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Act 142 of 2001
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Act 142 of 2001

AN ACT to consolidate prior acts naming certain Michigan highways; to provide for the naming of certain highways; to prescribe certain duties of the state transportation department; and to repeal acts and parts of acts and certain resolutions.

History: 2001, Act 142, Imd. Eff. Oct. 26, 2001

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 250.1001SectionShort title.
Section 250.1002SectionMarkers; erection and maintenance; private contributions.
Section 250.1003Section“Carleton Road.”
Section 250.1003aSection"Corpsman Aaron D. Ullom Memorial Bridge."
Section 250.1003bSection"PFC Nicholas H. Blodgett Memorial Highway"; "CPL Ross A. Smith Memorial Highway"; "SPC Eric T. Burri Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1004Section“Roberts-Linton Highway” and “Veterans of World War I Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1004aSection"Tpr. Steven B. Devries Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1004bSection"Trooper Larry Forreider Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1004cSection"Trooper Craig A. Scott Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1005Section“Frank D. Fitzgerald Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1005aSection"Lansing Firefighter Dennis E. Rodeman Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1005a[1]Section"Veterans Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1006Section“Earle Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1006aSection"Kenneth J. Moraska Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1006bSection"Trooper Byron J. Erickson Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1007Section“United Spanish War Veterans' Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1007aSection"James Bondsteel Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1008Section“United Spanish War Veterans' Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1008aSection"John Wayne "Dusty" Marcum Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1008bSection"Darryl M. Rantanen Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1008cSection"Ben Lauren and Don Riling Memorial Highway"; "Senator Tom Casperson Memorial Bridge"; "Julie Plawecki Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1009Section“Leif Erikson Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1009aSection"PFC Andrew H. Nelson Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1009bSection"SPC Robert Friese Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1010Section“107th Engineer Memorial Road.”
Section 250.1010aSection"Deputy Grant Whitaker Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1010a[1]Section"Sergeant Collin Rose Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1011Section"Blue Star Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1011aSection"Sergeant Joe Johnson Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1011bSection"Trooper Vicki Moreau DeVries Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1011cSection"Officer Scott Flahive Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1012Section"Pulaski Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1012aSection"Officer Martin 'Marty' Chivas Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1012a[1]Section"Candice Dunn Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1012bSection"Peter A. Pettalia Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1013Section“Clara Barton Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1014Section"Pere Marquette Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1014aSection"PFC Brett Witteveen Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1015Section“Columbus Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1015aSection"Specialist 5 Michael May and Corporal Chris Esckelson Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1016Section“AmVets Memorial Drive.”
Section 250.1016aSection"Marine Lance Corporal Ryan Burgess Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1016bSection"Trooper Robert J. Mihalik Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1016cSection"Marine Lance Corporal Steven J. Szymanski Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1016dSection"Cpl. Casey P. Zylman Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1017Section“Green Arrow Route”; “Green Arrow Route-Mackinac Trail.”
Section 250.1017aSection"Veterans Highway."
Section 250.1017a[1]Section"Major Andrew Becker USAF Memorial Hwy."
Section 250.1018Section“AmVets Memorial Parkway.”
Section 250.1018aSection"Corrections Officers Jack Budd and Josephine McCallum Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1018a[1]Section"PFC Alan Robert Blohm Memorial Hwy."
Section 250.1018bSection"Deputy Gate Keeper George W. Haight Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1019Section“Adler Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1019aSection"Chief Ed Switalski Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1020Section“American Legion Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1020aSection"Trooper Calvin R. Jones Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1020bSection"Purple Heart Trail."
Section 250.1021Section“David Dunbar Buick Freeway” and “The UAW Freeway.”
Section 250.1021aSection"Michigan State Trooper Timothy O'Neill Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1021bSection"SOC Jason R. Freiwald Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1022Section“Louis Chevrolet Freeway.”
Section 250.1023Section“Walter P. Reuther Highway.”
Section 250.1023aSection"Mitchel A. Kiefer Foundation for Distracted Driver Awareness Highway."
Section 250.1024Section“Charles J. Rogers Interchange.”
Section 250.1024aSection"Brian Derks Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1025Section“Olds Freeway.”
Section 250.1026Section“Gerald R. Ford Freeway.”
Section 250.1027Section“G. Mennen Williams Highway”; “Prentiss M. Brown Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1028Section“Sojourner Truth Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1029Section“Philip A. Hart Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1029aSection"Gunnery Sgt. Daniel Price Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1030Section“Veterans Memorial Freeway.”
Section 250.1030aSection"Det. Sgt. Christopher M. Wouters Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1031Section“Christopher Columbus Freeway.”
Section 250.1032Section“Veterans Memorial Highway"; "Bataan and Corregidor Veterans Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1033Section“Chevrolet-Buick Freeway.”
Section 250.1034Section“DeWayne T. Williams Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1035Section“American Legion Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1036Section“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1036aSection"Violet T. Lewis Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1037Section“Jacobetti Highway.”
Section 250.1038Section“Disabled American Veterans Highway.”
Section 250.1039Section“Fort Custer Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1040Section“Veterans Memorial Road.”
Section 250.1041Section“Moses J. Jones Parkway.”
Section 250.1042Section“Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1042bSection"Peter C. Lemon Highway."
Section 250.1043Section“AmVets Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1044Section“Walter P. Chrysler Freeway.”
Section 250.1045Section“Joseph H. Meagher Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1046Section“Haskell L. Nichols Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1047Section117th quartermaster battalion.
Section 250.1048Section"Iron Brigade Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1049Section“St. Joseph Valley Parkway.”
Section 250.1050Section“World War II Veterans Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1051Section“Disabled American Veterans Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1051aSection"Officer Mason Samborski Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1052Section“Matt McNeely Boulevard.”
Section 250.1053Section“Paul B. Henry Freeway.”
Section 250.1054Section“Keith Deacon Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1055Section“Sydney Ouwinga Memorial Bypass.”
Section 250.1056Section“Veterans' Memorial Drive.”
Section 250.1057Section“Veterans' Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1058Section“D. H. Day Highway.”
Section 250.1059Section“Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1060Section“Bernie Borden Memorial Overpass.”
Section 250.1061Section“Veteran's Memorial Causeway.”
Section 250.1062Section“James G. O'Hara Freeway.”
Section 250.1063Section“Veteran's Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1064Section“94th Combat Infantry Division Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1065Section“Purple Heart Highway.”
Section 250.1066Section“Cesar E. Chavez Way”.
Section 250.1067Section“James M. Pelton Firefighters Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1068Section“Gary Priess Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1068aSection"Deputy Eric Overall Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1069Section"Officer Eric Zapata Memorial Highway".
Section 250.1070Section"Trooper Jeffrey Werda Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1071Section"Sheriff Robert Radden Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1072Section“Oscar G. Johnson Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1073Section"Veterans Memorial Bridge."
Section 250.1074Section“Veterans Memorial Bridge.”
Section 250.1074[1]Section"Purple Heart Trail."
Section 250.1075Section“Veterans Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1076Section"Graham Barlow Jr., WWII Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1077Section"Elgie G. Hanna Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1078Section"UAW Sitdown Strike Memorial Highway"; "Marine Corps League Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1079Section“Veterans Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1080Section"Fallen Soldiers of Iraqi Freedom Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1081Section"Trooper Paul K. Butterfield, II Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1082Section“Kevin Sherwood Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.1083Section"Tim Sanborn Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1084Section"Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Highway"; markers; location.
Section 250.1085Section“Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway”.
Section 250.1086Section“POW/MIA Memorial Freeway.”
Section 250.1087Section"Holocaust Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1088Section"Hazen Shirley 'Kiki' Cuyler Memorial Highway"; "George Edward (Ted) Seman Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1089Section"Firefighter Brian Woehlke Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1089aSection"Detective LaVern S. Brann Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1090Section"102nd United States Colored Troops (U.S.C.T.) Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1091Section"Clare County Veterans Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1092Section"10th Mountain Division Highway"; "Ronald W. Reagan Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1093Section"Veteran's Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1094Section"David Warsen Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1095Section"Matt Urban Memorial Bridge."
Section 250.1096Section"Joseph Prentler Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1097Section"AMVETS Memorial Scenic Drive".
Section 250.1097aSection"Trooper James R. DeLoach and Trooper Steven J. Niewiek Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1098Section"Rosa Parks Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1099SectionRepeal of certain acts.
Section 250.1100SectionRepeal of certain resolutions.
Section 250.1101Section"Marine Sergeant Michael P. Hodshire Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1102Section"SPC Holly McGeogh Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1103Section"PFC Ronald James Fitch Memorial Highway"; "Ensign Francis Flaherty Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1104Section"Deputy Ernest W. Heikkila Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1106Section"Sergeant Matthew R. Soper Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1107Section"Patrolman Bobby Lynn Williams Memorial Highway."
Section 250.1110Section"Kevin D. White Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2050Section"Lance Corporal Justin Ellsworth Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2059Section"Mark V. Ingram II Freeway."
Section 250.2060Section"Harry Gast Parkway".
Section 250.2061Section"Officer Trevor Slot Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2062Section"Sgt. Henry E. Plant Memorial Grand River Bridge Non-Motorized Trail."
Section 250.2063Section"Trooper Rick L. Johnson Memorial Freeway."
Section 250.2064aSection"Earl DeMarse Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2065Section"Staff Sergeant Ergin V. Osman Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2066Section"Ontonagon County Veterans Memorial Bridge."
Section 250.2067Section"Gold Star Mothers Memorial Highway".
Section 250.2068Section"Heath Michael Robinson Cut River Memorial Bridge."
Section 250.2070Section"Auxiliary Lieutenant Dan Kromer Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2070aSection"Firefighter Coleman A. Tate Memorial Highway".
Section 250.2071Section"Corporal Matthew Edwards Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2072Section"Medal of Honor Recipients Highway"; separate sign.
Section 250.2073Section“Underground Railroad Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.2074Section"Carl Oleson, Jr. bridge".
Section 250.2075Section"Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2075aSection"Staff Sergeant Eugene H. E. Alex Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2077Section"Officer James Bonneau Memorial Bridge."
Section 250.2078Section"William Davidson memorial highway".
Section 250.2079Section"PFC Harold R. Cooley-WWII Marine Corps League Memorial Highway".
Section 250.2079aSection"PFC Shane Cantu Veterans Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2080Section“Underground Railroad Memorial Highway.”
Section 250.2081Section"Staff Sergeant Duane J. Dreasky Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2083Section"Aretha L. Franklin Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2084Section"Army Sergeant First Class Michael Cathcart Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2085Section"Trooper Rodger M. Adams Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2086Section"Samuel R. Costello Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2089Section"PFC Kenneth Coates Memorial Interchange."
Section 250.2090Section"Sergeant Kristopher J. Gould Memorial Bridge."
Section 250.2091Section"Trooper Manuel H. Fields Memorial Highway."
Section 250.2092Section"Michigan Desert Storm Veterans Memorial Highway."
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