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Act 300 of 1949

Section 257.627SectionSpeed limitations.
Section 257.627aSection"Regularly scheduled school session," "school," and "school zone" defined; prima facie speed limit in school zone; signs; applicability of section to walkway; location of school; school in session year-round.
Section 257.627bSectionRepealed. 2006, Act 85, Eff. Nov. 9, 2006.
Section 257.628SectionMaximum or minimum speed limits; determination; petition by township board; speed control signs, signals, or devices; public record as evidence; violation as civil infraction; absolute speed limits.
Section 257.628aSectionRepealed. 1974, Act 28, Imd. Eff. Mar. 2, 1974.
Section 257.629SectionPrima facie speed limits; establishment; limitations; signs; civil infraction; “local authority” defined.
Section 257.629aSectionCounty traffic safety organization; creation, appropriation.
Section 257.629bSectionReduction of maximum speed limit; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.629cSectionPoints and minimum fine; schedule; applicability of subsection (1).
Section 257.629dSectionRepealed. 2006, Act 231, Eff. Sept. 24, 2006.
Section 257.629eSectionLevy, transmittal, and disposition of assessments; annual report; highway safety fund, jail reimbursement program fund, secondary road patrol and training fund; creation; administration; use of money collected; annual report.
Section 257.630SectionRepealed. 1976, Act 439, Imd. Eff. Jan. 13, 1977.
Section 257.631SectionPublic bridge, causeway, or viaduct; maximum speed, load, or gross weight; violation as civil infraction; assessment of civil fine; exceptions; determination of civil fine; determination of gross weight; investigation; signs; evidence.
Section 257.632SectionExemption from speed limitations; police vehicles, fire department or fire patrol vehicles, and ambulances; conditions.
Section 257.633SectionViolation of speed regulation; specifications in complaint, citation, summons, or notice; burden of proof.