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Act 368 of 1978
PART 131.

Section 333.13101SectionDefinitions.
Section 333.13102SectionTattoo, brand, or body piercing on minor; consent and proof of authority of parent or guardian required.
Section 333.13103SectionRepealed. 2010, Act 375, Imd. Eff. Dec. 22, 2010.
Section 333.13104SectionTattooing, branding, or performing body piercing; licensure of body art facility required; application; form; issuance; duration; temporary license; fees; adjustment.
Section 333.13105SectionInspection by local health department; results; recommendation; annual inspection; license nontransferable.
Section 333.13105aSectionAccess to body art facility; books and records; findings; inspection report; order to immediately cease operation of facility; license limitations.
Section 333.13106SectionLicense renewal.
Section 333.13107SectionLicensee; duties.
Section 333.13108SectionEnforcement.
Section 333.13109SectionViolation as misdemeanor; penalty; civil action.
Section 333.13110SectionGiving or selling tattooing, branding, body piercing kit or device to minor prohibited; violation; fine.
Section 333.13111SectionLocal codes, regulations, or ordinances; variance.
Section 333.13112SectionIndividual under influence of alcohol or controlled substance; prohibition.
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