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Act 317 of 1969
Chapter 5

Section 418.501SectionSelf-insurers' security fund and second injury fund; silicosis, dust disease, and logging industry compensation fund; uninsured employer's security fund; private employer group self-insurers security fund; definitions.
Section 418.501aSectionLiability of self-insurer's security fund; termination on January 1, 2020; responsibility of PEGSISF on and after January 1, 2020; assessment.
Section 418.501bSectionAssessments.
Section 418.502Section“Insolvent private self-insured employer” defined.
Section 418.511SectionBoard of trustees; appointment, term, expenses.
Section 418.515SectionBoard of trustees; powers and duties; funds administrator; office space; clerical assistance; expenses; legal advice and representation.
Section 418.521SectionSecond injury fund; payments reimbursable.
Section 418.531SectionDisability or death from silicosis, dust disease, employment in logging industry, or exposure to polybrominated biphenyl; reimbursement of carrier; limitation; right of funds to commence action and obtain recovery.
Section 418.532SectionRepealed. 1996, Act 357, Eff. June 1, 2000.
Section 418.535SectionDisability caused by combination of causes; apportionment; reimbursement of employer.
Section 418.537SectionPayments from self-insurers' security fund.
Section 418.538SectionClaims authorized under MCL 418.501a; payment.
Section 418.541SectionPayments from funds; notice of claim for reimbursement; agreements; rights of fund as employer or carrier.
Section 418.545SectionCompromising liability of silicosis, dust disease, and logging industry compensation fund; redemption of liability.
Section 418.551SectionAssessments; notice; payment; assessments as elements of loss in establishing rates; continuation of liability; certification of receipts; delinquencies; disposition of money; investments; disposition of earnings; reports and accounting; annual financial report; report regarding self-insurers' security fund's management of claims; exclusion of personally identifiable information.
Section 418.552SectionInsufficiency of funds; borrowing; repayment; restriction; special assessment.
Section 418.552aSectionExpired. 1980, Act 357, Eff. Jan. 1, 1986.
Section 418.552bSectionSilicosis, dust disease, and logging industry compensation fund; review; report.
Section 418.553SectionSelf-insurers' security fund or private employer group self-insurers security fund; subrogation.
Section 418.555SectionReimbursement provisions; delinquent carriers.
Section 418.561SectionApplication for self-insurance; agreement as to insolvency.
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