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Act 88 of 1961 - RECIPROCAL RETIREMENT ACT (38.1101 - 38.1106)
Section 38.1101 ‑ Reciprocal retirement act; short title.
Section 38.1102 ‑ Reciprocal retirement act; definitions.
Section 38.1103 ‑ Reciprocal retirement act; adoption by municipal or state unit; certification, force and effect.
Section 38.1104 ‑ Reciprocal retirement system; eligibility for retirement allowance; conditions; commencement of retirement allowance.
Section 38.1105 ‑ Credited service generally.
Section 38.1106 ‑ Transfer of credited service; agreement between preceding reciprocal unit and succeeding reciprocal unit; resolution; financial consideration; actuarial present value of retirement allowance; written policy.

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