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Act 281 of 2016StatuteMEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES LICENSING ACT (333.27101 - 333.27801)
Section 333.27101SectionShort title.
Section 333.27102SectionDefinitions.
Section 333.27201SectionProtected activities; person owning or leasing property upon which marihuana facility located subject to penalties or sanctions prohibited; conditions; other provisions of law inconsistent with act.
Section 333.27203SectionRegistered qualifying patient or registered primary caregiver; criminal prosecution or sanctions prohibited; conditions.
Section 333.27204SectionMedical purpose defense.
Section 333.27205SectionMarihuana facility; ordinance; requirements.
Section 333.27206SectionRules.
Section 333.27207SectionThird-party inventory control and tracking system.
Section 333.27208SectionMarihuana facility and property; examination by local and state police.
Section 333.27301SectionMedical marihuana licensing board; creation; membership; appointment; terms; vacancy; reimbursement for expenses; other public office; eligibility; removal of member; executive director and other personnel; appointment and employment limitations; financial disclosure statement; direct or indirect interest.
Section 333.27302SectionBoard; duties.
Section 333.27303SectionBoard; powers.
Section 333.27305SectionBoard; disclosure form; providing certain notices to chairperson; ex parte communication; outside employment; personal transaction involving marihuana with licensee or applicant; violation.
Section 333.27401SectionLicensure; application; background investigation; consent to inspections, examinations, searches, and seizures; disclosure of confidential records; interest in other state operating license; fee; additional costs; notification to municipality.
Section 333.27402SectionLicense; issuance; ineligibility; circumstances; other considerations granting license; photograph and fingerprints; fingerprint processing fee; criminal history check; requirements applicable to fingerprints; definitions; review of application; informing applicant of decision; issuance; duration; renewal; notice; expiration; consent to inspections; examinations, searches, and seizures; information required to be provided by applicant.
Section 333.27403SectionApplication deficiency; correction.
Section 333.27404SectionTrue party of interest.
Section 333.27405SectionBackground check.
Section 333.27406SectionTransfer, sale, or purchase of license.
Section 333.27407SectionDenial, suspension, revocation, or restriction of license.
Section 333.27408SectionProof of financial responsibility.
Section 333.27409SectionState operating license as revocable privilege.
Section 333.27501SectionGrower license.
Section 333.27502SectionProcessor license.
Section 333.27503SectionSecure transporter license.
Section 333.27504SectionProvisioning center license.
Section 333.27505SectionSafety compliance facility license.
Section 333.27601SectionProvisioning center; imposition of tax; rate; administration.
Section 333.27602SectionMedical marihuana excise fund.
Section 333.27603SectionRegulatory assessment.
Section 333.27604SectionMarihuana regulatory fund.
Section 333.27605SectionUse of money from Michigan marihuana registry fund.
Section 333.27701SectionFinancial statements.
Section 333.27702SectionReport.
Section 333.27801SectionMarihuana advisory panel.
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