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Act 213 of 1982
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Act 213 of 1982

AN ACT to authorize the formation of limited partnerships; to define the rights and liabilities of the partners, the relation of partners to each other, and to persons dealing with limited partnerships; to provide for the dissolution and winding up of limited partnerships; to provide for registration of foreign limited partnerships; to provide certain causes of action; to impose certain duties on certain state departments; to make uniform the law relating to limited partnerships; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts.

History: 1982, Act 213, Eff. Jan. 1, 1983

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

213-1982-1DivisionARTICLE 1 (449.1101...449.1109)
213-1982-2DivisionARTICLE 2 (449.1201...449.1210)
213-1982-3DivisionARTICLE 3 (449.1301...449.1305)
213-1982-4DivisionARTICLE 4 (449.1401...449.1405)
213-1982-5DivisionARTICLE 5 (449.1501...449.1504)
213-1982-6DivisionARTICLE 6 (449.1601...449.1608)
213-1982-7DivisionARTICLE 7 (449.1701...449.1705)
213-1982-8DivisionARTICLE 8 (449.1801...449.1805)
213-1982-9DivisionARTICLE 9 (449.1901...449.1910)
213-1982-10DivisionARTICLE 10 (449.2001...449.2005)
213-1982-11DivisionARTICLE 11 (449.2101...449.2108)
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