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Act 451 of 1994
Part 196

Section 324.19601SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.19602SectionFindings and declaration.
Section 324.19603SectionBonds; issuance; refund; security; authority of state treasurer; bonds not subject to revised municipal finance act; sale; issuance subject to agency financing reporting act; interest rate agreement.
Section 324.19604SectionBonds as negotiable and exempt from taxation.
Section 324.19605SectionBonds as securities; investment of funds.
Section 324.19606SectionClean Michigan initiative bond fund; creation; composition; establishment of restricted subaccounts.
Section 324.19607SectionDisposition and allocation of fund; investment; loan repayments; expenditures; unencumbered balance not to revert to general fund; annual accounting.
Section 324.19608SectionUse of money allocated under MCL 324.19607; purposes; notice to public advisory council; payment of costs; grant prohibited; submission of annual project list; carrying over appropriations until project completion; submission of list of financed projects.
Section 324.19608aSectionClean Michigan initiative grant and revolving loan program.
Section 324.19608bSectionGrants and loans under MCL 324.19608(1)(a)(iv); conditions.
Section 324.19609SectionGrant or loan application; form or format; funds under MCL 324.19608(1)(a)(iv).
Section 324.19610SectionFunding provided under MCL 324.19608(1)(a)(iv); application; review; considerations; grants for brownfield projects.
Section 324.19610aSectionFunding provided under MCL 324.19608(1)(iv); conditions.
Section 324.19611SectionBalancing distribution of grants and loans; considerations.
Section 324.19612SectionDuties of grant or loan recipient; revoking grant or loan; withholding payment; cancellation of grant or loan offer; termination of grant or loan agreement; renegotiation of outstanding loan terms; disposition of loan payments and interest.
Section 324.19613SectionGrants and loans under MCL 324.19608; conditions.
Section 324.19614SectionRecovery of costs.
Section 324.19615SectionPerformance audit.
Section 324.19616SectionRules.
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