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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 9

Section 600.901SectionState bar; membership; public body corporate.
Section 600.904SectionState bar; regulation by supreme court.
Section 600.907SectionState bar; subpoena, administration of oaths.
Section 600.908SectionGranting immunity to witness in lawyer disciplinary proceeding.
Section 600.909SectionLicense to practice law subject to support and visitation enforcement act.
Section 600.910SectionAdmission to bar; discipline; venue.
Section 600.913SectionAdmission of person to bar; oath; fee; certificate of admission; record of admission; transmitting certified copies of orders of admission, suspension, disbarment, contempt, or reinstatement.
Section 600.916SectionUnauthorized practice of law.
Section 600.919SectionFees; solicitation.
Section 600.922SectionBoard of law examiners; membership, vacancies, officers.
Section 600.925SectionBoard of law examiners; applicants for admission; rules and regulations.
Section 600.928SectionBoard of law examiners; meetings, quorum.
Section 600.931SectionFees for admission to bar; uniform bar examination; compensation and expenses of board of law examiners; definitions.
Section 600.934SectionQualifications for admission to bar; "good moral character" defined; election to use multistate bar examination scaled score; disclosure of score.
Section 600.935SectionUniform bar examination; requirements; alternate examination; "uniform bar examination" defined.
Section 600.937SectionGeneral education requirements.
Section 600.940SectionLegal education requirements; military service.
Section 600.943SectionExamination of schools and colleges.
Section 600.946SectionForeign attorneys; admission to bar, qualifications, extension of term.
Section 600.947SectionApplication to state bar by military spouse; requirements.
Section 600.947aSectionAdmission of military spouse to state bar; events requiring notice to board of law examiners.
Section 600.949SectionInvestigation of applicants to state bar of Michigan; duty of law enforcement officers; fingerprinting required; disposition of fingerprint records.
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