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Act 116 of 1954
Chapter VII

Section 168.91SectionUnited States senator; eligibility; violation of 38.412a.
Section 168.91.amendedSectionUnited States Senator; eligibility.
Section 168.92SectionCandidates for United States senator; nomination at primary.
Section 168.93SectionCandidate for United States senator; nominating petition; signatures; form; filing.
Section 168.94SectionCandidates; withdrawal, notice.
Section 168.95SectionCandidate for United States senator; death; selection of candidate to fill vacancy; ballots.
Section 168.96SectionCandidate for United States senator; write-in.
Section 168.97SectionCandidates; nomination, certification.
Section 168.98SectionCandidates; withdrawal after nomination.
Section 168.99SectionCandidates; death, withdrawal or disqualification; new candidate, selection, certification; ballots.
Section 168.100SectionUnited States senator; election.
Section 168.101SectionUnited States senator; certificate of determination by board of state canvassers.
Section 168.102SectionUnited States senator; certificate of election by governor.
Section 168.103SectionUnited States senator; term of office.
Section 168.104SectionUnited States senator; resignation, notice.
Section 168.105SectionUnited States senator; vacancy; successor, appointment by governor, tenure.
Section 168.106SectionUnited States senator; votes cast at primary or general election subject to recount.
Section 168.107SectionUnited States senator; vacancy, creation.
Section 168.108SectionUnited States senator; removal from office.
Section 168.109SectionUnited States senator; contested election; restraining order of supreme court.
Section 168.110SectionContested election; preservation of ballots, application for restraining order by petition; notice, hearing; temporary restraining order pending hearing.
Section 168.110aSectionRepealed. 1978, Act 7, Imd. Eff. Feb. 7, 1978.
Section 168.111SectionContested election; service of restraining order, method.
Section 168.112SectionContested election; permanent restraining order, delivery of ballot boxes to custody of county clerk.
Section 168.113SectionContested election; commissioners, appointment, packaging of ballots.
Section 168.114SectionContested election; commissioners, redeposit of ballots with county clerk, statement.
Section 168.115SectionContested election; removal of ballots by commissioners, notice.
Section 168.116SectionContested election; removal of ballots, representation of candidate.
Section 168.117SectionContested election; commissioners, compensation.
Section 168.118SectionContested election; violation of restraining order, penalty.
Section 168.119SectionContested election; application for restraining order to circuit court, authority of court.
Section 168.120SectionContested elections; purpose of act.
Section 168.121SectionUnited States senator; recall.
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