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Act 339 of 1919 - DOG LAW OF 1919 (287.261 - 287.290)
Section 287.261 ‑ Short title; definitions.
Section 287.262 ‑ Dogs; licensing, tags, leashes.
Section 287.263 ‑ Repealed. 1969, Act 195, Eff. Mar. 20, 1970.
Section 287.264 ‑ Supervision and enforcement.
Section 287.265 ‑ Tags, blanks and license forms.
Section 287.266 ‑ Dog licenses; application; resolution; provisions; proof of vaccination.
Section 287.266a ‑ Repealed. 1969, Act 195, Eff. Mar. 20, 1970.
Section 287.267 ‑ Dog license; tag, approval; kept on dog.
Section 287.268 ‑ Dog license; unlicensed and young dogs; application; fee after certain date.
Section 287.269 ‑ Dog license; contents.
Section 287.269a ‑ Production of proof of license.
Section 287.270 ‑ “Kennel” defined; kennel license; fee; tags; certificate; rules; inspection; exception.
Section 287.270a ‑ Repealed. 1969, Act 195, Eff. Mar. 20, 1970.
Section 287.270b ‑ Kennel licensing ordinance.
Section 287.271 ‑ Rules governing kennel dogs.
Section 287.272 ‑ Lost tags.
Section 287.273 ‑ License and tag; transferability.
Section 287.274 ‑ Application for license blanks and tags; issuance of dog licenses and tags; fee; return of unused tags, books, and receipts; contents of receipt; paying over money; resolution providing that clerk perform duties of treasurer.
Section 287.274a ‑ Issuance of dog license; information to be provided to dog owner; definitions.
Section 287.275 ‑ County treasurer's record; inspection.
Section 287.276 ‑ Listing of dogs; compensation of supervisor; appointment, duties, and compensation of animal control officer.
Section 287.277 ‑ Identification and location of unlicensed dogs; public nuisance; list; commencement of proceedings.
Section 287.278 ‑ Killing of dog molesting wildlife.
Section 287.279 ‑ Killing of dog pursuing, worrying, or wounding livestock or poultry, or attacking person; damages for trespass; effect of license tag.
Section 287.279a ‑ Killing dog or other animal; use of high altitude decompression chamber or electrocution prohibited.
Section 287.280 ‑ Loss or damage to livestock or poultry caused by dogs; complaint; examination; summons; proceedings; killing of dog; liability of owner or keeper.
Section 287.281 ‑ Report of examination.
Section 287.282 ‑ Damage to livestock or poultry by dogs; fees of justice, inclusion in damages.
Section 287.283 ‑ Payment for amount of loss or damage; costs; investigation.
Section 287.284 ‑ Board of county auditors; duties.
Section 287.285 ‑ Saving clause; disposition of dog fund; expense of dog department in cities, payment.
Section 287.286 ‑ Penalties; disposition of fines.
Section 287.286a ‑ Sworn complaint; contents; issuance of summons; hearing; order; penalty for disobedience; costs; audit and payment of claims.
Section 287.286b ‑ Penalty for stealing or confining licensed dog.
Section 287.287 ‑ Recovery of value of dog illegally killed.
Section 287.288 ‑ Common law liability.
Section 287.289 ‑ Dogs imported temporarily.
Section 287.289a ‑ Animal control agency; establishment; employees; jurisdiction; contents of animal control ordinance.
Section 287.289b ‑ County animal control officers; employment standards.
Section 287.289c ‑ Municipal animal control officers; employment standards.
Section 287.290 ‑ Municipal animal control ordinances; certificate of vaccination.

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