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Act 162 of 1982
Chapter 9

Section 450.2901SectionReport of domestic corporation; contents; electronic transmission; distribution to shareholder, member, or director.
Section 450.2911SectionAnnual report to administrator; filing; contents.
Section 450.2913SectionDestruction or disposal of certain records.
Section 450.2915SectionRepealed. 2003, Act 107, Imd. Eff. July 24, 2003.
Section 450.2922SectionFailure of domestic or foreign corporation to file annual report or pay filing fee or penalty; automatic dissolution or revocation of certificate of authority; dissolution of charitable purpose corporation; notice; right to certificate of good standing; electronic transmission of notification.
Section 450.2923SectionExtension of time for filing report; reporting failure or neglect under MCL 450.2922, 450.2931, or 450.2932; action by attorney general; notice; electronic transmission.
Section 450.2924SectionAnnual reports due or deficient prior to date of act; penalties.
Section 450.2925SectionRenewal of corporate existence or certificate of authority following dissolution or revocation.
Section 450.2931SectionWilful false statement in report; additional penalty.
Section 450.2932SectionProhibited conduct as misdemeanor; fine.
Section 450.2935SectionRepealed. 2014, Act 557, Imd. Eff. Jan. 15, 2015.
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