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Act 175 of 1927
Chapter XVI

Section 776.1-776.5SectionRepealed. 1966, Act 189, Eff. Mar. 10, 1967.
Section 776.6SectionExtradition; agent to demand certain persons from another state or government; appointment; payment of accounts.
Section 776.7SectionExtradition; demand for certain persons by another state; warrant to sheriff, examination, attorney general's report.
Section 776.8SectionExtradition; warrant to agent; issuance, contents.
Section 776.9SectionExtradition; persons liable to; complaint, warrant.
Section 776.10SectionExtradition; examination, recognizance.
Section 776.11SectionExtradition; failure or inability to recognize, commitment, default.
Section 776.12SectionExtradition; discharge, delivery to authorized person, new recognizance or commitment.
Section 776.13SectionExtradition; complainant to support prisoner and cost, liability; failure to pay, effect.
Section 776.14SectionProsecuting attorney; right to defend person charged with crime in county.
Section 776.15SectionProsecuting attorney; right to defend accused in case transferred from another county; county liable for assistance in prosecution.
Section 776.18SectionAssistant; right of prosecutor to procure; compensation; prohibition.
Section 776.19SectionReward for criminal or escaped prisoner; authority to offer and pay.
Section 776.20SectionFirearms violations; burden of establishing exception.
Section 776.21Section“Law enforcement officer” and “victim” defined; submitting victim to polygraph examination or lie detector test; giving polygraph examination or lie detector test to defendant upon request.
Section 776.21aSectionRecidivism rates; collection and maintenance of data; manner.
Section 776.22SectionDomestic violence calls; development, implementation, and evaluation of written policies and standards by police agencies; definitions.
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