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Act 299 of 1980
Article 20

Section 339.2001SectionDefinitions.
Section 339.2002SectionBoards of architects, professional engineers, and professional surveyors; creation; membership; terms; resignation, disability, or removal for cause.
Section 339.2003SectionJoint meetings of boards.
Section 339.2004SectionArchitect, professional engineer, and professional surveyor; licensing requirements.
Section 339.2005SectionRepealed. 2016, Act 435, Eff. Apr. 4, 2017.
Section 339.2006SectionMaintenance of court action; allegation and proof of licensure; failure to make restitution.
Section 339.2007SectionSeal; signature.
Section 339.2008SectionSealing documents requiring governmental agency approval or record; projects involving overlapping of architecture and engineering professions; sealing documents not prepared by licensee prohibited.
Section 339.2009SectionRenewal of license; continuing education.
Section 339.2010SectionFirm; practice of architecture, professional engineering, or professional surveying; approval of nonlicensed principal and principal's firm; report; person in responsible charge at each place of business; exception.
Section 339.2011SectionConstruction of public work involving architecture or professional engineering; requirements; exception.
Section 339.2012SectionPersons exempted.
Section 339.2013SectionIssuing license to person holding certificate of qualification or registration of another state or national council; equivalency; temporary license prohibited; review of application of individual seeking relicensure or reinstatement.
Section 339.2014SectionProhibited conduct; penalties.
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