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Act 328 of 1931
Chapter XI

Section 750.81SectionAssault or assault and battery; penalties; previous convictions; exception; “dating relationship” defined.
Section 750.81aSectionAssault; infliction of serious or aggravated injury; penalties; previous convictions; “dating relationship” defined.
Section 750.81bSectionEnhanced sentence; provisions.
Section 750.81cSectionThreats or assault against employee of family independence agency; violation; penalty; other conviction; “serious impairment of body function” defined.
Section 750.81dSectionAssaulting, battering, resisting, obstructing, opposing person performing duty; felony; penalty; other violations; consecutive terms; definitions.
Section 750.81eSectionAssault or battery of employee or contractor of public utility; violation as misdemeanor or felony; penalty; other violations; definitions.
Section 750.82SectionFelonious assault; violation of subsection (1) in weapon free school zone; definitions.
Section 750.83SectionAssault with intent to commit murder.
Section 750.84SectionAssault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder; assault by strangulation or suffocation; "strangulation or suffocation" defined; other violation out of same conduct.
Section 750.85SectionTorture; felony; penalty; definitions; element of crime; other laws.
Section 750.86SectionAssault with intent to maim.
Section 750.87SectionAssault with intent to commit felony not otherwise punished.
Section 750.88SectionAssault with intent to rob and steal; unarmed.
Section 750.89SectionAssault with intent to rob and steal; armed.
Section 750.90SectionSexual intercourse under pretext of medical treatment.
Section 750.90aSectionConduct proscribed under MCL 750.81 to 750.89 as felony; intent.
Section 750.90bSectionConduct proscribed under MCL 750.81 to 750.89 as crime; intent.
Section 750.90cSectionGross negligence against pregnant individual as crime.
Section 750.90dSectionConduct proscribed under MCL 257.625(1) or (3) involving accident with pregnant individual as felony; penalties.
Section 750.90eSectionConduct as proximate cause of accident involving pregnant individual as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 750.90fSectionApplicability of MCL 750.90 to 750.90e; “physician or other licensed medical professional” defined.
Section 750.90gSection“Infant protection act” as short title of section; legislative findings; prohibited acts; violation as felony; penalty; exceptions; definitions.
Section 750.90hSectionSection to be known as "partial-birth abortion ban act"; prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalty; exception; civil action; section construed; definitions.
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