6521 ‑ Fleet testing station; permit; requirements.
               Section 324.6522 ‑ Fleet testing station; change of ownership; notice.
               Section 324.6523 ‑ Fleet testing station; limitation.
               Section 324.6524 ‑ Fleet testing station; inspection by independent third party; prohibited conduct.
               Section 324.6525 ‑ False representations.
               Section 324.6526 ‑ Fleet testing station; issuance of certificate of compliance.
               Section 324.6527 ‑ Inspection appointment; issuance of certificate of compliance; report describing reason for rejection.
               Section 324.6528 ‑ Certificate of waiver; issuance; conditions; certain costs not considered in determining eligibility; criteria; temporary certificate; fee.
               Section 324.6529 ‑ Approval as emission inspector.
               Section 324.6530 ‑ Inspection; certificate of compliance or waiver obtained at licensed testing station.
               Section 324.6531 ‑ Compliance; determination by department; system for selection of qualified vehicles.
               Section 324.6532 ‑ Protection of public from fraud and abuse; quality assurance; evaluation of cost; effectiveness and benefits of inspection program; report.
               Section 324.6533 ‑ Testing station; fleet testing station; issuance of certificate of compliance; conditions.
               Section 324.6534 ‑ Information to be provided by public inspection station; availability of certificate of waiver.
               Section 324.6535 ‑ Tampering with motor vehicle.
               Section 324.6536 ‑ Providing false information about repair costs prohibited.
               Section 324.6537 ‑ Violations as misdemeanor; fine.
               Section 324.6538 ‑ Transfer and availability of vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance fund.
               Section 324.6539 ‑ Repeal of MCL 257.1051 to 257.1076.
451‑1994‑II‑2 ‑ CHAPTER 2 NONPOINT SOURCE POLLUTION CONTROL (324.8201...324.9510)
     451‑1994‑II‑2‑82 ‑ PART 82 CONSERVATION PRACTICES (324.8201...324.8208)
          Section 324.8201 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.8202 ‑ Conservation programs; establishment; purpose; coordination with departments of natural resources and environmental quality.
          Section 324.8203 ‑ Conservation practice verification; conditions; revocation; penalties and repayment.
          Section 324.8204 ‑ Conservation easements.
          Section 324.8205 ‑ Disposition of recovered money.
          Section 324.8206 ‑ Agriculture pollution prevention fund.
          Section 324.8207 ‑ Confidentiality; exemption from freedom of information act.
          Section 324.8208 ‑ Rules.
     451‑1994‑II‑2‑83 ‑ PART 83 PESTICIDE CONTROL (324.8301...324.8336)
          Section 324.8301 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 324.8302 ‑ Definitions; A to C.
          Section 324.8303 ‑ Definitions; D to G.
          Section 324.8304 ‑ Definitions; I to M.
          Section 324.8305 ‑ Definitions; N to P.
          Section 324.8306 ‑ Definitions; R to W.
          Section 324.8307 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 418, Imd. Eff. June 5, 2002.
          Section 324.8307a ‑ Pesticide; distribution, sale, exposure, or offer for sale; registration required.
          Section 324.8307b ‑ Maintenance of registration; renewal; discontinuing registration.
          Section 324.8307c ‑ Registration of pesticide; exception.
          Section 324.8307d ‑ Prohibited claims.
          Section 324.8307e ‑ Registration for special local needs.
          Section 324.8307f ‑ Information requirements.
          Section 324.8308 ‑ Powers of director; audits.
          Section 324.8309 ‑ Refusing, canceling, or suspending registration; circumstances.
          Section 324.8310 ‑ Restricted use pesticide dealer's license; examination; operation of business located outside of state; sales records; summary form of information; sale or distribution of restricted use pesticide; denial, suspension, or revocation of license; maintenance and submission of certain records; confidentiality of information; report.
          Section 324.8310a ‑ Agricultural pesticide dealer's license; distribution, sale, or offer for sale; applicant as person in charge; form; information to be provided; out-of-state business location; report; denial, suspension, or revocation of license; exemption from requirements of subsection (1).
          Section 324.8311 ‑ Certification and other requirements; identification; records of certified commercial applicator; submission of summary to director; supervision; following recommended and accepted good practices; governmental agencies subject to part and rules.
          Section 324.8312 ‑ Certified applicator; completion of certification requirements; application for certified applicator certificate; fee; issuance of certificate; restrictions; grounds for refusal to issue or renew certificate; denying, revoking, or suspending certificate; reasons for denial; display of certificate.
          Section 324.8313 ‑ Commercial applicator; license required; qualifications; form and contents of application; fee; proof of financial responsibility; restriction; grounds for refusal to issue or renew license; denying, revoking, or suspending license; reasons for denial; allowable pesticides; limitations; operation of business located outside of state.
          Section 324.8314 ‑ Commercial application of pesticide; certified or registered applicator; qualifications; temporary registration; fee; program completion form; authorized applications; exemption; displaying registration certificate; training program; denial, revocation, or suspension of certification or registration; documents and forms.
          Section 324.8315 ‑ Aerial application of pesticides; requirements.
          Section 324.8316 ‑ Notice of pesticide application at school or day care center.
          Section 324.8316b ‑ Pesticide notification registry; notification requirements; exclusions; definitions.
          Section 324.8317 ‑ Fees; certificate; license; registration; validity; duration; expiration; fees nonrefundable; waiver; deposit.
          Section 324.8318 ‑ Repealed. 2007, Act 78, Imd. Eff. Sept. 30, 2007.
          Section 324.8319 ‑ Exemptions; supervision by allopathic or osteopathic physician or doctor of veterinary medicine.
          Section 324.8320 ‑ Reciprocal agreements.
          Section 324.8321 ‑ Responsibility for damage resulting from misuse of pesticides; filing claim for damages; inspection of damages; collection of samples; effect of failure to file report.
          Section 324.8322 ‑ Additional powers of director; preliminary order; program on pesticide container recycling and disposal.
          Section 324.8323 ‑ Confirmation of groundwater contamination; duties of director; development of activity plan by person responsible for contamination; approval or rejection by director; continuation of certain activities; order to cease or modify activities; hearing.
          Section 324.8324 ‑ Groundwater protection rules.
          Section 324.8325 ‑ Rules.
          Section 324.8326 ‑ Pesticide advisory committee; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancies; meetings; quorum; duties and responsibilities; meetings open to the public.
          Section 324.8327 ‑ Order to cease use of, or to refrain from intended use of, pesticide; effect of noncompliance; inspection; rescission of order.
          Section 324.8328 ‑ Local governments; powers.
          Section 324.8329 ‑ Order to stop prohibited conduct; proceeding in rem for condemnation; disposition of pesticide or device; award of court costs, fees, storage, and other expenses.
          Section 324.8330 ‑ Containers; labels; colored or discolored pesticides; handling, storage, display, or transportation of pesticides; adding or taking substance from pesticide; filing and inspection of shipping data.
          Section 324.8331 ‑ False information; resisting, impeding, or hindering director.
          Section 324.8332 ‑ Hearings.
          Section 324.8333 ‑ Violation; administrative fine; warning; action to recover fine; misdemeanors; injunction; action by attorney general; compliance as affirmative defense; gross negligence; applicability of revised judicature act.
          Section 324.8334 ‑ Exemptions from penalties.
          Section 324.8335 ‑ Probable cause as precluding recovery of damages.
          Section 324.8336 ‑ Effect of part on other civil or criminal liability; act or omission occurring before June 25, 1976.
     451‑1994‑II‑2‑85 ‑ PART 85 FERTILIZERS (324.8501...324.8522)
          Section 324.8501 ‑ Definitions; A to T.
          Section 324.8501a ‑ Definitions; M to U.
          Section 324.8502 ‑ Label; invoice.
          Section 324.8503 ‑ Order and form of guaranteed analysis; minimum percentage of plant nutrients; additional plant nutrients; other beneficial compounds or substances.
          Section 324.8504 ‑ License to manufacture or distribute fertilizer; fee; application; beneficial use by-product intended for beneficial use 3; notice of additional distribution points; exceptions; expiration; operation of business located outside of state.
          Section 324.8505 ‑ Distribution of specialty fertilizer or soil conditioner; registration; application; labels to accompany application; beneficial use by-product intended for beneficial use 3; copy of registration approval; expiration; fees; labeling blended soil conditioners; operation of business located outside of state.
          Section 324.8506 ‑ Inspection fee; tonnage reports as basis of payment; waiver; penalty; unpaid fees and penalties as basis of judgment; responsibility for reporting tonnage and paying inspection fee; deposit of money collected.
          Section 324.8506a ‑ Audits.
          Section 324.8507 ‑ Records; disclosure of information.
          Section 324.8508 ‑ Construction and application of part.
          Section 324.8509 ‑ Prohibitions.
          Section 324.8510 ‑ Inspecting, sampling, and analyzing fertilizer and soil conditioners; methods; rules; access to premises; stopping conveyances; submission of information to department; confidentiality.
          Section 324.8511 ‑ Selection of sample from package or bulk lot for comparison with label; order to cease and desist; seizing, or stopping sale of, fertilizer or soil conditioner; conditions; filing action with court.
          Section 324.8512 ‑ Nitrates in groundwater exceeding certain limits associated with aquifer sensitivity or fertilizer use; educational materials provided to fertilizer users; authority of department director; eligibility of regional stewardship to receive certain grants; authorization to land-apply materials containing fertilizers at agronomic rates.
          Section 324.8512b ‑ Fertilizer containing phosphate; application to turf; requirements.
          Section 324.8512f ‑ Release of fertilizer on impervious turf; application of fertilizer on frozen or saturated turf.
          Section 324.8512g ‑ Residential uses of phosphorus; consumer information on use restrictions and recommended best practices.
          Section 324.8512h ‑ Fertilizer advisory committee; membership; terms; removal; vacancy; meetings; quorum; duties; meetings subject to open meetings act; "committee" defined.
          Section 324.8513 ‑ Rules; bulk storage of fertilizers; exemption.
          Section 324.8514 ‑ Fertilizer control fund; creation; deposits; money remaining in fund; lapse; expenditures; grants to local government agencies, institutions of higher education, or nonprofit organizations; notice to legislature.
          Section 324.8515 ‑ Revocation or refusal of license or registration; grounds; hearing; exception for refusal to sell ammonium nitrate fertilizer.
          Section 324.8516 ‑ Enforcement; rules.
          Section 324.8517 ‑ Local ordinance, regulation, or resolution; preemption; adoption; enforcement; identification of unreasonable adverse effects; local public meeting; contract by director with local government; compliance with training and enforcement requirements; application of fertilizer containing phosphate.
          Section 324.8518 ‑ Ammonium nitrate fertilizer; storage methods; information to be obtained by retailers; records; refusal of retailer to sell.
          Section 324.8519 ‑ Hearing; request.
          Section 324.8520 ‑ Violations; penalties; remedies; injunctive action; civil action; defenses; liability for damages; applicability of provisions of revised judicature act.
          Section 324.8521 ‑ Penalties and sanctions; exceptions.
          Section 324.8522 ‑ Finding of probable cause.
     451‑1994‑II‑2‑87 ‑ PART 87 GROUNDWATER AND FRESHWATER PROTECTION (324.8701...324.8717)
          Section 324.8701 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 324.8702 ‑ Definitions; A to D.
          Section 324.8703 ‑ Definitions; E to M.
          Section 324.8704 ‑ Definitions; O, P.
          Section 324.8705 ‑ Definitions; R to W.
          Section 324.8706 ‑ Purpose of part.
          Section 324.8707 ‑ Conservation practices; on-site evaluations; review and evaluation.
          Section 324.8708 ‑ Environmental assurance advisory council.
          Section 324.8709 ‑ Environmental assurance teams.
          Section 324.8710 ‑ Michigan agriculture environmental assurance program.
          Section 324.8711 ‑ Designation of pesticide as restricted use; establishment of groundwater resource protection levels.
          Section 324.8712 ‑ Program to track restricted use pesticides to county of application; additional information required; confidentiality.
          Section 324.8713 ‑ Water quality monitoring program.
          Section 324.8713a ‑ Surface water quality monitoring program.
          Section 324.8714 ‑ Confirmation of adverse impact on groundwater; powers and authority of director.
          Section 324.8715 ‑ Fees; repeal of section.
          Section 324.8716 ‑ Freshwater protection fund.
          Section 324.8717 ‑ Rules.
     451‑1994‑II‑2‑88 ‑ PART 88 WATER POLLUTION PREVENTION AND MONITORING (324.8801...324.8808)
          Section 324.8801 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.8802 ‑ Nonpoint source pollution prevention and control grants; wellhead protection grants.
          Section 324.8803 ‑ Grant awards; criteria for project selection.
          Section 324.8804 ‑ Grant applications.
          Section 324.8805 ‑ Issuance of grants.
          Section 324.8806 ‑ Administration of part.
          Section 324.8807 ‑ Clean water fund.
          Section 324.8808 ‑ Rules.
     451‑1994‑II‑2‑89 ‑ PART 89 LITTERING (324.8901...324.8907)
          Section 324.8901 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.8902 ‑ Littering property or water prohibited; removal of injurious substances dropped on highway as result of accident.
          Section 324.8903 ‑ Causing litter or object to fall or be thrown into path of or to hit vehicle; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 324.8904 ‑ Presumptions.
          Section 324.8905 ‑ Violation involving litter produced at health facility, agency, or laboratory as misdemeanor; violation involving infectious waste, pathological waste, or sharps as felony; penalty; second or subsequent violation under subsection (2); definitions.
          Section 324.8905a ‑ Violation as state civil infraction; civil fine; default remedies; exception.
          Section 324.8905b ‑ Additional penalties or sanctions; community service.
          Section 324.8905c ‑ Impoundment of vehicles; lien; forfeiture of bond; foreclosure sale; notice; distribution of proceeds.
          Section 324.8906 ‑ Posting notices; publication; receptacles for litter.
          Section 324.8907 ‑ Powers of municipalities not limited.
               Section 324.9101 ‑ Definitions; A to W.
               Section 324.9102, 324.9103 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 504, Imd. Eff. Jan. 11, 2001.
               Section 324.9104 ‑ Rules; availability of information.
               Section 324.9105 ‑ Administration and enforcement of rules; resolution; ordinance; interlocal agreement; review; notice of results; informal meeting; probation; consultant; inspection fees; rescission of order, stipulation, or probation.
               Section 324.9106 ‑ Ordinances; written interlocal agreement.
               Section 324.9107 ‑ Notice of violation.
               Section 324.9108 ‑ Permit; deposit as condition for issuance.
               Section 324.9109 ‑ Agreement between public agency or county or municipal enforcing agency and conservation district; purpose; reviews and evaluations of agency's programs or procedures; agreement between person engaged in agricultural practices and conservation district; notification; enforcement.
               Section 324.9110 ‑ Designation as authorized public agency; application; submission of procedures; variance; approval.
               Section 324.9111 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 504, Imd. Eff. Jan. 11, 2001.
               Section 324.9112 ‑ Earth change; permit required; effect of property transfer; violation; notice; hearing; answer; evidence; stipulation or consent order; final order of determination.
               Section 324.9113 ‑ Injunction; inspection and investigation.
               Section 324.9114 ‑ Additional rules.
               Section 324.9115 ‑ Logging, mining, or land plowing or tilling; permit exemption; "mining" defined.
               Section 324.9115a ‑ Earth change activities not requiring permit; violations.
               Section 324.9116 ‑ Reduction of soil erosion or sedimentation by owner.
               Section 324.9117 ‑ Notice of determination.
               Section 324.9118 ‑ Compliance; time.
               Section 324.9119 ‑ Entry upon land; construction, implementation, and maintenance of soil erosion and sedimentation control measures; cost.
               Section 324.9120 ‑ Reimbursement of county or municipal enforcing agency; lien for expenses; priority; collection and treatment of lien.
               Section 324.9121 ‑ Violations; penalties.
               Section 324.9122 ‑ Severability.
               Section 324.9123 ‑ Training program; certificate; fees.
               Section 324.9123a ‑ Soil erosion and sedimentation control training fund; creation; disposition of funds; lapse; expenditures.
               Section 324.9301 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.9302 ‑ Declaration of policy.
               Section 324.9303 ‑ Conducting business at public meeting; notice; availability of writings to public.
               Section 324.9304 ‑ Additional duties and powers of department.
               Section 324.9304a ‑ Conservation species advisory panel; creation; membership; establishment of conservation species list.
               Section 324.9305 ‑ Boundaries; petition to change district's name.
               Section 324.9306 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 463, Imd. Eff. Jan. 4, 1999.
               Section 324.9307 ‑ Conservation district board; directors; chairperson; terms; annual meeting; election; notice; vacancies; certification; special election; quorum; expenses; employees; legal services; delegation of powers and duties; copies of documents; duties of board; eligibility for grant; duties of professional forester; rules; duties of conservation district; removal of director; designation and function of legislative representative.
               Section 324.9308 ‑ Powers of district and board generally; restrictions.
               Section 324.9309 ‑ Cooperation between districts.
               Section 324.9310 ‑ Cooperation of state agencies; agreements.
               Section 324.9311 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 463, Imd. Eff. Jan. 4, 1999.
               Section 324.9312 ‑ Revision of boundaries; procedure.
               Section 324.9313 ‑ Appropriations.
     451‑1994‑II‑2‑WATERCRAFT‑POLLUTION ‑ PART WATERCRAFT POLLUTION (324.9501...324.9510)
          451‑1994‑II‑2‑WATERCRAFT‑POLLUTION-95 ‑ PART 95 WATERCRAFT POLLUTION CONTROL (324.9501...324.9510)
               Section 324.9501 ‑ Definitions.
               Section 324.9502 ‑ Prohibition of discharges into water.
               Section 324.9503 ‑ Pollution control devices as condition to mooring or operating watercraft; rendering bypass connection, pump, or other device incapable of discharging sewage; exempting certain watercraft by rule; inspection; sticker.
               Section 324.9504 ‑ Pump-out facilities.
               Section 324.9505 ‑ Discharge of oil prohibited; removal of oil from waters, shorelines, or beaches.
               Section 324.9506 ‑ Inspection of watercraft, marinas and docks; facilities required.
               Section 324.9507 ‑ State rights reserves; prohibition of local regulations.
               Section 324.9508 ‑ Rules.
               Section 324.9510 ‑ Violation of part or rules as misdemeanor; penalty.
451‑1994‑II‑3 ‑ CHAPTER 3 WASTE MANAGEMENT (324.11101...324.12118)
     451‑1994‑II‑3‑111 ‑ PART 111 HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT (324.11101...324.11153)
          Section 324.11101 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 324.11102 ‑ Definitions; C to F.
          Section 324.11103 ‑ Definitions; G to O.
          Section 324.11104 ‑ Definitions; O to V.
          Section 324.11105 ‑ Generation, disposition, storage, treatment, or transportation of hazardous waste.
          Section 324.11105a ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 560, Eff. Dec. 29, 2008.
          Section 324.11106 ‑ Municipal solid waste incinerator ash; regulation.
          Section 324.11107 ‑ Methods of hazardous waste management; assistance.
          Section 324.11108 ‑ Landfill or solidification facility; payment of fee by owner or operator; certain hazardous waste exempt from fees; certification; evaluating accuracy of generator fee exemption certifications; enforcement action; forwarding fee revenue and completed form; reduction in hazardous waste generated or disposed; refund; disposition of fees; environmental pollution prevention fund.
          Section 324.11109 ‑ Fee for disposal of TENORM in landfill; enforcement; completed form; TENORM account in the environmental pollution prevention fund; creation; investment; expenditures.
          Section 324.11110 ‑ State hazardous waste management plan; preparation; contents; studies; incentives; criteria; notice; news release; public hearings; comments; amendments.
          Section 324.11111 ‑ State hazardous waste management plan; adoption or rejection; reason for rejection; return of plan; changing and reconsidering plan.
          Section 324.11112 ‑ State hazardous waste management plan; final decision; adoption.
          Section 324.11114 ‑ Proposed rules to implement plan.
          Section 324.11115 ‑ Permits and licenses for treatment, storage, or disposal facility; determination; exception.
          Section 324.11115a ‑ Facility subject to corrective action requirements; release of contaminant from waste management unit or release of hazardous waste from facility; determination by department; consent order; license, permit, or order; contents.
          Section 324.11115b ‑ Corrective actions; satisfaction of remedial action obligations.
          Section 324.11116‑324.11118 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 357, Imd. Eff. Dec. 22, 2010.
          Section 324.11118a ‑ Multisource commercial hazardous waste disposal well; definition; maintenance of treatment and storage facility; operating license required; business plan; applicability of subsection (3).
          Section 324.11119, 324.11120 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 357, Imd. Eff. Dec. 22, 2010.
          Section 324.11121 ‑ Effect of local ordinance, permit requirement, or other requirement.
          Section 324.11122 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 357, Imd. Eff. Dec. 22, 2010.
          Section 324.11123 ‑ Operating license; contents of applications; schedule for submitting operating license application; time period for submitting complete operating license application; conditions for operating storage facility until application approved or denied; placement on department-organized mailing list; fee.
          Section 324.11124 ‑ Inspection of site; determination of compliance; filing and review of inspection report.
          Section 324.11125 ‑ Duties of department upon receipt of operating license application; establishment of operating license condition; final decision on operating license application; public hearing; notice; time; extension of deadline; stipulations; operation not prohibited by local ordinance, permit, or other requirement; changes or additions to disclosure statement; denial of application; modification or revocation of operating license; conditions; postconstruction documentation.
          Section 324.11126 ‑ Coordinating and integrating provisions of act; extent.
          Section 324.11126a ‑ Fee schedule; report.
          Section 324.11127 ‑ Rules generally; exemption; effect of amendment to part or rules, or changes in definitions.
          Section 324.11128 ‑ Rules listing hazardous waste and other criteria; revision; removing certain materials from list; public hearings; construction of part, rules, and list.
          Section 324.11129 ‑ Information as public record; confidential information; notice of request for information; demonstration by person regulated; granting or denying request; certain data not confidential; release of confidential information.
          Section 324.11130 ‑ Environmental pollution prevention fund; creation; receipt and disposition of assets; investment; administration.
          Section 324.11132 ‑ Disposal of certain technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) in landfill prohibited; request for renewal or modification of operating license for disposal of TENORM; requirements; monitoring program; report; maintenance of records.
          Section 324.11132a ‑ Transporter; duties; inspection; establishment of standards and requirements by rule.
          Section 324.11133 ‑ Hazardous waste transporter business license; revocation.
          Section 324.11134 ‑ Municipality or county; prohibited conduct.
          Section 324.11135 ‑ Manifest; user charge; payment; violations; deposit of amounts in environmental pollution prevention fund; maintenance of information for reporting purposes; evaluation; report; contents; submission of copy to department; certification; specified destination; determining status of specified waste; exception report; retention period for copy of manifest; extension.
          Section 324.11136 ‑ Certifying acceptance of waste for transportation; delivery of hazardous waste and manifest; period for keeping copy of manifest; review and inspection of manifest; extension of retention period.
          Section 324.11137 ‑ Accepting delivery of hazardous waste; condition; duties of owner or operator.
          Section 324.11138 ‑ Generator of hazardous waste; duties; records; report.
          Section 324.11139 ‑ Condition of obtaining operating license for disposal facility; condition of obtaining operating license for landfill.
          Section 324.11140 ‑ Closure and postclosure monitoring and maintenance plan; submission; contents; rules.
          Section 324.11141 ‑ Cost of closing and postclosure monitoring and maintenance of facility; methods of assurance; amount; periodic adjustment; violation.
          Section 324.11143 ‑ Hazardous waste service fund; creation; financing; uses of fund; administration; expenditures; expenses; rules.
          Section 324.11144 ‑ Inspection; filing report for licensed facility; complaint or allegation; record; investigation; report; notice of violation or emergency situation.
          Section 324.11145 ‑ Administration and enforcement of part by certified health department; certification procedures; rescission of certification; annual grant; costs; rules.
          Section 324.11146 ‑ Request for information and records; purpose; court authorization; inspection; samples; probable cause as to violation; search and seizure; forfeiture.
          Section 324.11147 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalty; appearance ticket.
          Section 324.11148 ‑ Imminent and substantial hazard to health; endangering or causing damage to public health or environment; actions by director; determination.
          Section 324.11149 ‑ Tearing down, removing, or destroying sign or notice as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 324.11150 ‑ Order of noncompliance; order suspending or restricting license of facility.
          Section 324.11151 ‑ Violation of permit, license, rule, or part; order requiring compliance; civil action; jurisdiction; imposition, collection, and disposition of fine; conduct constituting misdemeanor; penalty; state of mind and knowledge; affirmative defense; preponderance of evidence; definition; action for damages and costs; disposition and use of damages and costs collected; awarding costs of litigation; intervention.
          Section 324.11152 ‑ Interstate and international cooperation; purpose.
          Section 324.11153 ‑ Site identification number; user charges; violations; maintenance of information; summary of findings; report; definitions.
     451‑1994‑II‑3‑113 ‑ PART 113 LANDFILL MAINTENANCE TRUST FUND (324.11301...324.11304)
          Section 324.11301 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.11302 ‑ Landfill maintenance trust fund; creation; separate fund; revenue.
          Section 324.11303 ‑ Expenditure of interest and earnings of fund; manner of maintaining corpus of fund.
          Section 324.11304 ‑ Investment of fund.
     451‑1994‑II‑3‑115 ‑ PART 115 SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT (324.11501...324.11554)
          Section 324.11501 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 324.11502 ‑ Definitions; A to C.
          Section 324.11503 ‑ Definitions; D to G.
          Section 324.11504 ‑ Definitions; H to P.
          Section 324.11505 ‑ Definitions; R, S.
          Section 324.11506 ‑ Definitions; S to Y.
          Section 324.11507 ‑ Development of methods for disposal of solid waste; construction and administration of part; exemption of inert material from regulation.
          Section 324.11507a ‑ Report on amount of solid waste received by landfill and amount of remaining disposal capacity.
          Section 324.11508 ‑ Solid waste management program; certification.
          Section 324.11509 ‑ Construction permit for establishment of disposal area; application; engineering plan; construction permit application fee for landfill; construction permit for solid waste transfer facility, solid waste processing plant, or other disposal area; fees; fee refund; permit denial; resubmission of application with additional information; modification or renewal of permit; multiple permits; disposition of fees.
          Section 324.11510 ‑ Advisory analysis of proposed disposal area; duties of department upon receipt of construction permit application.
          Section 324.11511 ‑ Construction permit; approval or denial of issuance; expiration; renewal; fee; additional relevant information; conditions to issuance of construction permit for disposal area.
          Section 324.11511a ‑ Coal ash landfill, coal ash impoundment, or lateral expansion of landfill or impoundment; standard and location requirements; construction permit; detection monitoring program.
          Section 324.11511b ‑ RDDP.
          Section 324.11512 ‑ Disposal of solid waste at licensed disposal area; license required to conduct, manage, maintain, or operate disposal area; application; contents; fee; certification; resubmitting application; additional information or corrections; operation of incinerator without operating license; additional fees; operation of coal ash landfill and coal ash impoundment; application; fees; public notice and meeting.
          Section 324.11512a ‑ Issuance of license for coal ash landfill or a coal ash impoundment; requirements.
          Section 324.11513 ‑ Acceptance of solid waste or municipal solid waste incinerator ash for disposal; applicability of subsection (1) to coal ash; enforcement.
          Section 324.11514 ‑ Promotion of recycling and reuse of materials; electronics recycling; materials prohibited from disposal in landfill; disposal of yard clippings; report.
          Section 324.11514b ‑ Disposal of certain technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) in type II landfill prohibited; annual report; disposal requirements; TENORM defined.
          Section 324.11515 ‑ Inspection of site; compliance; hydrogeologic monitoring program as condition to licensing landfill facility; determining course of action; revocation or denial of license; issuance of timetable or schedule.
          Section 324.11516 ‑ Final decision on license application; time; effect of failure to make final decision; expiration and renewal of operating license; fee; entry on private or public property; inspection or investigation; conditions to issuance of operating license for new disposal area; issuance of license as authority to accept waste for disposal.
          Section 324.11517 ‑ Plan for program reducing incineration of noncombustible materials and dangerous combustible materials and other hazardous by-products; approval or disapproval; considerations; modifications; revised plan; implementation; operation without approved plan.
          Section 324.11518 ‑ Sanitary landfill; coal ash impoundment; instrument imposing restrictive covenant on land; filing; contents of covenant; authorization; special exemption; construction of part.
          Section 324.11519 ‑ Specifying reasons for denial of construction permit or operating license; cease and desist order; grounds for order revoking, suspending, or restricting permit or license; contested case hearing; judicial review; inspection; report; copies; violation of part or rules; summary suspension of permit or license.
          Section 324.11519a ‑ Duties of owner or operator of a coal ash impoundment or a coal ash landfill; compliance with federal regulations; assessment.
          Section 324.11519b ‑ Placement of coal ash and associated liquids; assessment monitoring program; response action plan; closure of facility.
          Section 324.11519c ‑ Groundwater contamination in unlined coal ash impound; owner or operator duties; "unlined coal ash impoundment" defined.
          Section 324.11520 ‑ Disposition of fees; special fund; disposition of solid waste on private property.
          Section 324.11521 ‑ Yard clippings; management; means; temporary accumulation; requirements; composting on farm; qualification as registered composting facility; site at which yard clippings are managed.
          Section 324.11521b ‑ Operator of waste diversion center; duties; requirements; disposal; rejection of diverted waste.
          Section 324.11522 ‑ Open burning of grass clippings or leaves; open burning of household waste; materials; violation; extension of prohibition to materials not listed in subsection (3); open burning of wooden fruit or vegetable storage bins constructed from untreated lumber; requirements; effect of local ordinance; burning of United States flag.
          Section 324.11523 ‑ Financial assurance; cash bond; interest; reduction in bond; termination; noncompliance with closure and postclosure monitoring and maintenance requirements; expiration or cancellation notice; effect of bankruptcy action; perpetual care fund; alternate financial assurance.
          Section 324.11523a ‑ Operation of type II landfill.
          Section 324.11523b ‑ Trust fund or escrow account.
          Section 324.11524 ‑ Repealed. 2013, Act 250, Imd. Eff. Dec. 26, 2013.
          Section 324.11525 ‑ Perpetual care fund.
          Section 324.11525a ‑ Owner or operator of landfill or coal ash impoundment; surcharge; payment of surcharge; deposit.
          Section 324.11525b ‑ Continuous financial assurance coverage required; request for termination of financial assurance requirements.
          Section 324.11526 ‑ Inspection of solid waste transporting unit; determination; administration; inspections.
          Section 324.11526a ‑ Solid waste generated out of state; acceptance by owner or operator of landfill prohibited; exceptions; disposal capacity.
          Section 324.11526b ‑ Compliance with MCL 324.11526b required; notice requirements; compilation of list; documentation.
          Section 324.11526c ‑ Order restricting or prohibiting solid waste transportation or disposal in this state.
          Section 324.11526e ‑ Disposal of municipal solid waste generated outside of United States; applicability of subsections (1) and (2).
          Section 324.11527 ‑ Delivery of waste to licensed disposal area or solid waste transfer facility; vehicle or container; violation; penalty.
          Section 324.11527a ‑ Website listing materials prohibited from disposal; notice to customers.
          Section 324.11528 ‑ Solid waste transporting unit; watertight; construction, maintenance, and operation; violation; penalties; ordering unit out of service.
          Section 324.11529 ‑ Exemptions.
          Section 324.11530 ‑ Collection center for junk motor vehicles and farm implements; competitive bidding; bonds; “collect” defined.
          Section 324.11531 ‑ Solid waste removal; frequency; disposal; ordinance.
          Section 324.11532 ‑ Impact fees; agreement; collection, payment, and disposition; reduction; use of revenue; trust fund; board of trustees; membership and terms; expenditures from trust fund.
          Section 324.11533 ‑ Initial solid waste management plan; contents; submission; review and update; amendment; scope of plan; minimum compliance; consultation with regional planning agency; filing, form, and contents of notice of intent; effect of failure to file notice of intent; vote; preparation of plan by regional solid waste management planning agency or by department; progress report.
          Section 324.11534 ‑ Planning committee; purpose; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; approval of appointment; reappointment; vacancy; removal; chairperson; procedures.
          Section 324.11535 ‑ County or regional solid waste management planning agency; duties.
          Section 324.11536 ‑ Request by municipality to be included in plan of adjacent county; approval by resolution; appeal; final decision; formal action on plan; return of plan with statement of objections; review and recommendations; approval by governing bodies; preparation of final plan by department.
          Section 324.11537 ‑ Approval or disapproval of plan by department; time; minimum requirements; periodic review; revisions or corrections; withdrawal of approval; timetable or schedule for compliance.
          Section 324.11537a ‑ Use of siting mechanisms to site capacity.
          Section 324.11538 ‑ Rules for development, form, and submission of initial solid waste management plans; requirements; identification of specific sites; calculation of disposal need requirements; interim siting mechanism; annual certification process; new certification; disposal area serving disposal needs of another county, state, or country; compliance as condition to disposing of, storing, or transporting solid waste; provisions or practices in conflict with part.
          Section 324.11539 ‑ Plan update; approval; conditions; rules.
          Section 324.11539a ‑ Plan update; submission to legislature; standard format.
          Section 324.11540 ‑ Rules; sanitary design and operational standards.
          Section 324.11540a ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 345, Eff. Mar. 1, 2011.
          Section 324.11541 ‑ State solid waste management plan; contents; duties of department.
          Section 324.11542 ‑ Municipal solid waste incinerator ash; disposal.
          Section 324.11543 ‑ Municipal solid waste incinerator ash; transportation.
          Section 324.11544 ‑ List of laboratories capable of performing test provided for in MCL 324.11542; compilation; publication; definitive testing; fraudulent or careless testing.
          Section 324.11545 ‑ Incineration of used oil prohibited; “oil” defined.
          Section 324.11546 ‑ Action for appropriate relief; penalties for violation or noncompliance; restoration; return; civil action.
          Section 324.11547 ‑ Grant program; establishment; purpose; interlocal agreements; separate planning grant; appropriation; use of grant funds by department; rules; financial assistance to certified health department.
          Section 324.11548 ‑ Private sector; legislative intent; salvaging not prohibited.
          Section 324.11549 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; violation as felony; penalty; separate offenses.
          Section 324.11550 ‑ Solid waste management fund; creation; deposit of money into fund; establishment of solid waste staff account and perpetual care account; expenditures; report; coal ash care fund; creation; deposit of money; expenditures.
          Section 324.11551 ‑ Beneficial use by-product; qualification; requirements; analysis of representative sample by initial generator; determination; storage and use; beneficial uses 1 and 2 at and along roadways; registration or licensure under MCL 290.531 to 290.538; submission of information; open dumping; notice to prospective transferee.
          Section 324.11551a ‑ Beneficial use by-product not required.
          Section 324.11552 ‑ Notice; report; confidentiality.
          Section 324.11553 ‑ Promoting and fostering use of wastes and by-products for recycling or beneficial purposes; approval of material, use, or material and use; request; approval or denial by department; determination made prior to effective date of amendatory act.
          Section 324.11554 ‑ Administration and enforcement of part.
     451‑1994‑II‑3‑117 ‑ PART 117 SEPTAGE WASTE SERVICERS (324.11701...324.11721)
          Section 324.11701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.11702 ‑ Septage waste licensing; requirement.
          Section 324.11703 ‑ Septage waste servicing license; application; eligibility; records.
          Section 324.11704 ‑ Septage waste vehicle license; application; display; transportation of hazardous waste or liquid industrial by-product.
          Section 324.11705 ‑ Septage waste vehicle, tank, and accessory equipment; requirements.
          Section 324.11706 ‑ Review of applications; providing health department with copies of application materials; investigations; issuance of license; license nontransferable; duration of license.
          Section 324.11707 ‑ Display on both sides of septage waste vehicle.
          Section 324.11708 ‑ Disposal of septage waste at receiving facility; fee; order prohibiting operation of wastewater treatment plant.
          Section 324.11709 ‑ Disposal of septage waste on land; permit required; additional information; notice; renewal; revocation of permit.
          Section 324.11710 ‑ Requirements to which permit subject.
          Section 324.11711 ‑ Surface application of septage waste to frozen ground; requirements.
          Section 324.11712 ‑ Applicability of federal regulations.
          Section 324.11713 ‑ Inspection of disposal site.
          Section 324.11714 ‑ Prohibited disposition of septage waste into certain bodies of water.
          Section 324.11715 ‑ Preemption; duty of governmental unit to make available public septage waste receiving facility; posting of surety.
          Section 324.11715b ‑ Rules; requirements for receiving facilities and control of nuisance conditions; notice of operation; penalties for noncompliance.
          Section 324.11715d ‑ Advisory committee to make recommendations on septage waste storage facility management practices.
          Section 324.11716 ‑ Certification of city, county, and district departments of health to carry out powers and duties.
          Section 324.11717 ‑ Septage waste site contingency fund; creation; authorization of expenditures.
          Section 324.11717b ‑ Fees for persons engaged in septage waste servicing.
          Section 324.11718 ‑ Rules.
          Section 324.11719 ‑ Violation or false statement as misdemeanor; penalties.
          Section 324.11720 ‑ Temporary variance from act.
          Section 324.11721 ‑ Farm operation exemption; requirements.
     451‑1994‑II‑3‑119 ‑ PART 119 WASTE MANAGEMENT AND RESOURCE RECOVERY FINANCE (324.11901...324.11908)
          Section 324.11901 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.11902 ‑ Powers of municipality generally.
          Section 324.11903 ‑ Contracts for acquisition, construction, financing, and operation of waste management project or for use of services of project; bids or proposals; negotiations; validity of contracts; pledge of full faith and credit; methods of paying pledged share of costs.
          Section 324.11904 ‑ Additional powers of municipality.
          Section 324.11905 ‑ Contracts; provisions; remedies in case of default.
          Section 324.11906 ‑ Resolution authorizing execution of contract; publication and contents of notice of adoption; effective date of contract; referendum; special election not included in statutory or charter limitation; verification of signatures on petition; rejection of signatures; determining number of registered electors.
          Section 324.11907 ‑ Exercise of powers conferred on municipality.
          Section 324.11908 ‑ Provisions inapplicable to certain municipalities.
     451‑1994‑II‑3‑121 ‑ PART 121 LIQUID INDUSTRIAL BY-PRODUCTS (324.12101...324.12118)
          Section 324.12101 ‑ Definitions; B to L.
          Section 324.12102 ‑ Definitions; O to V.
          Section 324.12102a ‑ Materials not specified as liquid industrial by-products.
          Section 324.12103 ‑ Generator; duties.
          Section 324.12104 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 140, Eff. Sept. 1, 1998.
          Section 324.12105 ‑ Registered and permitted transporter; requirements.
          Section 324.12106 ‑ Equipment, location, and methods of transporter; inspection by department.
          Section 324.12107 ‑ Vehicles; copy of registration and permit to be carried; closing or covering of vehicles; cleaning and decontamination; applicability of subsection (3) to vehicle transporting brine.
          Section 324.12108 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 140, Eff. Sept. 1, 1998.
          Section 324.12109 ‑ Liquid industrial by-product transporter; delivery; retention of records; use of consolidated shipping document; issuance of site identification number.
          Section 324.12110 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 140, Eff. Sept. 1, 1998.
          Section 324.12111 ‑ Incidents threatening public health, safety, and welfare, or environment; duties of generator, transporter, or owner or operator of facility; exemptions.
          Section 324.12112 ‑ Facility accepting liquid industrial by-product; duties of owner or operator; report.
          Section 324.12113 ‑ Treatment, storage, or disposal of liquid industrial by-product; requirements.
          Section 324.12114 ‑ Violations; probable cause; powers of department or peace officer; court costs and other expenses; obtaining samples for purposes of enforcing or administering part.
          Section 324.12115 ‑ Civil action; damages; court costs and other expenses.
          Section 324.12116 ‑ Violations; penalties.
          Section 324.12117 ‑ Liquid industrial by-product transporter account.
          Section 324.12118 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 140, Eff. Sept. 1, 1998.
451‑1994‑II‑4 ‑ CHAPTER 4 POLLUTION PREVENTION (324.14301...324.14810)
     451‑1994‑II‑4‑143 ‑ PART 143 WASTE MINIMIZATION (324.14301...324.14306)
          Section 324.14301 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.14302 ‑ Pollution prevention; incorporation; purpose; personnel and support staff.
          Section 324.14303 ‑ Pollution prevention; duties of department; emphasis on in-plant pollution prevention and reduction of hazardous waste.
          Section 324.14304 ‑ Transmitting certain information.
          Section 324.14305 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 289, Imd. Eff. July 27, 1998.
          Section 324.14306 ‑ Annual report.
     451‑1994‑II‑4‑145 ‑ PART 145 WASTE REDUCTION ASSISTANCE (324.14501...324.14514)
          Section 324.14501 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.14502 ‑ Reduction in amount of generated environmental waste; emphasis on pollution prevention; personnel; staff and services.
          Section 324.14503 ‑ Pollution prevention information clearinghouse; establishment; duties; contracts.
          Section 324.14504 ‑ Pollution prevention technical assistance.
          Section 324.14505 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 289, Imd. Eff. July 27, 1998.
          Section 324.14506 ‑ Pollution prevention research grants program; establishment; distribution of information and applications for grants; form and contents of application; recipients of grants; considerations.
          Section 324.14507‑324.14509 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 289, Imd. Eff. July 27, 1998.
          Section 324.14510 ‑ Annual report.
          Section 324.14511 ‑ Retired engineers technical assistance program; establishment; conduct; contract; priorities.
          Section 324.14512 ‑ Retired engineers technical assistance program fund; creation; disposition of funds; limitation; lapse; annual report; expenditure.
          Section 324.14513 ‑ Small business pollution prevention assistance revolving loan fund; creation; disposition; lapse; expenditure; loan eligibility requirements; loan limitations; “fund” defined.
          Section 324.14514 ‑ Rules.
     451‑1994‑II‑4‑147 ‑ PART 147 CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES (324.14701...324.14725)
          451‑1994‑II‑4‑147‑1 ‑ SUBPART 1 PCB COMPOUNDS (324.14701...324.14705)
               Section 324.14701 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 446, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 2012.
               Section 324.14702 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 446, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 2012.
               Section 324.14703 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 446, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 2012.
               Section 324.14704 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 446, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 2012.
               Section 324.14705 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 446, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 2012.
          451‑1994‑II‑4‑147‑2 ‑ SUBPART 2 PBDE COMPOUNDS (324.14721...324.14725)
               Section 324.14721 ‑ Definitions; heading of subpart.
               Section 324.14722 ‑ Product or material containing penta-BDE; limitation; exceptions.
               Section 324.14723 ‑ Product or material containing octa-BDE; limitation; manufacturing, processing, or distributing; exception.
               Section 324.14724 ‑ PBDE advisory committee; recommendations.
               Section 324.14725 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
     451‑1994‑II‑4‑148 ‑ PART 148 ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT PRIVILEGE AND IMMUNITY (324.14801...324.14810)
          Section 324.14801 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.14802 ‑ Environmental audit and environmental audit report; conduct; creation; privilege and protection from disclosure; exception; testimony; admissibility as evidence.
          Section 324.14803 ‑ Waiver of privilege.
          Section 324.14804 ‑ Request for disclosure by state or local law enforcement authorities; objection; petition; in camera hearing; determination by court; disclosure pending appeal.
          Section 324.14805 ‑ Criminal proceeding; applicability of privilege.
          Section 324.14806 ‑ Privilege; burden of proof; stipulation; disclosure of relevant portions of report.
          Section 324.14807 ‑ Fraud as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 324.14808 ‑ Other privileges not limited.
          Section 324.14809 ‑ Immunity from civil and criminal penalties and fines.
          Section 324.14809a ‑ Authority of other provisions not limited.
          Section 324.14810 ‑ Data base.
451‑1994‑II‑5 ‑ CHAPTER 5 RECYCLING AND RELATED SUBJECTS (324.16101...324.17505)
     451‑1994‑II‑5‑161 ‑ PART 161 PLASTIC PRODUCTS LABELING (324.16101...324.16104)
          Section 324.16101 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.16102 ‑ Plastic products; labeling with code; list of label codes; copies of list.
          Section 324.16103 ‑ Additional staff prohibited.
          Section 324.16104 ‑ Violation; civil fine; default; remedy.
     451‑1994‑II‑5‑163 ‑ PART 163 PLASTIC DEGRADABLE CONTAINERS (324.16301...324.16303)
          Section 324.16301 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.16302 ‑ Container holding devices constructed of plastic rings; design and registration of symbol; test data; vacuum-packed wrapping.
          Section 324.16303 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
     451‑1994‑II‑5‑165 ‑ PART 165 OFFICE PAPER RECOVERY (324.16501...324.16503)
          Section 324.16501 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.16502 ‑ Paper recycling system; establishment; purpose; scope; schedule; functions.
          Section 324.16503 ‑ Proceeds of paper recycling system; disposition; use.
     451‑1994‑II‑5‑167 ‑ PART 167 USED OIL RECYCLING (324.16701...324.16705)
          Section 324.16701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.16702 ‑ Plan to promote recycling of motor oil; public education program.
          Section 324.16703 ‑ Plan to recycle motor oil; demonstration used oil recycling project; project plan; funding.
          Section 324.16704 ‑ Disposal of used oil; designation of land as collection facility; placement in receptacle or container; applicability of subsection (1); disposal of used oil in municipal solid waste incinerator; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; enforcement actions; criteria used in designating collection facilities.
          Section 324.16705 ‑ Comprehensive plan.
     451‑1994‑II‑5‑169 ‑ PART 169 SCRAP TIRES (324.16901...324.16911)
          Section 324.16901 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.16902 ‑ Delivery of scrap tire; limitations; removal; scope of subsection (2); presumptions.
          Section 324.16902a ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 496, Imd. Eff. July 3, 2002.
          Section 324.16903 ‑ Accumulation of scrap tires outdoors by owner or operator of collection site; compliance; bond required; exception; drawing on bond; notice; order.
          Section 324.16903a ‑ Fires at collection sites; statewide response plan.
          Section 324.16903b ‑ Bond; exemptions; noncompliance; notice; compliance with subsection (1).
          Section 324.16903c ‑ Maintenance limiting mosquito breeding; requirements; violation; penalty; payment default.
          Section 324.16904 ‑ Owner or operator of collection site or portable shredding operation; application for registration; form; documentation of bonding; compliance with storage requirements; fee.
          Section 324.16904a ‑ End user; exemption.
          Section 324.16904b ‑ Regulation of scrap tires as solid waste.
          Section 324.16905 ‑ Scrap tire hauler; registration; form; contents; presentment; display of number; maintenance, availability, and contents of record; disposal at other location prohibited; original record; copy; bond; use; conditions for drawing on; notice; order.
          Section 324.16906 ‑ Record.
          Section 324.16907 ‑ Report to legislature.
          Section 324.16908 ‑ Scrap tire regulatory fund; creation; investment; interest and earnings; department as administrator for auditing purposes; no reversion to general fund; use of money in fund; grants.
          Section 324.16908a ‑ Development of markets for scrap tires.
          Section 324.16908b ‑ Unpaid cleanup costs; lien; filing of petition by attorney general; type of lien; duration; release.
          Section 324.16908c ‑ Intentional open burning of scrap tire prohibited.
          Section 324.16909 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalties; separate violations; issuance of appearance ticket; section inapplicable to violation of MCL 324.16903c; false statement.
          Section 324.16909a ‑ Investigation or inspection; warrantless search; seizure of vehicle or equipment; costs.
          Section 324.16910 ‑ Response to fire or violation of part; action for recovery of incurred costs.
          Section 324.16911 ‑ Reports; appointment of scrap tire advisory committee.
     451‑1994‑II‑5‑171 ‑ PART 171 BATTERY DISPOSAL (324.17101...324.17107)
          Section 324.17101 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.17102 ‑ Disposal of lead acid battery.
          Section 324.17103 ‑ Retailer of lead acid batteries; duties.
          Section 324.17104 ‑ Notices; failure to post; default in payment of civil fine.
          Section 324.17105 ‑ Acceptance of lead acid batteries by distributor; quantity; removal from point of collection.
          Section 324.17105a ‑ Batteries containing intentionally introduced mercury; sales or offers prohibited.
          Section 324.17105b ‑ Button cell mercuric oxide battery or mercuric oxide battery; sales or offers.
          Section 324.17105c ‑ Nickel cadmium batteries; voluntary collection program.
          Section 324.17106, 324.17106a ‑  Repealed. 1995, Act 124, Imd. Eff. June 30, 1995.
          Section 324.17107 ‑ Enforcement; violation as misdemeanor; penalties.
     451‑1994‑II‑5‑172. ‑ PART 172. MERCURY-ADDED PRODUCTS (324.17201...324.17206)
          Section 324.17201 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.17202 ‑ Mercury thermometer; sale, offer for sale, or offer for promotional purposes.
          Section 324.17203 ‑ Enforcement; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 324.17204 ‑ Sale of blood pressure device containing mercury; prohibitions; exceptions.
          Section 324.17205 ‑ Thermostat containing mercury or mercury compound; sale or distribution prohibited; exception.
          Section 324.17206 ‑ Esophageal dilator, bougie tube, or gastrointestinal tube with mercury or mercury compound added; sale, offer for sale, or distribution prohibited; exceptions.
     451‑1994‑II‑5‑173 ‑ PART 173 ELECTRONICS (324.17301...324.17333)
          Section 324.17301 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.17303 ‑ Sale or offer of sale of new covered electronic device; registration by manufacturer; expiration; contents; effectiveness; failure to comply with requirements or rules; notice of deficiency; denial or revocation of registration; hearing; validity; fee; deposit of revenues; list of registered manufacturers; maintenance of website; report.
          Section 324.17305 ‑ Sale or offer of sale of new covered electronic device; manufacturer; requirements.
          Section 324.17307 ‑ Sale or offer of sale of new covered electronic device; retailer; appearance of manufacturer on registration list.
          Section 324.17309 ‑ Computer takeback program.
          Section 324.17311 ‑ Video display device takeback program.
          Section 324.17313 ‑ Electronic waste advisory council; creation; members; appointments; term; vacancy; removal; co-chairs; meeting; quorum; business conducted at public meeting; writings; compensation prohibited; report; dissolution.
          Section 324.17315 ‑ Recycling of covered electronic devices; manner; rules.
          Section 324.17317 ‑ Recycling of covered electronic devices; registration form; contents; report of total weight recycled previous state fiscal year; effectiveness of registration; notice of deficiency; fee; deposit of revenues; submission of false registration as violation; report.
          Section 324.17319 ‑ Requirements.
          Section 324.17321 ‑ Rules for purposes of MCL 324.17303 and 324.17315.
          Section 324.17323 ‑ Management of covered electronic devices not considered disposal.
          Section 324.17325 ‑ Recycler of covered electronic devices; inspection of operations.
          Section 324.17327 ‑ Electronic waste recycling fund; creation; deposit of money or assets; investment; money at close of fiscal year; administrator of fund; expenditures.
          Section 324.17329 ‑ Violation; penalty; suspension or revocation of registration; deposit of fine in electronic waste recycling fund.
          Section 324.17331 ‑ Loss or use of data; liability.
          Section 324.17333 ‑ Report.
     451‑1994‑II‑5‑175 ‑ PART 175 RECYCLING REPORTING (324.17501...324.17505)
          Section 324.17501 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.17502 ‑ Recycling establishment; registration; requirements.
          Section 324.17503 ‑ Recycling establishment; report.
          Section 324.17504 ‑ Information; confidentiality; exemption from disclosure.
          Section 324.17505 ‑ Website; posting; report to legislature.
451‑1994‑II‑6 ‑ CHAPTER 6 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDING (324.19101...324.19708)
     451‑1994‑II‑6‑191 ‑ PART 191 CLEAN MICHIGAN FUND (324.19101...324.19121)
          Section 324.19101 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 324.19102 ‑ Definitions; A to N.
          Section 324.19103 ‑ Definitions; P to W.
          Section 324.19104 ‑ Clean Michigan fund; creation; appropriations, gifts, and donations; expenditures.
          Section 324.19105 ‑ Grants to counties for establishment of revolving loan fund; use of initial grant; percentage of grant utilized for administration of loan program; use of loans; establishment, duties, and membership of county loan board; conditions to making loan; annual audit; liability of county; maximum grant.
          Section 324.19106 ‑ Waste stream assessments.
          Section 324.19107 ‑ Recycling and composting feasibility studies.
          Section 324.19108 ‑ Waste-to-energy feasibility studies.
          Section 324.19109 ‑ Educational program with respect to resource recovery; resource recovery education grant program; authorized grants; factors in selecting recipients; limitations on expenditures.
          Section 324.19110 ‑ Solid waste transfer station grant program.
          Section 324.19111 ‑ Recycling and composting capital grant program.
          Section 324.19112 ‑ Waste-to-energy capital grant program.
          Section 324.19113 ‑ Recycling operational grant program.
          Section 324.19114 ‑ Composting operational grant program.
          Section 324.19115 ‑ Household hazardous waste disposal grant program.
          Section 324.19116 ‑ Statewide market development research study; market development plan; market development grant program; selection of development projects; selecting recipients of market development grants; permits as condition to dispensing market development grant; limitation on expenditures.
          Section 324.19117 ‑ Program to perform hydrogeological monitoring studies on open and closed sanitary landfills and open dumps owned by municipalities.
          Section 324.19118 ‑ Sanitary landfill and open dump closure or reclosure matching grant program.
          Section 324.19119 ‑ Project producing site separated materials; eligibility for grant.
          Section 324.19120 ‑ Administration of studies, assessments, and programs; application for inclusion in study or assessment or for grant; project summary.
          Section 324.19121 ‑ Reports.
     451‑1994‑II‑6‑193 ‑ PART 193 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BOND AUTHORIZATION (324.19301...324.19306)
          Section 324.19301 ‑ Bonds; authorization; limitation; purpose.
          Section 324.19302 ‑ Conditions, methods, and procedures.
          Section 324.19303 ‑ Disposition of proceeds and interest.
          Section 324.19304 ‑ Submission of question to electors.
          Section 324.19305 ‑ Duties of secretary of state.
          Section 324.19306 ‑ Appropriation; purpose.
     451‑1994‑II‑6‑195 ‑ PART 195 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BOND IMPLEMENTATION (324.19501...324.19513)
          Section 324.19501 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.19502 ‑ Legislative finding and declaration.
          Section 324.19503 ‑ Bonds; requirements generally.
          Section 324.19504 ‑ Bonds negotiable; tax exemption.
          Section 324.19505 ‑ Bonds as securities.
          Section 324.19506 ‑ Environmental protection bond fund; creation; composition; restricted subaccounts.
          Section 324.19507 ‑ Disposition and allocation of bond proceeds; investment of fund; allocation and disposition of interest and earnings; transfer of repayments of principal and interest; disposition of unencumbered balance.
          Section 324.19508 ‑ Use of money in fund allocated under MCL 324.19507; expenditures; recovery and retention of funds by eligible community; contents and submission of list of projects; appropriations; prioritizing and approving projects; "eligible community" defined.
          Section 324.19509 ‑ Grant and loan programs; rules; maximum participation; considerations in making grant or loan; interest; grant projects under MCL 324.19508(1)(a); applicability.
          Section 324.19510 ‑ Application for grant or loan; form; requirements.
          Section 324.19511 ‑ Conditions to making grant or loan.
          Section 324.19512 ‑ Recipient of grant or loan; conditions; noncompliance; revocation of grant or withholding payment; recovery of grant by department; withholding grant or loan; grant projects approved under MCL 324.19508(1)(a).
          Section 324.19513 ‑ Rules.
     451‑1994‑II‑6‑196 ‑ PART 196 CLEAN MICHIGAN INITIATIVE IMPLEMENTATION (324.19601...324.19616)
          Section 324.19601 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.19602 ‑ Findings and declaration.
          Section 324.19603 ‑ Bonds; issuance; refund; security; authority of state treasurer; bonds not subject to revised municipal finance act; sale; issuance subject to agency financing reporting act; interest rate agreement.
          Section 324.19604 ‑ Bonds as negotiable and exempt from taxation.
          Section 324.19605 ‑ Bonds as securities; investment of funds.
          Section 324.19606 ‑ Clean Michigan initiative bond fund; creation; composition; establishment of restricted subaccounts.
          Section 324.19607 ‑ Disposition and allocation of fund; investment; loan repayments; expenditures; unencumbered balance not to revert to general fund; annual accounting.
          Section 324.19608 ‑ Use of money allocated under MCL 324.19607; purposes; notice to public advisory council; payment of costs; grant prohibited; submission of annual project list; carrying over appropriations until project completion; submission of list of financed projects.
          Section 324.19608a ‑ Clean Michigan initiative grant and revolving loan program.
          Section 324.19608b ‑ Grants and loans under MCL 324.19608(1)(a)(iv); conditions.
          Section 324.19609 ‑ Grant or loan application; form or format; funds under MCL 324.19608(1)(a)(iv).
          Section 324.19610 ‑ Funding provided under MCL 324.19608(1)(a)(iv); application; review; considerations; grants for brownfield projects.
          Section 324.19610a ‑ Funding provided under MCL 324.19608(1)(iv); conditions.
          Section 324.19611 ‑ Balancing distribution of grants and loans; considerations.
          Section 324.19612 ‑ Duties of grant or loan recipient; revoking grant or loan; withholding payment; cancellation of grant or loan offer; termination of grant or loan agreement; renegotiation of outstanding loan terms; disposition of loan payments and interest.
          Section 324.19613 ‑ Grants and loans under MCL 324.19608; conditions.
          Section 324.19614 ‑ Recovery of costs.
          Section 324.19615 ‑ Performance audit.
          Section 324.19616 ‑ Rules.
     451‑1994‑II‑6‑197 ‑ PART 197 GREAT LAKES WATER QUALITY BOND IMPLEMENTATION (324.19701...324.19708)
          Section 324.19701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.19702 ‑ Legislative findings.
          Section 324.19703 ‑ Bonds generally.
          Section 324.19703a ‑ Issuance of bonds; conditions; report; "fundable range" defined.
          Section 324.19704 ‑ Bonds as negotiable.
          Section 324.19705 ‑ Bonds as securities.
          Section 324.19706 ‑ Great Lakes water quality bond fund; creation; subaccounts.
          Section 324.19707 ‑ Bond proceeds; disposition; investment; expenditure; tax exempt status; funds remaining at close of fiscal year; annual accounting.
          Section 324.19708 ‑ Funds; transfer; use; deposit of certain bonds in determination of allocation and transfer; audit.
451‑1994‑II‑7 ‑ CHAPTER 7 REMEDIATION (324.20101...324.20519)
     451‑1994‑II‑7‑201 ‑ PART 201 ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION (324.20101...324.20142)
          Section 324.20101 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.20101a ‑ Participation in management of facility by lender; “workout” defined.
          Section 324.20101b ‑ Liability of lender as fiduciary or representative for disabled person; responsibilities.
          Section 324.20101c ‑ Property with deposit of stamp sands; regulation.
          Section 324.20102 ‑ Legislative finding and declaration.
          Section 324.20102a ‑ Applicability of provisions in effect on May 1, 1995 to certain actions; incorporation by reference; approval of changes in response activity plan.
          Section 324.20103 ‑ Federal assistance.
          Section 324.20104 ‑ Coordination of activities; rules; guideline, bulletin, interpretive statement, or operational memorandum not binding on person; damages; use of nonuse valuation methods; applicability of provisions to certain bankruptcy actions or claims.
          Section 324.20104a ‑ Brownfield redevelopment board; creation; membership; quorum; business conducted at public meeting; writings subject to freedom of information act; duties and responsibilities.
          Section 324.20105 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 228, Imd. Eff. Dec. 14, 2010.
          Section 324.20105a ‑ Sites receiving state funds to conduct response activities; compilation, arrangement, and submission of list.
          Section 324.20106 ‑ Level of funding; recommendation of governor.
          Section 324.20107 ‑ Tearing down, removing, or destroying sign or notice as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 324.20107a ‑ Duties of owner or operator having knowledge of facility; hazardous substances; obligations based on current numeric cleanup or site-specific criteria; liability for costs and damages; compliance with section; applicability of subsection (1)(a) to (c) to state or local unit of government; "express public purpose" explained.
          Section 324.20108 ‑ Cleanup and redevelopment fund; creation; deposit of assets into fund; subaccounts; unexpended balance to be carried forward.
          Section 324.20108a ‑ Revitalization revolving loan fund; creation; deposit of assets into fund; investment; interest and earnings; carrying forward unexpended balance; lump-sum appropriation; expenditure.
          Section 324.20108b ‑ Revitalization revolving loan program.
          Section 324.20108c ‑ State site cleanup fund; creation; deposit of assets into fund; investment; interest and earnings; money remaining in fund; lapse; use of money; state sites cleanup program; establishment; purpose; expenditure; list of facilities with state liability; prioritized list; payment for necessary response activities; carrying forward unexpended funds; compliance with MCL 18.1451; report.
          Section 324.20109 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 380, Imd. Eff. July 24, 1996.
          Section 324.20109a ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 228, Imd. Eff. Dec. 14, 2010.
          Section 324.20110, 324.20111 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 380, Imd. Eff. July 24, 1996.
          Section 324.20112 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 71, Imd. Eff. June 5, 1995.
          Section 324.20112a ‑ Inventory of residential closures; creation and update; compilation of data; no further action reports.
          Section 324.20112b ‑ Repealed. 2018, Act 237, Eff. Sept. 25, 2018.
          Section 324.20113 ‑ Appropriation; purposes; request to governor; list of facilities; use of fund; expenditures; limitation; providing list of projects to governor and legislative committees; "urbanized area" defined.
          Section 324.20114 ‑ Owner or operator of facility; duties; response activity without prior approval; easement; applicability of subsections (1) and (3); effect of section on authority of department to conduct response activities or on liability of certain persons; determination of nature and extent of hazardous substance; "available analytical method" defined.
          Section 324.20114a ‑ Undertaking response activities without prior approval of department; exception; completion; submission of no further action report.
          Section 324.20114b ‑ Response activity plan; submission; form; availability; response by department; failure of department to respond within certain time frames; extension; appeal of department's decision.
          Section 324.20114c ‑ Remedial actions satisfying or not satisfying cleanup criteria for unrestricted residential use; preparation and implementation of postclosure plan; contents; notice of land use or resource use restrictions to department and zoning authority; liability; obligation to undertake response activities.
          Section 324.20114d ‑ No further action report.
          Section 324.20114e ‑ Response activity review panel.
          Section 324.20114f ‑ Certificate of completion.
          Section 324.20114g ‑ Documentation of due care compliance.
          Section 324.20115 ‑ Notice to department of agriculture and rural development; information; “substance regulated by the department of agriculture and rural development” defined; response activities to be consistent with MCL 324.8714(2).
          Section 324.20115a ‑ Release or threat of release from underground storage tank system; corrective actions.
          Section 324.20115b ‑ Release from disposal area; corrective actions; exception.
          Section 324.20116 ‑ Transfer of interest in real property; notice; certification of completed response activity.
          Section 324.20117 ‑ Information required to be furnished; requirements; right to enter public or private property; purposes; duties of person entering public or private property; copies of sample analyses, photographs, or videotapes; completion of inspections and investigations; refusing entry or information; powers of attorney general; injunction; civil fine; availability of information to public; protection of information; administrative subpoena; witness fees and mileage; court order; contempt; “information” defined.
          Section 324.20118 ‑ Response activity; remedial action; purposes; selection or approval; conditions.
          Section 324.20119 ‑ Action to abate danger or threat; administrative order; noncompliance; liability; petition for reimbursement; action in court of claims; evidence.
          Section 324.20120 ‑ Selection of remedial action; factors.
          Section 324.20120a ‑ Cleanup criteria; response activity plan; departmental duties; rules.
          Section 324.20120b ‑ Numeric or nonnumeric site-specific criteria.
          Section 324.20120c ‑ Relocation of contaminated soil.
          Section 324.20120d ‑ Public meeting; notice; publication; summary document; administrative record; comments or information not included in record.
          Section 324.20120e ‑ Response activity providing for venting groundwater; definitions.
          Section 324.20120f ‑ Vapor intrusion; evaluation and management methods.
          Section 324.20121 ‑ Land or resource use restrictions; restrictive covenants or other instruments.
          Section 324.20122‑324.20125 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 71, Imd. Eff. June 5, 1995.
          Section 324.20126 ‑ Liability under part.
          Section 324.20126a ‑ Joint several liability; costs of amounts recoverable; interest; recovery; permitted release; action by attorney general; action brought by state or other person.
          Section 324.20127 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 71, Imd. Eff. June 5, 1995.
          Section 324.20128 ‑ Liability of response activity contractor; effect of warranty; liability of employer to employee; governmental employee exempt from liability; definitions; liability of person in rendering care, assistance, or advice on release of petroleum; effect of exception under subsection (6); burden of establishing liability.
          Section 324.20129 ‑ Divisibility of harm and apportionment of liability; liability for indivisible harm; contribution; factors in allocating response activity costs and damages; reallocation of uncollectible amount; effect of consent order; resolution of liability in approved settlement; contribution protection; effect of state obtaining less than complete relief; contribution from person not party to consent order; subordinate rights in action for contribution.
          Section 324.20129a ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 228, Imd. Eff. Dec. 14, 2010.
          Section 324.20130 ‑ Indemnification, hold harmless, or similar agreement or conveyance; subrogation.
          Section 324.20131 ‑ Limitations on liability; circumstances requiring total costs and damages.
          Section 324.20132 ‑ Covenant not to sue generally; future enforcement action.
          Section 324.20133 ‑ Redevelopment or reuse of facility; covenant not to sue; conditions; demonstration; limitation; reservation of right to assert claims; irrevocable right of entry; monitoring compliance.
          Section 324.20134 ‑ Consent order; settlement.
          Section 324.20134a ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 71, Imd. Eff. June 5, 1995.
          Section 324.20135 ‑ Civil action; jurisdiction; conditions; notice; awarding costs and fees; rights not impaired; venue.
          Section 324.20135a ‑ Access to property; action by court.
          Section 324.20136 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 71, Imd. Eff. June 5, 1995.
          Section 324.20137 ‑ Additional relief; failure of facility owner or operator to report hazardous substance release; civil fine; providing copy of complaint to attorney general; jurisdiction; judicial review; intervenor.
          Section 324.20138 ‑ Unpaid costs and damages as lien on facility; priority; commencement and sufficiency of lien; petition; notice of hearing; increased value as lien; perfection, duration, and release of lien; document stating completion of response activities.
          Section 324.20139 ‑ Applicability of penalties; conduct constituting felony; penalties; jurisdiction; criminal liability for substantial endangerment to public health, safety, or welfare; determination; knowledge attributable to defendant; award; rules; "serious bodily injury" defined.
          Section 324.20140 ‑ Limitation periods; effect of subsection (3).
          Section 324.20141 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 71, Imd. Eff. June 5, 1995.
          Section 324.20142 ‑ Compliance as bar to certain claims; exceptions.
     451‑1994‑II‑7‑203 ‑ PART 203 VOLUNTEER IMMUNITY (324.20301...324.20302)
          Section 324.20301 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 324.20302 ‑ Hazardous material spills; immunity of volunteers from civil suits; effect of gross negligence or willful misconduct.
     451‑1994‑II‑7‑205 ‑ PART 205 (324.20501...324.20519)
          Section 324.20501‑324.20507 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 159, Imd. Eff. Sept. 17, 2010.
          Section 324.20509 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 159, Eff. Jan. 16, 2011.
          Section 324.20511‑324.20519 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 159, Imd. Eff. Sept. 17, 2010.
451‑1994‑II‑8 ‑ CHAPTER 8 UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS (324.21101...324.21563)
     451‑1994‑II‑8‑211 ‑ PART 211 UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK REGULATIONS (324.21101...324.21113)
          Section 324.21101 ‑ Definitions; applicability of certain authority.
          Section 324.21102 ‑ Underground storage tank system; registration or renewal of registration; notification of change; indication of materials stored; tests; forwarding copy of registration or notification of change to local unit of government; rules; exemption; notification of closure or removal.
          Section 324.21103 ‑ Registration forms; suspected or confirmed release from system; notice; supplementary information.
          Section 324.21104 ‑ Underground storage tank regulatory enforcement fund; creation; receipts; investment; crediting interest and earnings; reversion to general fund prohibited; use of money; notice of balance in fund.
          Section 324.21105 ‑ Collection and evaluation of information; report.
          Section 324.21106 ‑ Rules.
          Section 324.21107 ‑ Maintaining pollution liability insurance; limits.
          Section 324.21108 ‑ Enforcement of part and rules.
          Section 324.21109 ‑ Additional safeguards; resolution; enactment or enforcement of certain ordinances prohibited.
          Section 324.21110 ‑ Prohibited conduct.
          Section 324.21111 ‑ Deferments.
          Section 324.21112 ‑ Violation; misdemeanor; penalty; civil fine.
          Section 324.21113 ‑ Repeal of part.
     451‑1994‑II‑8‑213 ‑ PART 213 LEAKING UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS (324.21301...324.21334)
          Section 324.21301 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21301a ‑ Purpose and applicability of part.
          Section 324.21301b ‑ Actions governed by provisions in part; changes in corrective action; corrective actions by nonliable parties.
          Section 324.21302 ‑ Definitions; A to M.
          Section 324.21303 ‑ Definitions; N to V.
          Section 324.21304 ‑ Liability of owner or operator not limited or removed; owner or operator as or employing consultant.
          Section 324.21304a ‑ Corrective action activities; conduct; manner; use of tier I risk-based screening levels for regulated substances; carcinogenic risk from regulated substance; applicable RBSL or SSTL for groundwater differing from certain standards; corrective action by owner or operator of underground storage tank.
          Section 324.21304b ‑ Removal or relocation of soil.
          Section 324.21304c ‑ Duty of owner or operator of property; basis; liability for corrective action activity costs and natural resource damages; applicability of subsection (1)(a) to (f).
          Section 324.21304d ‑ Transfer of interest in real property in which notice required; certification of completed corrective action activity; disclosure.
          Section 324.21305 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21306 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 116, Imd. Eff. Mar. 6, 1996.
          Section 324.21307 ‑ Report of release; initial response actions; duties of owner or operator liable under MCL 324.21323a.
          Section 324.21307a ‑ Site closure report; activities requiring notification by owner or operator to department.
          Section 324.21308 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21308a ‑ Initial assessment report; discovery of migrating or mobile NAPL; additional information; supporting documentation upon request.
          Section 324.21309 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21309a ‑ Corrective action plan.
          Section 324.21310 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21310a ‑ Notice of corrective action; institutional controls; restrictive covenants; alternative mechanisms; notice of land use restrictions.
          Section 324.21311 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21311a ‑ Final assessment report; information; providing supporting documentation upon request.
          Section 324.21312 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21312a ‑ Closure report; information; confirmation of receipt by department; additional information.
          Section 324.21313 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21313a ‑ Failure to provide required submittal; penalty; computing period of time; extension of reporting deadline; contract provision for payment of fines; disposition of money collected; accrual of penalty.
          Section 324.21314 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21314a ‑ Classification of sites; corrective action; schedule.
          Section 324.21315 ‑ Audit; final assessment report or closure report.
          Section 324.21316 ‑ Use of forms.
          Section 324.21316a ‑ Delivery of regulated substance to underground storage tank as misdemeanor; penalty; notice of violation; placard; tampering with placard as misdemeanor; commencement of criminal actions.
          Section 324.21317‑324.21319 ‑  Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21319a ‑ Administrative order.
          Section 324.21320 ‑ Corrective actions by department.
          Section 324.21321, 324.21322 ‑  Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21323 ‑ Commencement of civil action by attorney general; return or retention of federal funds.
          Section 324.21323a ‑ Liability under part; burden of proof; compliance.
          Section 324.21323b ‑ Joint and several liability; recovery of costs.
          Section 324.21323c ‑ Liability of corrective action contractor; "corrective action contract" and "corrective action contractor" defined; liability if act or failure to act consistent with national contingency plan or directed by federal on-scene coordinator or director; damages; definitions; burden of proof.
          Section 324.21323d ‑ Basis for division of harm; action for contribution; reallocation of uncollectible amount; effect of consent order.
          Section 324.21323e ‑ Effect of indemnification, hold harmless, or similar agreement or conveyance.
          Section 324.21323f ‑ Costs and damages; limitation.
          Section 324.21323g ‑ Covenant not to sue; conditions; effect; factors; covenant not to sue concerning future liability; exception; provisions providing for future enforcement action.
          Section 324.21323h ‑ Proposal to redevelop or reuse contaminated property; covenant not to sue; conditions; assertion of claims; irrevocable right of entry to department, its contractors, or other persons performing corrective action.
          Section 324.21323i ‑ Consent order; final settlement.
          Section 324.21323j ‑ Civil action.
          Section 324.21323k ‑ Access to property.
          Section 324.21323l ‑ Limitation period for filing actions.
          Section 324.21323m ‑ Persons exempt from liability.
          Section 324.21323n ‑ Documentation of due care.
          Section 324.21324 ‑ Submission of false, misleading, or fraudulent information as felony; penalty; civil fine; retroactive application; “fraudulent” and “fraudulent practice” defined; investigation and commencement of action by attorney general or county prosecutor; subpoena; enforcement; order granting immunity; failure to comply with subpoena; prosecution under other laws not precluded; apportionment of fines.
          Section 324.21325 ‑ Qualified underground tank consultant; requirements.
          Section 324.21325a ‑ Department employees responsible for oversight; training; proficiency.
          Section 324.21326 ‑ Furnishing information to department; right of entry; inspections and investigations; powers of attorney general.
          Section 324.21327 ‑ Rules; prohibition.
          Section 324.21328 ‑ Agreements.
          Section 324.21329 ‑ Coordination and integration.
          Section 324.21330 ‑ Actions taken by state police.
          Section 324.21331 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Apr. 13, 1995.
          Section 324.21332 ‑ Contested case hearing; petition; hearing.
          Section 324.21333 ‑ Appeal of final agency decision.
          Section 324.21334 ‑ Report to legislative committees.
     451‑1994‑II‑8‑215 ‑ PART 215 UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK CORRECTIVE ACTION FUNDING (324.21501...324.21563)
          Section 324.21501 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 324.21502 ‑ Definitions; A to O.
          Section 324.21503 ‑ Definitions; P to W.
          Section 324.21504 ‑ Objectives of part.
          Section 324.21505 ‑ Legislative findings.
          Section 324.21506 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21506a ‑ Refined petroleum fund; creation; deposit of money or other assets; investment; money remaining at close of fiscal year; expenditures; purposes.
          Section 324.21506b ‑ Underground storage tank cleanup fund; creation; bond proceeds account; receipt of money or other assets; investment; money remaining at close of fiscal year; authority as administrator; expenditures.
          Section 324.21507 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 252, Eff. Dec. 22, 1998.
          Section 324.21508 ‑ Environmental protection regulatory fee; imposition; precollection; collection; exemption; deposit of fees; audit, enforcement, collection, and assessment of fees by department of treasury.
          Section 324.21509 ‑ Calculation and payment of regulatory fees; collection of regulatory fees under product exchange agreement; definition.
          Section 324.21510 ‑ Eligibility of owner or operator to receive money from authority for corrective action or indemnification.
          Section 324.21510a ‑ Responsibility of owner or operator for deductible amount.
          Section 324.21510b ‑ Itemized corrective actions; schedule of costs.
          Section 324.21510c ‑ Approval of claim; prohibitions.
          Section 324.21510d ‑ Reliance of owner or operator on fund to meet financial responsibility requirements; submission of request for determination; notice.
          Section 324.21511 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21512 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21513 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21514 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21515 ‑ Receiving money from authority for corrective action; procedures.
          Section 324.21516 ‑ Assignment or transfer of approved claim; notice.
          Section 324.21517 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21518 ‑ Receiving money from authority for indemnification; request for indemnification; approval by attorney general; records; payment.
          Section 324.21519 ‑ Order of payment; insufficient money available; liability of authority and state.
          Section 324.21519a ‑ Legacy release program; establishment; administration; reimbursement; conditions; request for reimbursement; form; approval by authority; "eligible person" defined.
          Section 324.21520 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21521 ‑ Denial of claim, invoice, request for indemnification, or request for eligibility determination; review; negotiated resolution; appeal.
          Section 324.21522 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21523 ‑ Underground storage tank authority; creation; handling of funds.
          Section 324.21524 ‑ Authority; appointment, terms, and duties of members; vacancy; conduct of business; meetings open to public; quorum; voting; designation of representative; election of chairperson and other officers.
          Section 324.21525 ‑ Appointment of administrator; employment of experts, other officers, agents, or employees; contract with department; report; audit.
          Section 324.21526 ‑ Board of directors; powers.
          Section 324.21527 ‑ Assessment; bonds or notes; issuance; indebtedness, liability, or obligations of state not created; payment; expenses.
          Section 324.21528 ‑ Bonds or notes; issuance; amount; purpose; payment; provisions; validity of signatures; sale; bonds or notes subject to other acts.
          Section 324.21529 ‑ Bonds or notes; issuance; amounts; purpose; application of proceeds to purchase or retirement at maturity or redemption; investment of escrowed proceeds; use by authority; refunded bonds or notes considered as paid; termination of obligation.
          Section 324.21530 ‑ Bonds or notes; assurance of timely payments; costs of issuance.
          Section 324.21531 ‑ Members of board of directors, executive director, or other officer; powers.
          Section 324.21532 ‑ Contract with holders of bonds or notes; provisions.
          Section 324.21533 ‑ Pledge as valid and binding; lien.
          Section 324.21534 ‑ Disposition of proceeds.
          Section 324.21535 ‑ Personal liability.
          Section 324.21536 ‑ Holders of bonds or notes; rights and remedies not limited, restricted, or impaired.
          Section 324.21537 ‑ Persons authorized to invest funds; authority bonds or notes as security for public deposits.
          Section 324.21538 ‑ Property and income of authority; bonds or notes as exempt from tax.
          Section 324.21539 ‑ Construction of part.
          Section 324.21540 ‑ Rules.
          Section 324.21541 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 113, Imd. Eff. May 1, 2012.
          Section 324.21542 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 113, Imd. Eff. May 1, 2012.
          Section 324.21543 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 113, Imd. Eff. May 1, 2012.
          Section 324.21544 ‑ Rules.
          Section 324.21545 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21546 ‑ Liability; constitutionality of part.
          Section 324.21547 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21548 ‑ Knowledge of false, misleading, or fraudulent request for payment as felony or subject to civil fine; retroactive application; "fraudulent" or "fraudulent practice" defined; action brought by attorney general or county prosecutor; money owed as claim and lien; prosecutions under other laws not precluded; apportionment of fines.
          Section 324.21549 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21550 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21551 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21552 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 318, Eff. Dec. 31, 2006.
          Section 324.21553 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21554 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21555 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21556 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21557 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21558 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21559 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21560 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21561 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
          Section 324.21562 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 113, Imd. Eff. May 1, 2012.
          Section 324.21563 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 416, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2014.
     451‑1994‑II‑2‑81 ‑ PART 81 GENERAL NONPOINT SOURCE POLLUTION CONTROL (empty division)
     451‑1994‑II‑4‑141 ‑ PART 141 POLLUTION PREVENTION POLICY (empty division)

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