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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 3

Section 600.301SectionCourt of appeals as court of record; number of judges.
Section 600.302SectionJudicial districts for election of judges of court of appeals.
Section 600.302aSectionJudicial district; county lines; preparation of map by secretary of state.
Section 600.303SectionJudges; terms; oath of office.
Section 600.303aSectionTransition to 6 judges in each district.
Section 600.303bSectionNomination, election, and terms of candidates for new judgeships.
Section 600.303cSectionElection of candidates for new judgeships; terms.
Section 600.303dSectionTransition from 3 judicial districts to 4 judicial districts; provisions; offices.
Section 600.304SectionCourt of appeals judge; annual salary; expenses; insurance programs.
Section 600.305SectionAdministration of court; rules of practice.
Section 600.306SectionTemporary judges.
Section 600.307SectionJudges; practice of law prohibited.
Section 600.308SectionJurisdiction of court of appeals on appeals from final judgments and final orders.
Section 600.308aSectionAction under Const. 1963, Art. 9, ยง 32; commencement; jurisdiction; limitations; governmental unit as defendant; officer as party; continuation of action against governmental unit and officer's successor; referral of action; findings of fact; costs.
Section 600.309SectionAppeals as of right; appeals by leave of court.
Section 600.310SectionOriginal jurisdiction; writs, directives and mandates.
Section 600.311SectionPanels; quorum; rotation; assignment of judges and cases.
Section 600.312SectionSessions of court; office space.
Section 600.313SectionDecisions to be in writing; delivery and printing of opinions; effect of equally divided court.
Section 600.314SectionFinality of decisions; superintending control of supreme court.
Section 600.315SectionProcess; style, execution, seal.
Section 600.316SectionProcess issued by court of appeals; service; court order prohibiting disclosure of party's address or contacting another party; service on protected party.
Section 600.317SectionChief clerk; deputy clerks; personnel; duties; qualifications; bond; court officers.
Section 600.318SectionResearch law clerk; employment; qualifications.
Section 600.319SectionSecretarial personnel; employment.
Section 600.320SectionSalaries and expenses; payment.
Section 600.321SectionFees to court of appeals; charge per page; waiver; deposit; costs; use.
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