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Section 168.507b

Act 116 of 1954

***** 168.507b THIS SECTION IS REPEALED BY ACT 125 OF 2018 EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 31, 2018 *****

168.507b Moving to another township or city; registration after close of registration and voting; conditions; voting at office of clerk or by absentee ballot; effective date.

Sec. 507b.

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a registered and qualified elector who has moved from the township or city of a county in which the elector is registered to another township or city within the same county after the sixtieth day before an election and who has not registered in that township or city by the close of registration for an election shall be permitted to register after the close of registration and to vote at the election if all of the following occur:

(a) The elector applies for registration in person and executes the registration affidavit before the clerk or the clerk's agent of the township or city in which the elector resides.

(b) The elector provides proof of identification sufficient to satisfy the township or city clerk as to the identity and residence of the elector.

(c) The township or city clerk determines to his or her satisfaction that the elector is presently registered in another township or city of the same county.

(2) At the discretion of the township or city clerk, an elector meeting the requirements under subsection (1) shall vote at the office of the clerk on or before election day or at the election precinct in which the elector resides on election day. If the elector is required to vote at the office of the clerk, the elector may vote by absentee ballot.

(3) This section shall take effect January 1, 1994 or the date when a county implements the county file as the official file pursuant to section 509e, whichever is later.

History: Add. 1989, Act 142, Eff. Jan. 1, 1994
Popular Name: Election Code

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