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Act 451 of 1994
Part 637

Section 324.63701SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.63702SectionSand dune mining permit within critical dune area; “adjacent” defined.
Section 324.63703SectionGreat Lakes sand dune areas; comprehensive study and inventory.
Section 324.63704SectionSand dune mining; permit; requirements.
Section 324.63705SectionEnvironmental impact statement.
Section 324.63706SectionProgressive cell-unit mining and reclamation plan; sand dune mining permit; requirements.
Section 324.63707SectionFifteen-year mining plan; submission of duplicate copy of cell-unit mining and reclamation plan.
Section 324.63708SectionSand dune mining permit; duration; renewal; contents; reasons for permitting removal of barrier dune; list of pending applications.
Section 324.63709SectionDenial of sand dune mining permit.
Section 324.63710SectionExtraction of sand or other minerals by state.
Section 324.63711SectionAssessment of fee for surveillance, monitoring, administration, and enforcement of part; disposition of unexpended fees; annual report of operator; confidentiality; failure to submit annual report; penalty for unpaid fee; records; annual report of department.
Section 324.63712SectionConformance bond; reclassification of active cell-unit to interim cell-unit; notice of completion or acceptance of reclamation activity; compliance or approval required for mining or extraction; violation as grounds for revocation of permit.
Section 324.63713SectionRules.
Section 324.63714SectionSuspension or revocation of permit; restraining order, injunction, or other appropriate remedy; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
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