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Michigan Legislature
Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 9 of 2015
House: Adjourned until Tuesday, April 21, 2015 1:30:00 PM
Senate: Adjourned until Tuesday, April 21, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Michigan Legislature

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House Meetings Scheduled (Includes House and Joint Committees)
Agriculture (4/22/2015-10:30 AM) Cancelled  
Appropriations (4/21/2015-9:00 AM) Updated 4/20/2015  
Appropriations (4/22/2015-9:00 AM) New  
Appropriations (4/23/2015-9:00 AM) New  
Appropriations: Education (4/22/2015-10:30 AM) Cancelled  
Commerce and Trade (4/21/2015-10:30 AM)
Criminal Justice (4/21/2015-9:00 AM)
Education (4/23/2015-9:00 AM) New  
Energy Policy (4/22/2015-9:00 AM) New  
Families, Children, and Seniors (4/22/2015-9:00 AM)
Financial Services (4/22/2015-10:30 AM)
Health Policy (4/21/2015-9:00 AM)
Insurance (4/21/2015-8:15 AM) New  
Judiciary (4/21/2015-12:00 PM)
Local Government (4/22/2015-12:00 PM) New  
Oversight and Ethics (4/23/2015-10:30 AM) New  
Regulatory Reform (4/22/2015-12:00 PM) New  
Tax Policy (4/22/2015-10:30 AM)
Tourism and Outdoor Recreation (4/22/2015-12:00 PM)
Transportation and Infrastructure (4/21/2015-10:30 AM)

Senate Meetings Scheduled (Includes Senate and Joint Committees)
Appropriations (4/21/2015-2:00 pm)
Appropriations (4/22/2015-2:00 pm)
Appropriations (4/23/2015-2:00 pm)
Education (4/21/2015-8:30 a.m.)
Families, Seniors and Human Services (4/22/2015-3:00 pm)
Health Policy (4/22/2015-8:30 a.m.)
Judiciary (4/21/2015-3:00 pm)
Local Government (4/21/2015-12:30 pm)
Michigan Law Revision Commission (5/13/2015-11:30 a.m.)
Natural Resources (4/22/2015-12:30 p.m.)
Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (4/22/2015-12:30 pm)
Regulatory Reform (4/22/2015-1:00 pm)
State Drug Treatment Court Advisory Committee (4/21/2015-10:00 a.m. )
Transportation (4/23/2015-8:30 a.m.)
Veterans, Military Affairs and Homeland Security (4/23/2015-2:00 pm)

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Additional Committee Information
Michigan House of Representatives Committees webpage
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